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Blade-Runneri see, 150 people in the room an no one saying a word04:03
Bashing-omBlade-Runner: Support: all quiet == all systems green :D04:04
sarnoldthere's 381 folks having a quiet contest in #idlerpg :)04:04
Blade-Runnerum, i never had a quiet moment with ubuntu all chaos, no peace04:05
oerhekswait for the 22.04 release :-D04:06
Blade-Runnerit was reinstall semi weekly,, an then tweaks again and again04:06
Blade-Runnernow my pc is stable and running almost flawless04:08
Blade-Runnerbut it aint ubuntu04:08
oerhekswe feel your sadness.04:08
Blade-Runnersorry to say but ok i found my niche04:08
Blade-Runnersok each has there level04:09
Blade-Runneri dont hate ubuntu its just not my choice for now04:10
Blade-Runneri have friends that like it04:10
Blade-Runneri wish you all the best, live long and fair well.04:11
TrelIs there something I can add in grub to trigger if it loads systemd's graphical or multi-user targets or is that not something I can affect that early?04:22
Trel(Like a different boot option for either)04:22
sarnoldgrub ceases to exist long before you get to systemd04:23
sarnoldwhat are you trying to accomplish?04:23
TrelBeing able to choose graphical or multi-user at boot time.04:24
TrelI know I can drop to a TTY and change it with isolate, but it'd be nice not to have to do a full graphical boot or vice versa04:25
sarnoldTrel: try systemd.unit=multi-user.target or whatever at the kernel command line in grub -- I got that from https://michlstechblog.info/blog/linux-set-systemd-target-init-level-at-grub-command-line/  which is sadly a bit thin on details :) but it had what I wanted high in google's list04:25
TrelCool, I'll take a look. If nothing else, it'll be a starting point! Thanks!04:26
sarnoldgood luck, hope it's easy :)04:26
TrelYeah, that's exactly what I'm looking for.  I can duplicate my current boot entry and I'll do one for each04:27
TrelI already have an entry for no kernel mitigations04:27
sarnold"gofast!"  :)04:27
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ednashhow do i shrink a luks encrypted logical volume with ext4?05:06
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webchat78is anybody here??06:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:58
webchat78i have installed ubuntu on my hp laptop and my bluetooth is not working it says no bluetooth adapters found but i have one plz help me in solving this problem07:00
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swebis it bad practice to run local chronyd inside virtual machine , for local ntp server?09:15
gevreeencan someone tell me what upload.ubuntu.com is about?09:40
gevreeen(say, is it a file sharing service?)09:40
gevreeennever mind09:43
Bashing-omgevreeen: You have in mind - https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop ?09:44
gevreeenjust mistook the upload prefix as an indication for file sharing09:45
gevreeen(alas, you should do the ftp upload over ssh)09:46
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ice9what about those errors and can they cause instability or malfuntion? https://bpa.st/FQVA10:29
oerhekscheck for a bios update?10:30
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sam_sepi0lanythone there?11:32
PTNapivoskisamuelbernardo, just ask11:33
PTNapivoskisamuelbernardo, sorry11:33
yomismobuenos dias12:29
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bluzehi there-my ubuntu software center is behaving badly i cant find programs i normally can such as hexchat how can i fix software center-please help12:43
bluzefrom terminal is okay12:44
rosaageI have some weird problems with a USB camera and a hub. using python to stream the camera over http it randomly drops out and I have to restart it. running without the hub works fine. and running through the hub in windows worked fine after removing "allow windows to shutdown this device" on the hub. I have tried to disable autosuspend in ubuntu12:54
rosaagebut I have no idea if it actually is disabled. my os version is 21.10. I just tested it in ffplay and it drops out there as well.12:54
bluzedo you think its the hardware or the connection dropping or the software?12:58
bluzewireshark view the connection12:58
rosaageTrying to set up wireshark right now too see12:58
bluzethat'd be where i'd start looking too hope you have some luck12:59
taholmes160Hi Folks: When I first set up my ubuntu system, and was using the local screen, keyboard and mouse, the terminal window and nautilus both had really good looking themes on them. The machine is intended to run headless over the local area network and is accessed via RDC -- for some reason, the themes have vanished when I connect via RDC and the current ones are really ugly -- anyone know how I can13:07
taholmes160Solve this?13:07
