BinarySaviorHi for setting up a service on a subdomain that exists on a separate server from the host that serves the root domain, I am required to use CORS00:24
BinarySavioraccording to these docs, i need to set the access-control-allow-origin header to *00:24
BinarySaviordoesn't that pose security concerns? is there a better way to do this?00:24
masonBinarySavior: That's potentially better-asked in #ubuntu-server.00:26
masonI'm not familiar with CORS myself.00:26
leftyfbBinarySavior: just point the subdomain to the ip of the separate server00:27
oerheksthere *are* concerns.. https://www.pivotpointsecurity.com/blog/cross-origin-resource-sharing-security/00:28
BinarySaviorleftyfb, i did that, the service is matrix and it requires the root domain to verify with a .well-known json00:31
leftyfbBinarySavior: Sorry, I'm not familiar with either of those scenarios. Regardless, your question isn't really related to ubuntu and is a general technology/service/design question00:33
Sven_vBhi :)00:37
Sven_vBSeems like lots of cheap USB ethernet adapters are "Kontron DM9601 USB Ethernet Adapter" under the hood, and they all have MAC 00:e0:4c:53:44:58 albeit I sourced them from different vendors. I found a tutorial on how to deal with them on https://karser.dev/same-mac-kontron-dm9601/ ; maybe we should include a fix in Ubuntu by default, what do you think?00:37
EickmeyerSven_vB: Seems as though that requires knowing the MAC address for each one, so that's not something that can be done with a blanket setting. I was going to tell you to file a bug report, but it's too device-specific.00:42
EickmeyerOh wait, they share the same mac address.00:43
EickmeyerThat's a security nightmare either way.00:43
Sven_vBwhat do you mean by security nightmare?00:44
EickmeyerTwo identical mac addresses on the same network is a no-no.00:44
Sven_vByes, even more it's a routing problem with my hub apparently00:45
EickmeyerExactly. It's asking for packet collisions and misrouting.00:45
Sven_vBthe tutorial assigns new MACs based on USB path, I'll probably randomize the last 3 bytes so it works even if the USB numbers happen to match up accross hosts00:45
semitonesi made the mistake of thinking i had more disk space than I had, and now I have to clear a bunch of stuff to finish apt upgrading00:45
semitonesis it safe to delete /var/log/journal contents?00:46
EickmeyerSven_vB: Either way, that's not something that can be done by default in Ubuntu.00:46
Sven_vBEickmeyer, an official fix would probably need its own legitimately registered MAC pool to pull from. is that the obstacle?00:47
Ravagesemitones: try to edit /etc/systemd/journald.conf and set SystemMaxUse=100M or so00:47
EickmeyerSven_vB: Yes, very much so.00:47
Ravageand restart the service00:47
semitonesthe 3 big places I could delete are: /var/log/journal, the old kernels, and /var/cache/apt/archives00:47
Ravagethat will clean up the logs ins a safe way00:47
semitonesthanks for the advice00:47
EickmeyerSven_vB: I'd recommend talking about this sort of thing in #networking . They'd have more insight.00:47
Ravageand /var/cache/apt/archives is safe to clean00:47
Sven_vBEickmeyer, OTOH, there are privacy options to randomize MAC in WiFi. can't we use that?00:48
Sven_vBgood idea, maybe I'll do that another time. for now I'm ok with my rogue hack I guess.00:49
webchat76hello I am a seedbox operator, 18.04.6-desktop-amd64's torrent is reporting that the tracker is blocking the requested download . I still see it as the latest torrent to seed via https://ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads . issues at the tracker or is a release pending?00:49
semitonesRavage, what is the service called? I tried journal and journald00:49
EickmeyerSven_vB: FYI, Wifi MAC randomizations are part of the spec. Wired ethernet typically has the MAC address hard-coded in the firmware of the interface.00:50
Sven_vBoh I see. thanks for that hint.00:51
Eickmeyerwebchat76: Are you talking about the mini.iso?00:51
Ravagei think he is talking about https://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04/ubuntu-18.04.6-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent00:52
Eickmeyerwebchat76: Nvm.00:52
semitonesCan I remove the lib/modules/oldkernel/drivers folder before doing sudo apt --fix-broken-install00:52
webchat76Eickmeyer ubuntu-18.04.6-desktop-amd64.iso00:52
semitonesor will that cause problems too00:52
