xu-irc42wwhen i input chinese with fcitx5-pinyin in xubuntu 21.10,the choice window didont show.06:55
xu-irc42wcan anyone help me/06:55
fawwazam i online?18:13
tomreynyou're welcome (and still offline).18:23
fawwazhow do i18:26
Maikfawwaz: if you have a xubuntu support question just ask, casual talk is in #xubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-offtopic18:37
fawwazsorry, i want to know why i keep failing to update the software after installing xubuntu, it keeps telling me that im not connected to the internet18:41
fawwaz*software updater18:41
Maikwhich xubuntu version?18:44
coconutfawwaz, can you ping the internet on that machine?18:56
fawwazyep, pinged google and working18:57
coconutand does apt work with updating packages?18:58
fawwazit comes with several error before, and its working now. Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.13.0-19-generic19:00
fawwazthanks, maybe i should pinged all the time to get the internet working19:01
fawwazpinged several times after restart updating the system, figured out i've to click the connection to be connected...19:11
coconutfawwaz, you mean the nm-applet in your panel in top?19:13
coconuttrue, that is for almost all desktops afaik19:14
fawwazyes, i'm using my android usb tethering right now to connect the internet19:15
fawwaztrying to figure out how to make my usb wifi dongle work rn19:15
tomreynfawwaz: are you looking for support with getting that wifi dongle to work? if so, run this while online and post the resulting link: lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 9999 20:10
tomreynand this:  lsusb | nc termbin.com 9999 20:11
fawwazat the terminal?20:11
tomreynin a terminal emulator20:11
fawwazwow. it works. thank you very much. i've downloaded the driver actually (rtl8188fu ver. not the rtl8188ftv) and wondering how do i run that driver, again, thanks..20:13
tomreyni haven't done anything, the commands i provided were just for information gathering20:14
tomreynit's possible that the kernel update you installed (and rebooted to?) made it work20:14
fawwazneed three days to get this dongle useful, been trying another distros but none of it works with this wifi dongle20:14
fawwazfirst boot updating with several errors when apt-get update, software updater, also dongle didn't work. after 2 hours i restarted and installing the driver. it listed but didn't run. now i can sleep in peace20:18
tomreynnice, nice20:26
tomreynhave a good night then20:26
fawwazafter i'm done with building websites and adding 114 products manually20:31
fawwazdoes having a ethernet and wifi enabled will make my connection speed double too?20:31
coconutno internet connection is for eather one of the two20:32

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