SamVolvohi is there a way to solve the error i get all the time with the installers13:08
samukI've got ~2k .pdf files in a folder. I want to delete the ones that contain the text 'noncommercial' This script lists them (in red) in my terminal: https://github.com/lsund/scripts/blob/master/pdfgrep how can I use that to _delete_ the files that contain 'noncommercial'?13:16
samukI run zsh pdfgrep.sh freekidsbooks.org/ noncommercial to list them13:17
EriC^^what's the list look like that pdfgrep.sh gives?13:18
samukEriC^^, it's kinda messy, it scrolls in terminal as command runs, includes errors. It prints the text containing the term.13:22
samukJust waiting for this to run to see if it works/is cleaner: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/pdfgrep-and-move.63485/#post-36728213:22
samukGive me a sec13:23
semitonescan k3b verify the data integrity of an audio cd? ddg does not give great answers13:26
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samukSo this is cleaner and provides a list where the term is found: pdfgrep -r "noncommercial" *.pdf | cut -d: -f1 | sort -u13:34
samukpdfgrep: Could not open Tanias-Costume-Party-FKB-Kids-Stories.pdf13:34
samukOk running this now, can then just remove /delete if it works. cp `pdfgrep -r "noncommercial" *.pdf | cut -d: -f1 | sort -u` /delete13:41
rosaagebluze Sadly I can't seem to find anything odd in wireshark, the camera packets just stop with nothing else appearing13:48
BluesKajHi folks14:14
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mncheckin focal when you end up having graphical sessions on both vt1 and vt2, what does that? the closest I found says X is on vt1 not vt7 in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes but that's not it14:27
mncheckif you lock the screen and next time there are two display managers to log into14:27
Maikhi peeps14:31
mncheckbut gdm did it too14:41
coz_hey all %)15:02
alkisgmncheck: yeah most display managers support launching multiple sessions, why?15:11
mncheckalkisg, I can't find the documentation on what happens here15:12
mncheckalkisg, I expected vt2 to vt7 to be a terminal login15:12
mncheckalkisg, I would like to know the documentation15:13
alkisgsystemd shows a terminal on vt1-vt6 only if there are no other processes there15:13
alkisgAnd the DMs just use the first free vt to launch xorg15:13
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mncheckalkisg, I don't understand how gdm considers a virtual terminal running login "free"15:21
mncheckIn my book that's a definition of reserved15:22
mncheckapparently gdm differs but I can't find the documentation on it15:22
mncheckIn practice what happens is gdm sometimes really mess up the display and takes a long time to die trying15:24
mncheckit switches between vts a lot15:25
mncheckand faster than you can type15:25
lucas__had issues with nouveau intel on X11 gnome tearing, instead use wayland problems are gone, even with flatpak... dont know why X11 is still default15:27
MaikX11 isn't default in Ubuntu, Wayland is lucas__15:28
Maikit switches to X11 with nVidia cards afaik15:29
lucas__Maik, i could be wrong but im sure ive installed 20.04.04 lts and X11 was default... i had to manually change to wayland in gdm15:29
lucas__im not using nvidia propietary drivers either15:30
Maikah, that version didn't have Wayland as default15:30
mncheckhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes doesn't mention wayland15:30
Maikand they don't change that15:30
Maikiirc wayland became default again with 20.1015:31
mncheckdo ssh X forwardings work on wayland...?15:34
leftyfbmncheck: https://www.dbts-analytics.com/notesxfwdgb.html15:35
alkisgmncheck: vt's 1 to 6 are NOT reserved. systemd only spawns a getty there IF they're unused at the time you activate them15:35
leftyfbmncheck: first result on google for "wayland ssh x forwarding"15:35
mncheckleftyfb, thank you15:36
mncheckleftyfb, it is. although, google is not deterministic in general15:37
dubuntubring back the unity desktop15:57
coconutdubuntu, go to #ubuntu-discuss for that15:58
leftyfbdubuntu: https://ubuntuunity.org/15:58
leftyfbdubuntu: first result on google for "ubuntu unity"15:58
mncheckleftyfb, if you search "bring back unity desktop ubuntu", it's totally not the first one though16:01
mybalzitchless keywords16:02
leftyfbmncheck: this is why I share the search terms I use in order to find the information that is being sought over16:02
mncheckleftyfb, hm, thanks16:02
krytarikWell, there is more than one method to get the Unity desktop back though, so doing the web search with more keywords to get the specific context isn't wrong either.16:18
pc_Hallo Ubuntu Freunde habe ein Problem :-(16:39
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:43
Maikpc_: ^16:44
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riverhey I just installed fresh 20.04 ubuntu!17:10