Eickmeyerwebchat76: The link is there for me. Try refreshing your torrent with the .torrent file provided.00:52
spammyevery once in a while my desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS malfunctions and when I login it acts like I'm logging in and then I'm back to a login screen again. What are some troubleshooting steps I can take here?00:52
webchat76Eickmeyer I pulled the latest torrent file via https://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04/ubuntu-18.04.6-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent and my client accepted it, but no change in trackers00:53
Eickmeyerwebchat76: Your main source of truth is here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04/00:53
Eickmeyerwebchat76: Otherwise, I'm afraid nobody in here is going to have an answer to your questions as nobody in here maintains those.00:54
webchat76Nobody here maintains https://torrent.ubuntu.com/announce ? can you point me in the direction of who may it looks like an issue at the tracker00:54
EickmeyerNope, that's not done here. That's done by Canonical, and they're all off for the weekend. Sorry.00:54
webchat76Eickmeyer understandable, it's probably transient. I will report back monday if the tracker is still down. the issue is anyone pulling that torrent wont get the file. Other Ubuntu torrents are reporting to tracker A OK. I am always seeding out ubuntu stuff00:55
EickmeyerThis chat is manned by volunteers, webchat76.00:55
webchat76Eickmeyer I totally understand, was starting here to figure out who / where I might need to report it00:55
semitonesthanks for seeding webchat76 :)00:55
EickmeyerVolunteers aren't going to have access to the infrastructure, webchat76.00:56
EickmeyerIt'll probably resolve itself by Monday, webchat76.00:56
webchat76Eickmeyer makes sense. Like I said I figured I'd start in IRC tho00:56
webchat76I agree00:56
webchat76anyway thanks for the help. I'll keep an eye on it and hope it just bounces back00:57
leftyfbsemitones: using rm on system files and directories is usually never the correct answer00:58
leftyfbsemitones: once you resolve your issue you should reinstall the kernels you manually deleted and remove them properly with apt00:59
leftyfbsemitones: how big of a partition are we talking about ?00:59
semitonesi know :/ but I cannot apt autoremove. I did -fix-broken, and hopefully there is enough disk space to complete that now that the journals are mostly deleted. Then I can remove the kernels. I can't remove them now because apt is broken00:59
semitonesleftyfb, 11 GB00:59
semitones10.9 :/01:00
leftyfbThat should be plenty of space. You filled it up with other things01:00
semitonesthis is with ubuntu studio but honestly I should figure out how to uninstall those programs because it is not safe having it this full01:01
leftyfbsemitones: you should after removing kernels and shrinking your journal you should have enough space to remove packages one at a time01:01
semitonesi didn't have to rm the kernels, glad I didn't have to01:01
leftyfbsemitones: can you install and use ncdu?01:01
semitoneshold on, apt autoremoving01:02
semitonesok now I have 1.5 G available. looking up ncdu01:02
semitonesit is already installed but idk how to use it01:03
Ravagesudo ncdu -x /01:03
leftyfbthat should tell you where most of your space is being taken up01:04
leftyfbI’m guessing most of it is in your home01:04
semitonesi'm in a file browser in the terminal. THere is a gui that does this01:05
semitonesi have 5.8 GB in usr 2.6 in lib, 1.3 in var, and the rest is less01:05
Ravageyes ubuntu comes with a gui tool for that01:06
semitones216 mb in home01:06
Ravagei still prefer the terminal01:06
semitonesin ncdu i'm stuck in the home folder i guess i forgot to type the /01:07
Ravagemaybe ubuntu studio just comes with a lot of stuff01:07
Ravagei never used it01:07
semitonesok i got it now01:07
=== yang_qwq1 is now known as yang_qwq
semitonesyeah I guess so01:07
semitonesif you're curious Ravage here is the output https://paste.ubuntu.com/01:08
Ravageyou can check the subfolders but i dont think you will find a lot you can just delete01:09
Eickmeyersemitones: Ubuntu Studio leader here. What are you trying to remove? Non-audio stuff?01:09
leftyfbsemitones: drill down to /usr my guess is you have multiple kernels and their related files installed and should work on cleaning up older kernels01:11
leftyfbAlso, running Ubuntu studio on only 11gb?01:11
