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knightwisehey everyone08:49
davefIf it's not one thing, it's another. First there was 'rona.14:09
davefNow there's war14:09
davefAnd even worse, my ISP has been told to Bell *grumbles* 14:10
penguin42 'told to Bell' ?16:06
penguin42oh, *sold*16:07
davefYeah, that's me fat fingering the keyboard again17:10
davefSpaceX Starlink launch in 1 min.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnVOfKOzXHE17:12
davefProblem now with SpaceX, launches are boring. They've made it a weekly routine.17:14
davefI still remember the rush from seeing the first Falcon9 booster land successfully17:15
davefAnd the two side boosters from the first Falcon Heavy landing side by side17:15
daftykinszxmpi_: i think you dropped this... https://i.redd.it/y3rd3hljozj81.jpg17:18
zxmpi_if you're going to do something right... https://i.imgur.com/04G709z.jpg17:20
daftykinsah haaaa17:21
daftykinswell we can't *all* wield Mjolnir17:21
zxmpi_because obviously you want it to looky classy and professional17:22
davefI didn't know until now that I needed a Nokia Thor edition in my life.17:26
zxmpi_you smite a hard drive with that baby and it'll never be read again17:27
* davef pokes his old colleagues from the good old Nokia days (prior to Elop coming in and destroying it all)17:27
davefThat was a sad day when that was announce. The whole office was silent. 17:27
zxmpi_isn't that hmd nokia now? 17:27
davefYeah, HMD own the brand now17:27
zxmpi_but hmd was started by old nokia engineers aiui17:28
davefI hope you guys never used OVI messaging back in the day17:28
zxmpi_i avoided ovi like the plague17:28
davefBecause I was a part of that, it was horrible to work with and yes, it logged all your messages, passwords, etc.17:28
zxmpi_jokes on you all my passwords were in ogham >:-D17:29
davefJust had to change the logging from 'error' to 'debug' and boom.. everything clear text17:29
davefI dealt with mostly South American MVNOs, I don't even understand Spanish.. so never really took notice.17:31
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