riverwhat is it using for DNS resolution?17:10
riverand network configuration?17:11
jason1234 Hej Linux guys, would be possible that GNU/Linux ban Russian IPs to use and to download opensource software?17:15
jhutchinsjason1234: No.17:15
Maik!ot | jason123417:15
ubottujason1234: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:15
nadiojason1234: why you asking for ?17:16
Maikor just ask in #linux the next time jason123417:16
Maiknadio: no need to continue on the matter since it's offtopic ;)17:17
jason1234nadio: by concern17:17
semitonesI have Lubuntu. Is there an app that lets you burn an audio CD and check for errors afterwards? K3b does not support this, and ddg is not helping me search :/ anyone know?17:17
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jhutchinssemitones: Are you unable to find the verification feature on k3b?17:18
Maiksemitones:  i've been searching for you too on the web but couldn't find anything as of yet :/17:21
semitonesjhutchins: for audio CDs, yes I can't find it17:23
jhutchinssemitones: What is your source for the image?17:23
semitonesA .wav and a .cue I made myself17:23
semitonesMaybe it's not possible?17:23
jhutchins!info wodim17:24
ubottuwodim (9:1.1.11-3.2build1, impish): command line CD/DVD writing tool. In component universe, is optional. Built by cdrkit. Size 289 kB / 958 kB17:24
semitonesThanks, I'll check it out!17:24
semitoneshmm, i'm not seeing a verify in the man page of wodim either. Checking if cdrdao can do it...17:31
semitonesI'm not seeing it in there either. Maybe EAC in wine would support it? What was that GNOME cd burner? maybe it has it17:34
jhutchinssemitones: Brasero - the first search hit for "gnome cd burner".17:46
semitonesi'll stop wasting y'alls time17:48
riverhow do I configure DNS with ubuntu?18:09
Ravageyou need to be a little more specific. on a ubuntu desktop installation you can set DNS in the system settings of your network connection18:10
Maikriver: if you put that in your search engine i bet you get a first hit: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/ubuntu-dns-nameservers18:13
Maiki hope that is helpful18:13
riverthat web page is very confusing18:14
Ravageit has pictures. im sure you will manage18:15
Maikriver: you have to put some effort in it yourself :)18:17
riveri did :) I put lots of effort in and its not working :)18:17
Ravagemaybe put some effort in explaining what you are trying to do then18:17
Maiksearch for other tutorials then...?18:17
Ravagewhich ubuntu version, desktop or server? what is not working?18:18
jhutchinssemitones: Actually, I don't think it's a waste.  It's been long enough since I burned an audio CD that I wouldn't be sure where to start, so watching your progress is useful to me.18:18
riverI know why you guys are being weird about this question i have18:18
MaikRavage: he mention earlier it was afresh installed 20.0418:18
jhutchinssemitones: That's the whole point of having a community is to share insight and experience.18:19
semitonesjhutchins, well i am now not sure this was ever a feature in linux. I think iTunes might have done "verifying" but maybe not18:19
Maikriver: we're not being weird at all. just provide some more info so people actually know what you try to do and may be able to help :)18:19
jhutchinssemitones: I'm not sure there was either.  A data CD is usually a copy of a compiled iso file, and you can compare the file with the image.18:23
jhutchinssemitones: Your best bet might just be to play the CD!18:23
Ravageand a default audio CD has quite some redundant error correction data. its hard to create one that produces actual errors18:25
Ravageplay it and if it sounds like the file you burned it from you are good18:26
jhutchinsriver: Your question is too broad.  If you're getting your connection configuration from DHCP, it usually includes default DNS servers.  If you're using Network Manager, either from the command line or the GUI, it has options to set static DNS.  If you're doing a completely old-school manual setup, it's all in the /etc/network/interface and /etc/resolv.conf files.18:27
semitonesjhutchins, lol that's how this all started :) My cd player was sometimes playing it correctly and sometimes getting stuck, and I wasn't sure if it was the CD's fault or the player's fault ;)18:27
Ravagesemitones: try another CD and find out. if the player gets stuck on other CDs its the player :)18:28
jhutchinssemitones: That's probably more hardware than software, like dirty heads or a different alignment between the player and the burner.18:28
Ravagei would try a pressed audio CD as a reference to test the player18:29
semitonesRavage, it seems to play commercial CDs as expected so far. I'll have to find some other burnt ones and see how that goes. I basically want to know if I can give this CD to a friend18:29