EickmeyerOoof, yeah, that's way too small for Studio.01:11
semitonesyeah, now I know. I think i installed it in 201601:11
semitonesI ended up not using any of the studio things on this device01:12
leftyfbsemitones: ah, so you’re running an EOL release and need to upgrade anyway01:12
semitonesi'm upgraded01:12
Eickmeyerleftyfb: Don't be so quick to assume. ;)01:12
leftyfbsemitones: not if you installed it in 201601:12
semitonesit was tricky but this channel helped upgrade to 20.04 awhile ago, and i had barely enough space01:12
semitonesI had to remove all the snap stuff and some other things01:12
leftyfbAll this work for an 11g install01:13
semitonesit is on a microsoft surface so I'm not confident I can get it working if I reinstall :/01:13
semitonesit was a headache with all the uefi and secure boot and custom kernel01:13
* leftyfb taps out01:13
semitonesthat's probably smart, i'll just look around in synaptic and remove things01:13
Eickmeyersemitones: Another thing that might help is if you go through each of the ubuntustudio-* metapackages and find their dependencies/recommends and remove each one one-by-one via synaptic.01:15
Eickmeyersemitones: For instance, ubuntustudio-graphics: https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/ubuntustudio-graphics01:15
semitonesthanks, I'll start there01:16
Eickmeyersemitones: I wish it were as simple as, for example, "sudo apt autoremove ubuntustudio-graphics" but it wasn't installed via a metapackage but rather the germinate seed.01:16
EickmeyerIn the future, I might make a script that removes stuff based on the contents of the metapackages, but for now, this is what we've got. :)01:17
semitonesI appreciate the support, this is definitely a good way out of this problem of my own making :)01:17
Eickmeyersemitones: And I'd seriously consider repartitioning that drive to get more than 11GB. :)01:18
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sarnoldoof, 11gb filesystem? that'll be tight..01:18
semitonesI'll see what I can do01:18
Eickmeyersarnold: Especially for Studio. ;)01:19
sarnoldif you can install anything :) then the orphaner tool may help01:19
semitoneschecking it out01:19
sarnoldif you've got any snaps installed on that filesystem, it might be worth trying to figure out how to keep fewer snaps installed, too01:19
sarnoldsnapd by default keeps two or three copies of everything so it can roll back bad updates01:20
semitonesi think we removed all the snaps last time01:25
semitonesEickmeyer, removing the papirus icons is helping01:30
leftyfbI can’t imagine icons take up much space01:33
semitones200+ mb01:35
semitonesi found a good one: remove the fluid synth, and it removes a lot of things01:35
semitonesi don't really need libreoffice01:36
semitonesi'm making progress, but the biggest area I don't understand is 1.3 GB: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu01:38
leftyfbThose are files related to your kernel(s)01:40
leftyfbDO NOT delete those with rm01:40
sarnoldyeah don't delete those manually; purge packages you don't use, if you want to clean that up a bit, but do *not* treat that directory as one big homogenous entity01:41
leftyfbsemitones: drill down, are there more than 1 kernel directories ?01:41
sarnold(btw those are libraries, not kernels)01:42
semitonesgood advice let me look what has remained01:42
leftyfbYou can purge kernels you aren’t using, but if there’s only 1 kernel, I wouldn’t touch anything in that directory01:42
semitonesi kept 2 kernels for posterity, but removed the lowlatency kernels01:42
leftyfbsarnold: I said files related to the kernels01:42
semitonesnothing relating to the kernels stands out. I think I can probably remove JACK though01:44
semitonesthat also removes a LOT of packages01:45
semitonesleftyfb, what files would I be looking for? I don't see much about the kernels in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu01:46
leftyfbsemitones: from what I understand, studio uses Jack for sound as opposed to pulse audio. If you don’t have pulse installed, removing Jack will remove your sound capabilities01:46
semitonescan i just apt install pulseaudio01:47
leftyfbYou can, but over never known pulse to be that easy to get running from a system that didn’t have it already01:48
semitoneshmm maybe I will leave jack alone for the time being01:48
semitonescan I uninstall gcc? I don't have an nvidia gfx card, so I don't think I need to compile any dkms modules01:50
