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mmikowskiEickmeyer: Running kups now. Lots backing up ...03:35
Eickmeyermmikowski: Kool03:35
mmikowskiI've got 250k files to back up, so I got the feeling I did something wrong.  But we'll see.03:38
mmikowskikk, off to dinner03:38
mmikowskibtw, aaron updated the slideshow, and it looks good imo03:38
schopinAnyone ever had a case of SIGILL being raised under GDB on armhf (but apparently not elsewhere)?08:14
xypronIn package lto-disabled list we have an entry 'open3d any' but in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/587714973/buildlog_ubuntu-jammy-ppc64el.open3d_0.14.1+dfsg-7build1_BUILDING.txt.gz we get an error "lto1: error: ‘-mrelocatable’ and ‘-mno-minimal-toc’ are incompatible" on ppc64el.08:51
schopinxypron: it might be that the open3d package doesn't respect LDFLAGS and CFLAGS? Or it could even force the LTO in its build script?09:06
xypronschopen: how does this list work? Must lto-disabled-list be a build dependency?09:32
schopinxypron: AIUI you don't need to do anything, I'm guessing it's a dep of dpkg-dev or build-essentials09:34
xypronschopin:  dpkg-dev has a dependency on it.09:38
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parideseb128, xnox, bdmurray: ubuntu-jammy-desktop-amd64-smoke-default is succeeding again :)11:55
parideand the current image is now fresh: https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/daily-live/current/.publish_info11:56
paridenot a proper fix btw: I made utah use non-packaged version of paramiko11:57
paridedbungert, fyi I'm experimenting with your lp-1962025-update-answers branch, jobs running now. Let's see how it goes...13:07
xnoxparide:  nice!13:18
paridebut it's very flaky for some reason :(13:30
seb128paride, great, thank you for handling it!13:33
parideseb128, bdmurray, I noticed that the jammy-desktop  min_config test is failing because the installer stops with a warning that the install partition is too small14:56
parideand AIUI the point of the test is to verify that Ubuntu can be installed in a 6GB partition14:56
parideso I'm not sure of what we want to do about it14:57
dbungertparide: yea, I'm not sure what's going on yet with that bug, that branch was just a bit of a guess15:13
seb128paride, https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop states 25G of disk needed so that test seems outdated?15:13
parideseb128, then if that's ok for you I'll drop it15:14
parideI'm not entirely happy of how the Jammy tests are behaving yet, I saw some failures I can't fully explain yet15:14
parideand trial and error is slow15:15
seb128paride, yes, either drop or bump to 20G or something, though it's probably of little use in practice15:15
parideseb128, ack15:15
ahoneybun_seb128: I am around if you have questions about my MR from Kubuntu for the slideshow.15:17
seb128ahoneybun_, thanks, I glanced over the changes and they seem fine to me, it's on my list of uploads for today15:19
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ahoneybun_yay! thanks seb128!15:26
seb128jawn-smith, waveform: thanks for the ubuntu-settings fixes, I merged your upload because I noticed it before working on some other changes but it would be nice if you could mp changes against the Vcs listed in debian/control next time :)16:04
jawn-smithoops, sorry about that!16:07
seb128jawn-smith, no worry!16:10
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chiluk@tjaalton I wanted to sync freeipa-server from debian to jammy yesterday, but I had an ER emergency with my child.  I also noticed that freeipa-server is still in experimental in Debian which is the other reason I didn't push on a sync.  Are we safe to sync this (will probably need a feature freeze exception)?17:30
chilukah I see that FeatureFreeze doesn't apply to new packages according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#FeatureFreeze_for_new_packages... I'll wait to hear about if we can sync it.17:46
tjaaltonchiluk: can't, still too buggy18:55
LaibschWhat do people think about downgrading acng in jammy back to the version from impish due to the regression from bug 1960264?  (in a nutshell, acng falls over itself in a very ugly way when serving PPA files)20:40
ubottuBug 1960264 in apt-cacher-ng (Ubuntu) "503 errors for Jammy PPAs" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196026420:40
sarnoldomg, I was just about to ask if you had anything in your logs.. and see that's the very first comment in the bug report. hah.20:41
chiluknuts, that's really too bad..20:48
mmikowskiahoneybun: Thanks for updating the slideshow. I think it will be a big improvement. Great work!21:48
mmikowskioops, sorry, wrong devel - meant to put this on kubuntu-devel...21:50
ahoneybun_thanks for the CSS and feedback mmikowski!21:51
mmikowskiahoneybun_:  You're welcome. Everything looked great, and I think the message is now more compelling.21:53
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