Ravagedoes it play in your burner?18:29
Ravagealso.. just give your friend the CD. no better way to test it :)18:31
semitoneshehe; yeah it plays fine in the burner18:31
jhutchinssemitones: A dedicated cd player has probably been around for a while, it might be a good idea to clean the lens.18:32
semitonesgood advice. I don't think it's ever been cleaned.18:32
ioriasemitones,  you can check the disk with  cdparanoia18:35
semitonesioria, i know that cdparanoia is good at re-reading a disk for error correction when there are scratches; can it also detect errors on a freshly-burnt cd with no scratches yet18:36
ioriasemitones, well, manpage tells that -X option can do it : If the read skips due to imperfect data, a scratch, whatever, abort reading this track. If output is to a file, delete the partially completed file.18:36
semitonesoh cool!18:37
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semitonescdparanoia has a neat interface. It shows [  >                      ] with the angle bracket progressing. And if it detects an error, it puts a - or other symbol. Otherwise it is left blank. Also it shows :-) for normal operation and :^D for completed rip18:46
jhutchinsGreat!  We have unearthed an unexpected resource!  Thanks ioria!18:48
semitonesyou know how people used to say "burn at 4x speed if you don't want to make a coaster" well... i never believed them. It looks like i am not finding any errors so far18:48
ioriajhutchins, no prob18:49
riverwhen I do  host foo  it fails, when I do  host foo <custom-dns-server>  it works18:50
riverI cannot seem to tell the system to use my custom-dns-server18:50
semitonesdoes dig help in this scenario or is it for something else18:50
jhutchinsriver: Again, we don't have enough information on how YOU set up your networking to help.18:50
riversame with dig18:50
riverdig foo fails dig @custom-dns-server foo works18:51
semitoneswhat did you try so far to tell ubuntu to use that custom server?18:51
riversemitones: I set it inside settings network wires ip4 DNS option. that didn't work so I added DNS=<ip> in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and did sudo service systemd-resolved restart. but host is still not using it18:53
semitonesyeah that's all I would know how to do. Throw in a restart and a dns test to try and find out what DNS it is using18:56
rfmriver, is /etc/resolv.conf still a symlink to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf?18:57
semitonestraceroute might be useful18:57
riveryes it's a symlink18:57
riverthe stub conf file does not exist18:58
riveroh wait it does18:58
riverbut it's a relative path18:58
rfmyes, that's normal19:00
rfmriver, what does "resolvectl" say?19:01
riverthanks rfm19:02
Johne90I'm having issues disabling apparmor on a fresh install. I've followed the commands here. aa-status still shows module loaded. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor19:18
leftyfbJohne90: why would you want to disable apparmor?19:20
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Johne90Crowdstrike is requiring it to disable RFM19:21
leftyfbJohne90: what kernel are you running?19:24
leftyfbJohne90: is that kernel on the list of supported kernels here? https://falcon.crowdstrike.com/login/?next=%2Fdocumentation%2F20%2Ffalcon-sensor-for-linux#ubuntu-20.0419:26
Johne90Yes it is19:26
Johne90Step 1) is OS supported 2) is kernel supported, and now support is telling me to disable aa but I can't seem to get it disabled.19:27
leftyfbit's pretty concerning a security company would recommend disabling security measures to get their software to work19:29
leftyfbJohne90: sorry, I'm not familiar with how to properly disable apparmor, nor would I suggest doing so19:29
Johne90Thats a fundamental philosophy I have issues with as well. Outdated kernels to maintain support etc19:30
Johne90Thanks for hearing me out tho19:31
Johne90Essentially they want to be the only line of defense, no matter what vulnerabilities exist. they claim apparmor/selinux get in the way of their product.19:34
leftyfbJohne90: they should be focusing on working WITH apparmor and SElinux19:35
rfmJohne90, looks like even if apparmor.service is disabled, snapd is still loading it.  does aa-status show any profiles loaded and enforced that are *not* snaps?    If not, then maybe that's enough to satisfy Crowdstrike.19:41
gordonjcpIs it possible to fix Ubuntu 21.10's desktop so that icons work properly again?19:46
Johne90They're all snaps. I think I'm gonna have to go back to their support and make them earn their salaries19:46
leftyfbgordonjcp: https://fostips.com/app-icons-to-desktop-ubuntu-21-04/19:49
gordonjcpleftyfb: that kind of works but you can no longer drag and drop20:08
Maikblame the Gnome devs for taking that away20:11
