bluesabrepleia2: knome did the honors of getting the new wallpaper contest ready to go. Before I put out the blog post... do we still have Xubuntu stickers to distribute to the winners?01:40
pleia2bluesabre: the supply is not what it once was, but we have enough for this release :)02:06
bluesabrepleia2: oh good. We'll have to resupply sometime soon :)02:10
bluesabre(Twitter is all I have, in case anybody wants to share to Facebook)02:29
JackFrost[21:43:24] SwissBot:#ubuntu-news: ::Planet:: Xubuntu: Xubuntu 22.04 Community Wallpaper Contest @ https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-22-04-community-wallpaper-contest/02:48
bluesabreXubuntu 20.04.4 marked as ready :)02:54
bluesabreA few hours late, but w/e02:58
JackFrostGreat going, bluesabre!  Sorry. :302:58
bluesabreNo worries. I'd completely forgotten about it myself.02:58
bluesabreAnd now time for bed. Seeya!02:59
knomebluesabre, i mean we pretty surely could talk to the folks who print the stickers about this small need every 2 years... and they could ship them to the addresses we send them15:06
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pleia2the company we partnered with was bought and they don't have our program anymore, so we'll need to look into alternative options16:51
pleia2they were small, the company that bought them is big and won't really work with us16:51
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