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ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <rs2009> Ubuntu Unity 20.04.4 LTS and the 22.04 Feature Freeze ISOs are now available for download! 🎉https://ubuntuunity.org/blog/ubuntu-unity-20.04.4-22.04-ff/ : https://matterbridge.thomas-ward.net/56fd9d34/file_127.jpg12:55
tomreynthat's a cute jellyfish in the background16:47
tomreyni assume the art is still in the making?16:48
Maiktomreyn: talking about Ubuntu Unity?16:50
tomreyntewards' screenshot included in the announcement specifically16:51
tomreynoh wait that's actually a 20.04.4 screenshot16:53
tomreynahem, silly me16:53
tomreyni was hoping to see a 22.04 one.16:53
MaikAlan still needs to work on that :)16:54
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