ahoneybunvalorie: do you know where the sheet is with our funds from donations?18:14
valorieoh my goodness20:46
valorieno clue20:46
valorieask Riddell?20:46
valorieafaik he's still treasurer20:47
ahoneybunI was wondering about using them for items like swag to promote/get more income but then we need to know what we want to do with the funds.20:47
valorieuntil we know that an actual conf to prepare for, we don't really need money20:48
ahoneybunMm though we need more folks involved don't you think?20:49
valorieso far I've been successful in asking the Ubuntu Community Fund for money and I suggest we do that20:49
valorieit would be great to have more testers20:49
ahoneybunI need to keep my involvement going for at least 6 months before I ask CC for money. 20:49
valorieand having a booth at LFNW/SeaGL were both great20:49
ahoneybunI will be at LFNW for system76 this year so I would only be there in spirit for kubuntu20:50
valoriesomehow I suppose I could shoehorn one or both of this in again20:50
valorieno way I will do it virtually20:50
ahoneybunWhat I was thinking was having swag for testers and other contribution. 20:51
ahoneybunforms of contribution;20:51
valoriewhat kind of swag do people actually *want*?20:51
valoriethe only thing that seems popular is stickers20:51
Maikand shirts20:52
ahoneybunThat's true those are pretty big ones. 20:52
ahoneybunStickers are fairly easy and can be used to promote the project.20:53
valoriesomeone snagged my fav kubuntu shirt20:53
ahoneybunI don't even have one of those haha20:53
valorieyep, last batch of stickers I just bought myself20:53
RikMillstalk to JR20:53
valorieI have one that JR had made20:53
valoriebut I don't wear button downs very often20:53
ahoneybunThe first step would be to figure out what *we* want to do and then reach out to JR.20:54
Maikso the Kubuntu project is in need of testers too?21:28
ahoneybunIt's always in need of folks to test new releases Maik21:29
ahoneybunwe'll be glad to have you21:29
Maikwell... on my brand new laptop that i bought last week i have Kubuntu 20.04 running since of today. On this old gifted machine where i'm typing from i've been running Jammy for more that a week or so. So i could use that one to help. I'll see what i can do. :)21:32
ahoneybunWe'll want 22.04 to be as rock solid as we can get it!21:34
Maikof course, it's a LTS release which needs to be rock solid :)21:37

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