davefWelp, that's 10 hours of OT clocked up.21:54
zxmpi_that 300 baud modem pays for itself when working from home :-P22:21
davefAnd I did my taxes.. so I'm quids in :D 22:37
davefI can finally afford the Adlib Sound Card! w00t!22:38
zxmpi_nah you sink your money into buying up all the sid chips in the world! :-P22:42
davefI want one of them Steam Deck thingies23:09
davefSadly I got to wait until Q2 to get mine :( 23:09
daftykinssomeone's given you the retail desires of yoof!23:17
zxmpi_yeah i suspect it'll be easier to find a ps5 than a steamdeck23:20

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