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Iamthehuman12Hello and thanks for most fun distro I've ever tried. 13:29
Iamthehuman12I want to install the jammy-daily and I want it so it cannot be tampered from another OS. My existing setup is a 1TB disk with 110GB for Windows (which is under suspicion) 150 GB for /-partitions and 740 GB for /home-partition. 13:29
Iamthehuman12Question: Would in your opinion the following work?: installing the US into a LUKS encrypted partition with minimalist /home/username there and then delete all the non-dotdirectories from there, mount the old /home partition somewhere and then symlinking all normal directories from the unencrypted volume to the new /home/username, which is inside the same LUKS as "everything else" in the new installation?13:29
OvenWerkswindows understamds ext4?15:51
* OvenWerks always thought windows was so full of itself as to not admit there was anything else...15:52
EickmeyerNo, Windows can't read ext4 without special applications or drivers.16:30
EickmeyerIamthehuman12: That's a better question for the main #ubuntu channel.16:30

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