ograjust as a sidenote: to disable apparmor properly yu put "apparmor=0" on your kernel cmdline ... that turns it off in the kernel, the userspace tools shuld detect it and not start (but this means to open a can of worms, since a lot of ubuntu security is nowadays designed around AA)20:19
ogragordonjcp, https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2087/desktop-icons-ng-ding/ ... that one adds drag n drop20:28
taholmes160Hi Folks: When I first set up my ubuntu system, and was using the local screen, keyboard and mouse, the terminal window and nautilus both had really good looking themes on them. The machine is intended to run headless over the local area network and is accessed via RDC -- for some reason, the themes have vanished when I connect via RDC and the current ones are really ugly21:10
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kristian_on_linuerm ... installing Ubuntu for a laptop noob and thinking about what desktop would be best?21:24
leftyfbkristian_on_linu: stick with the default. If it doesn't fit your needs, then look into changing it21:25
kristian_on_linuleftyfb, yeah ... that approach makes sense21:25
cryptikulousi noticed my host  make connections to ntp.ubuntu.com.home and ntp.ubuntu.com throught DNS queries every 3-4 seconds, how can i stop that from happening?21:55
sarnoldconfigure your ntp client to use a different ntp server?21:57
leftyfbcryptikulous: is this a server or desktop?21:57
cryptikulousleftyfb: desktop21:58
leftyfbcryptikulous: https://linuxconfig.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/03-how-to-sync-time-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux.png21:59
leftyfbcryptikulous: you can disable it there. Though I wouldn't recommend it21:59
leftyfbcryptikulous: it's keeping your clock in sync21:59
gordonjcpogra: is this going to be fixed in maybe 22.04?22:00
cryptikulousi know it is keeping my clock tight but i hate that dns traffic stating my actual OS22:00
ogragordonjcp, yeah, i think so ... there has been some work by the desktop team in that area22:01
leftyfbcryptikulous: why?22:01
jhutchins3-4 seconds seems like an unreasonable interval after initial sync.  I know a number of site admins that would block that kind of traffic.22:02
cryptikulousthats what i think too..22:02
leftyfbjhutchins: I don't disagree but they said their main concern is their public DNS server being made aware of what OS they're running. Not sure why that is a concern22:03
gordonjcpogra: just seems like a deeply weird regression to allow into a "finished" build22:04
Ravageand my DNS logs show a query to ntp.ubuntu.com about every 15 minutes22:04
ogragordonjcp, well, if ubuntu would have gone with the gnome default (which was introduced really late in the dev cycle) yu wouldnt have any icons at all ... it is a compromise22:05
gordonjcpogra: tbh they shouldn't have scrapped Unity :-/22:05
gordonjcpcryptikulous: how is that revealing your OS?22:05
ogragordonjcp, well, there wasnt enough manpower ...22:06
gordonjcpogra: yeah yeah, and I should just ask for my money back if I don't like it :-D22:06
ograheh, thats not what i meant 🙂22:06
cryptikulousgordonjcp: the packets info does state it22:07
Ravagecryptikulous: so make this easy: change the ntp server to something you host yourself, or an IP address. or disable the ntp service. that are your choices22:08
cryptikulouseven tho i use manual time and date sync im still getting ntp throught dns22:08
gordonjcpcryptikulous: where?22:08
leftyfbcryptikulous: DNS queries do not include the client OS22:09
gordonjcpcryptikulous: and also, why do you care?22:09
* ogra shamelessly points to https😕/snapcraft.i👋htpdate-daemon ...22:11
ograemoji plugins ... pfft22:11
leftyfbogra: that would still cause DNS queries which are apparently leaking critical data like the OS :/22:11
gordonjcpogra: I was super disappointed that I couldn't use emoji in Python identifiers22:12
ograleftyfb, well, you could call it from a script that uses random websites ... 😄22:12
gordonjcpcryptikulous: so, updating every few seconds doesn't sound right so that's some sort of a problem, but I don't get why you think it reveals your OS and I also don't get why revealing your OS is any kind of a problem.22:20
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jhutchinsgordonjcp: The actual NTP implementation can do a "burst" query at start-up, but once it's sync'ed with a server it's a longer interval.22:56
robot56remember the old startup sound of ubuntu in ubuntu 6.10-180423:33
Chunkyzrobot56: this is a support channel. for discussion, #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss23:34
Maikel: ban evading by yrdsb a.k.a. andrew2 and now robot56. You banned him the last time.23:36
ChunkyzMaik: I wasn't 100% sure it was him, thanks for saying.23:39
Maikno problem23:39
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