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ograPackage fetch error: The item '/root/.cache/snapcraft/download/libllvm10_10.0.0-4ubuntu1~18.04.2_arm64.deb' could not be fetched: Hash Sum mismatch12:10
ograHashes of expected file:12:10
ograi must have a really lucky day, all my snap builds failed the same at the same time for all arches 12:10
ograi wonder if i should play some lottery today 12:10
* ogra re-triggers the builds12:11
jugmac00Could you provide a link to complete build log? Today we had some problems with git hosting, not sure whether this could be related. 12:41
ograjugmac00, well, the next build passed the download issue on all arches, it was really just unfortunate timing with the archive regenerating hashes i think 12:47
ograbutu if you want to take a look https://launchpad.net/~build.snapcraft.io/+snap/a7ff24c86d771ad493142d26f62b7add/+build/168694512:48
rbasakogra: there should not be any race that produces that result. Unless a mirror is syncing in-place and in the wrong order. A deb always has the same hash, and mirrors are supposed to have written out all new debs before updating a Packages file that includes them..14:28
rbasakOh - unless that's not from apt?14:28
jugmac00I think at this point both of you know much more about the issue than me - I lean back and try to learn :-)14:32

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