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IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Will Kalendar be coming to Kubuntu any time soon?11:26
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Also, where in settings in 5.24 is the new Fingerprint reader gui??11:29
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Ok, so it is suppose to be under the user section. Does one have to install anything first? (re @Anarchotaoist: Also, where in settings in 5.24 is the new Fingerprint reader gui??)11:47
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> After installing fprintd daemon it appears in User settings - but I keep getting a device disconnected error after swiping. ­čśô11:58
Maik@Anarchotaoist i don't think Kalendar will be a part of Kubuntu as of yet. For the upcoming 22.04 release the feature freeze was yesterday and Kalendar is not in the repo's. So i doubt it will be added.12:43
user|29I have a problem on kubuntu 21.10 with firefox12:47
Maikand the problem being?12:48
user|29when I start it it hangs, the browser window is filled with an image of what was on the display12:48
user|29( the desktop image, the desktop image and applications opened ... )12:49
user|29I can't figure what's going on12:49
MaiknVidia or AMD graphics on your machine?12:49
user|29any help would be much apreciated12:49
user|29no, sorry : Intel12:50
user|29there is several gpu on the dell laptop. I selected intel(power saving mode)12:51
Maikso it's a hybrid graphics card12:52
Maikthat's probably causing the issue, but i'm no expert on that front though so i won't be of any help12:52
user|29I changed to nvidia... I reboot my computer12:52
user|29with nvidia driver, it's fixed12:57
user|29but laptop autonomy will be lowered :(12:57
IrcsomeBot<Oov> What is the command in konsole to run a c program?13:11
Maik@Oov for more C specific questions i would advise you to join a C programming group/channel13:24
IrcsomeBot<Oov> Ok (re @IrcsomeBot: <Maik> @Oov for more C specific questions i would advise you to join a C programming group/channel)13:28
BluesKajHi folks14:14
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user|83not able to join openVPN, hv gateway, username and password20:45
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dechohello, in download section, the LTS version has a wrong link. OR link is OK, but ISO file in derectory is 20.04.04 not 20.04.3. Can you bring back version LTS to ready for download?21:58
dechopropably someone uplload wrong file to LTS directory21:58
valoriedecho: thanks, reported to the devel team22:06
Maikthanks decho :)22:10
dechowhich version is realy LTS 20.04.3 or 20.04.4 ?22:20
Maikboth are, they are just point releases22:22
dechook, thanks :)22:22
Maikyou can use 20.04.X until 202322:23
Maikthe upcoming LTS release is 22.04 which will be released in April and also will be supported for 3 years22:24
dechoOK, thanks for explain. goodnight.22:25
Maikno problem22:25
rtsnikGood day to all. Help solve the problem. In Kubuntu, the menu bar disappeared in all applications. Time added as a separate button. Google solutions don't help. How can I reset the entire KDE shell to default? I am using google translator.22:34
rtsnik Temporarily added as a separate button.*22:34
rtsnikUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/b1d7f0eb470a113141b5442037171d3a/Dolphin.jpg22:39
valoriertsnik: try control M22:40
valoriethat is a toggle to make a menu dis/appear22:40
valorieif that has no effect, right click on the small icon at the very top-left and scroll to "more actions"22:42
rtsnikvalorie: Control + M tried. Does not help.22:43
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rtsnikUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/62d88d13e598f7c12867a6750d5aae31/Dolphin2.jpg22:53
rtsnikIs there a way to reset KDE to default settings?22:56
valorieyour settings are all in your $home22:56
valorieyou can remove the kwin file -- let me ensure I'm telling you the right thing22:57
valorie /home/valorie/.config/kdedefaults/23:00
valorieand then replace by renaming kwinrc23:00
valorieand really if that doesn't work, there are other files in /home/valorie/.config/ -- scroll down23:03
valorieagain, those are text files which you can edit, or as I said, rename to something like kwinrcOld23:03
valorieso you can get it back if necessary23:03
rtsniktry reboot after renaming23:07
valoriehmmm, I would have advised to know how to edit in the console before rebooting....23:08
rtsnikrenaming didn't help23:15
valorielook at the other files in  /home/valorie/.config/ -- scroll down23:17
rtsnikI'll try to rename the .config =)23:18
valoriethat's a big step and I would not advise it23:18
valorieoh well!23:18
rtsnikWorking, and hotkey Ctrl+M too.23:24
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