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* utkarsh2102 is happy that everything got sneaked in at the right time, before FF :)07:38
mirespacegood morning07:55
mnasiadkagood morning08:49
mnasiadkaUCA people - regarding python3-openvswitch package in UCA Yoga - I think there's some issue with that showing up on Kolla-Ansible OVN job (https://storage.gra.cloud.ovh.net/v1/AUTH_dcaab5e32b234d56b626f72581e3644c/zuul_opendev_logs_c8b/830844/3/experimental/kolla-ansible-ubuntu-source-ovn/c8bee38/primary/logs/kolla/neutron/neutron-server.txt). Basically it's showing up as version 2.16.90 (while PyPI only has 2.16.0)... Do 08:50
mnasiadkayou have any idea what is wrong?08:50
mnasiadkafnordahl: ^^08:50
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athosgood morning!10:09
athosmnasiadka: https://www.openvswitch.org/download/ says 2.17.0 is out10:16
athosalso: https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs/commit/4703bc67b78cbbac0d6c418d09de2992521979e110:16
ubottuCommit 4703bc6 in openvswitch/ovs "Prepare for post-2.16.0 (2.16.90)."10:16
ViSI0nHi Guys, I have installed application but it seems to be application installed from snap.  I created directory at the root to mount all my smb paths.  But it's not reachable from the snap application. Is there way to able to make everything bellow /smb folder avialable to snap or is the only option to remove the snap application and use different repo which installs classic old fasion way?10:19
fnordahlmnasiadka: OpenStack Yoga has not been released yet so the archive currently contains snapshots from upstream Git branches. The Open vSwitch and OVN projects use a x.x.90 version in their Git branches to signal it's a unreleased version.10:52
fnordahlmnasiadka: This will be resolved once we get closer to the release.10:52
Walex2ViSI0n: snaps hardcode access only to '/home/'; you can use a 'mount --bind' to relocate your mounts to appear under '/home/'.11:55
Walex2ViSI0n: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1620771/comments/5611:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1620771 in Snappy "when /home is somewhere else, snaps don't work" [Undecided, Triaged]11:58
ViSI0nI removed the snap version and installed it again from software repo.  snap sound great for desktop os but server os.. 12:02
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ograViSI0n, well, snaps were originally developed for server, embedded, industrial, automotive etc ... desktop support only came 2y later (shortly before fedora announced flatpak) ... 14:51
ograViSI0n, server snaps all have their writable paths in /var/snap/<snapname>/current (for all versioned files, i.e. configs and such, so on auto-rollback the server still works) and /var/snap/<snapname>/common for all payload data ...14:53
ogradont use /home for server stuff 🙂14:53
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brycehathos, php-klogger and php-malkusch-lock have ftbfs built against php-psr-log 3, that should be investigated.  I've never worked on those packages so don't know much about them, but keep in mind you may have the option to drop them if nothing significant requires them and if there aren't easy fixes at hand16:16
brycehI'll let you know if I spot other packages16:17
athosbryceh: ack; thanks :)16:17
brycehnote that I think Debian has chosen to stay on PSR 1, while upstreams have sometimes added PSR 3 support, sometimes not16:17
bryceh@athos, a third package that goes with those, and potentially also will have similar psr compatibility trouble:  civicrm.  17:16
brycehinteresting complication with it, is that when I try to 'debuild -S' a no-change rebuild, it is apparently getting stuck in recursion during the lintian check.  Maybe you'll have better luck but something's weird with it.17:17
brycehWarning in processable ./civicrm_5.33.2+dfsg1-1build1.dsc: Complex regular subexpression recursion limit (65534) exceeded at /usr/share/lintian/lib/Lintian/Check/Cruft.pm line 773.17:17
brycehI get that repeated indefinitely17:17
brycehanyway, if you can, upload a no-change rebuild of civicrm, and see if it builds ok or not against p-p-log 317:18
brycehcivicrm is kind of a leaf package, so a potential brute force solution would be to remove it from the archive (along with wikipedia-civicrm, which seems the main rdepends)17:19
* bryceh -> breakfast, bbl17:20
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mnasiadkafnordahl: thanks :)19:38
ahasenacksergiodj: that smbclient/backuppc bug, did you add something to it yet?20:26
ahasenackhi server team, freeradius' radtest crash fix from upstream, with tests: https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/freeradius/+git/freeradius/+merge/41610920:41
sergiodjahasenack: not yet, sorry.  have been running errands for the past couple of hours or so20:49
sergiodjI'll get to it soon20:49
ahasenackbut you have it in your memory? :)20:49
sergiodjahasenack: I do20:50
ahasenackok, I'll look at the adsys failures20:50
ahasenacktake the opportunity to get acquainted with that project20:50
ahasenackthanks for the help20:50
sergiodjI'll let you know when I update the bug20:50
jr_web_devso i have ubuntu server installed on a blade server, it doesnt have a desktop environment.  However, i want to install and then x forward gui applications onto my mac.. is it possible to do this without having to install a desktop environment?23:33
tomreynit could work where X forwarding still works. you'd need an X server, probably xorg23:42
jr_web_devright so a desktkop environment on the server will not matter then23:43
tomreynit would matter, but it should not be needed to make X forwarding work23:44
jr_web_devok thanks ill just go ahead and install xorg server23:45
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