nimacppالله اکبر04:42
a1ashrafHello support08:48
a1ashrafI want to know procedure to install Ubuntu 21 on MacBook Pro Intel laptops08:48
fusionfuture[m]a1ashraf: next, next, next and until you see the new desktop10:07
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lukas__ There is a Critical security vulnerability, discover does not warn user about outdated Kubuntu version 21.04, reports everything is up to date12:11
ubottuKDE bug 450877 in Discover "Critical security vulnerability, discover does not warn user about outdated Kubuntu version 21.04, reports everything is up to date" [Critical, Unconfirmed]12:13
lukas__Please tell me how to report security issues in kubuntu12:14
cbreaklukas__: have you tried reporting it on bugs.kde.org?12:16
lukas__yes, i already did that.12:18
lukas__linked above12:18
ubottuKDE bug 450877 in Discover "Critical security vulnerability, discover does not warn user about outdated Kubuntu version 21.04, reports everything is up to date" [Critical, Unconfirmed]12:18
Maiklukas__: 21.04 is EOL12:38
Maikmeaning it's not supported anymore and doesn't receive any updates anymore12:39
Maikupgrade to 21.1012:39
tomreynbased on what lukas__ wrote, i would think he's aware of it.12:43
Maikthen i probably not getting it12:44
tomreynlukas was looking for a way to formally report that the 'discover' software does not warn about the release being EOL when running on an EOL release.12:50
lukas__theres probably a bunch of users out there running outdated software who have no idea what is going on12:51
lukas__Maik said: meaning it's not supported anymore and doesn't receive any updates anymore12:52
tomreynkubuntu probably uses launchpad for bug management, so you could look for an existing bug report or file a new ones there.12:53
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:53
tomreynchances are that a bug reported from an EOL release will be dropped, though, so better report it manually or using a supported release12:54
lukas__thank you tomreyn13:03
DragnslcrI've mentioned before that it would be nice if Kubuntu brought back the notification for a new version being available13:15
tomreyn"mentioned" here means == /dev/null13:27
tomreynyou'd need to file a feature request or bug report.13:27
DragnslcrYeah, but that would require effort and stuff13:31
Maikif you don't do it no one will13:33
DragnslcrI also figure the devs must be aware of it, so if it hasn't been reimplemented yet, it's most likely because they have more important things to work on13:33
cbreak21.04 should receive an update to 21.1013:35
cbreakand 21.10 should soon receive one to 22.04, so it's probably best to switch soon13:35
cbreakat least before 21.10 goes out of support, and reaching 22.04 will become more annoying13:36
Maikcbreak: the upgrade notification on ubuntu's end mostely happens after the first point release in July/August iirc13:39
Maikso if you want to upgrade to 22.04 sooner you'll have to force it13:40
cbreakDoesn't this differ between lts and mainline tracks?13:40
Maikthat i don't know13:41
BluesKajHi folks14:18
user|57hello i have an old imac maybe 12 years old and i am looking for a stable lightweight version to download14:28
user|57I am fairly new to linux so need something simple14:28
BluesKajuser|57, perhaps xubuntu might be a good fit, depends on your hardware and specs. https://xubuntu.org/14:35
Maikuser|57: how much RAM, what CPU?14:44
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IrcsomeBot<SergioStanislauskas> Kubuntu!   if it has an SSD will be a piece of cake even with 4 Gb. The only recommendation for a beginner is to install the OS connected in the Internet using a cable , not by Wifi. After first boot, use the driver search utility to install the Broadcom wifi driver. Another boot and you can use wifi. I have a Macmimi 2009, 4 Gb, 240 GB SSD and for my use case (no gaming, browsing, word processing and spreadsheet and some Gimp) it16:03
tomreynSergioStanislauskas: your message cut off on IRC after "and some Gimp) it" due to maximum line length.16:06
tomreynif you need to provide a lot of auxiliary information with your question, it's usually good to ask a short versionof your question first before you provide all the detail.16:08
cbreakIs there a one-step way to move a window to a different activity? To move one to a different virtual desktop, I just grab it, then switch desktop, and release it. But for activities that doesn't work17:04
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user|8 apt-secure(8)   ???20:09
steve16Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/148e4d9636927fb018b9c3f8fa5c0c9c/Screenshot_20220226_164437.png21:45
Maikkai_: if you have a Kubuntu support question just ask21:47
kai_having issue with kde helper daemon21:48
kai_lots of crash21:48
Maikwhich version?21:49
kai_20.04 lts21:49
Maiktried to search for bug reports but can't seem to find any yet21:51
kai_but i've sent crash report21:52
Maiki don't see that21:52
kai_it happens every now and then21:52
kai_should i post it on askubuntu with screenshot?21:52
Maikyeah, good idea. And maybe file a bug report on launchpad21:53
Maikno problem and sorry if i couldn't be of more help21:54
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