dragon_Does anyone use the keyboard backlight?11:06
dragon_should it work in the lubuntu keyboard config?11:06
dragon_Since I went back to lubuntu over a year ago, this feature sort of disappeared11:09
dragon_I have used the portable pc with lubuntu daily since11:10
dragon_on my keyboard it was originally adjustet up and down on the F5 and F6 keys11:13
guivercdragon_, i have at least one device that has keyboard backlight; when you touch a key it turns on & remains on awhile (eventually will time out if keys stop being struck).  I'm not aware of any controls; it just works (has all releases since at least 18.10 that I remember; probably worked in 18.04 with LXDE too but I don't reliably recall)12:12
dragon_It is not on at all here after lubuntu installation12:17
dragon_the original setup was a sort of two key adjustment F5 and F6, from off and gradually up to full12:18
dragon_On my HP windows machine, it is on or off according to a setting12:19
dragon_F5, is on or off, 12:20
dragon_on the HP unit, there is no brightness adjustment12:22
dragon_I guess the difficulty is with different keyboard setups and models, hard to get all the minor things right12:22
dragon_ I can never get the dots above a letter either on this keyboard, like ¨ or ^ `  ´ just before or after12:23
dragon_actually à á12:24
dragon_it is just ¨ and ^ that doesn`t behave12:24
dragon_I have no dollar sign, or euro sign, nor britsh pounds L12:25
dragon_I have to copy and paste or find them in the special letters and figure list 12:26
dragon_I hope someone in the devs depatment bothers about this, 12:48
dragon_fine tweaking minor ussues12:48
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