Bashing-omFormat template: presently https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-22-04-community-wallpaper-contest/ has the directive "Please join #xubuntu-devel on Freenode for assistance". That should be changed to libera. Who do I contact to insure this change is done ?03:19
JackFrostMe, I think.03:20
Bashing-omJackFrost: Oh well - that man of so many hats !03:21
JackFrostBashing-om: Clear your cache, how's that look?03:30
Bashing-omJackFrost: doing ^ :D03:32
Bashing-omJackFrost: \o/ - you the man :D Now reads as Libera .03:36
JackFrostI'm not one of the website people, but it seems I've been given perms.03:44
Bashing-om^ *he* can do anything :P - just ask and see :P03:46
xubuntu90ioh wow 74 people :)07:21
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xu-help36wHi, hope you can help me. I have installed Xubuntu in a Vbox, however I couldn't find a way to enlarge the display which is a way too small. This is affecting everything. I have already tried a different size in View>Virtual Screen1 but the appearance looks terrible. Do you know how can I get a normal size display in a way that everything doesn't17:09
xu-help36wlook blur? Thank you in advance for your help.17:09
xu-help33wHi all. I have a problem where I'm have dual booted xbuntu on a laptop. I then remote it from my windows PC. I wish to leave the laptop closed and on so I can remote it when I want to use it.21:49
xu-help33wProblem is whenever the lid is closed it kills my remote session.21:50
xu-help33wI've already changed some settings in regards to the power settings but it hasn't helped21:51
tomreynxu-help33w: look at /etc/systemd/logind.conf22:18
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