sarnoldyeah, probably; most people don't need it; be sure to keep going, delete eg gcc-10 or gcc-9 or whatever other packages you've got installed; maybe you've got some -dev packages installed that don't need, too; dpkg -l '*-dev' | grep '^ii'  might be useful, too01:52
semitonesif I removed libreoffice already, can i delete /var/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libreoffice01:52
semitonesthat's a good idea with the -dev01:52
semitonesi've started sorting by "installed" with synaptic01:52
sarnoldtry dpkg -S /var/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libreoffice   -- that might show packages that own files there01:52
semitonesthere are some things that depend on some of gcc that seem important, like acpi stuff01:54
sarnoldpastebin what you see?01:54
semitonesspecifically gcc-10-base01:55
Eickmeyerleftyfb: That's false, it uses Pulseaudio by default, and Jack on demand using Studio Controls to do the configuring.01:56
Eickmeyersemitones: ^01:56
semitonesso it is ok to remove jack?01:56
Eickmeyersemitones: If you don't do professional audio work, sure. But it's so small it's negligible.01:57
EickmeyerWouldn't help your cause.01:57
semitonesEickmeyer, ok01:57
* Eickmeyer is out for the evening01:57
sarnoldsemitones: probably best to leave gcc-10-base alone -- it looks like it owns just a few files and none of them are large, but it's a dependency on something that looks like it ought to stick around01:58
semitonesthanks :)01:59
semitonesok, yeah, it's doing different things in apt than it was in synaptic, but none of them good so I'll leave it alone01:59
semitonessomeday I'm going to need to give ubuntu studio a disk all to itself02:05
semitonesand buy a usb-interface02:05
semitonesI think i have removed almost as much as possible this time; I have about 4.1 GB available, according to df -h02:09
sarnoldnow bust out orphaner02:09
leftyfbEickmeyer: sorry about that. I did preface with “from what I understand”. I understood wrong02:09
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semitonesoh this is great02:11
semitoneswhew ok now I will reboot and see if I still have a system02:15
sarnoldgood luck :)02:16
semitoneswhat have i done02:17
semitonesi miss ubuntu-studio already; everything is high-dpi small now, and looks like xfce02:17
sarnoldd'oh :)02:17
sarnoldtoo many changes in one go02:17
semitonesok fixed some of the scaling maybe02:18
relipseI am coding a 2D rpg puzzle game anyone want to see it?02:18
leftyfb!ot | relipse02:22
ubotturelipse: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:22
semitonesmaybe i can install ubuntu-studio again02:23
leftyfbsemitones: if you’re not working with audio, why would you? You just spent all this time and effort deleting it to free up space02:25
semitonesbecause everything on my screen is small02:25
semitonesand I don't have the unity dock thing anymore02:25
semitonesit is 330 mb to install it again02:26
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semitonesSomething I did messed up update-grub and I don't have any Ubuntu boot options any more02:36
semitonesSo I'm researching how to boot without a boot entry, but maybe at this point it's best to call it a night02:36
sarnoldouch :/02:36
sarnoldthere's handy logs in /var/log/apt/ and /var/log/dkpg.log -- the dpkg ones are way harder to read but cover more operations02:37
sarnoldthey may help you figure out what was too important to delete02:37
leftyfbI’m guessing some kernel or initrd got deleted02:39
semitonessomething pulled in ubuntustudio-lowlatency-settings02:40
semitonesthat broke update grub, and I thouught i fixed it by rm /etc/grub.d/09_lowlatency02:40
semitonesbut when i ran update-grub again it 'succeeded' but i didn't realize it didn't find any ubuntu kernels...02:41
semitonescan't remember the name of my root partition it is one of those /dev/nm020x things not a sensible one02:57
semitonesbut! luckily i have a boot entry that doesn't work any more, but it DOES have the uuid string for the correct partition02:59
semitonesso I just have to copy it letter by letter02:59
semitonesdo uuids tab-complete?03:00
MinusOnesemitones, tab completion is contextual. The easiest way to find out is by pressing tab. And you could copy/paste03:03
semitonesi don't know how to copy/paste in grub03:04
semitonesWHOOHOO i'm in the mainframe03:08
semitonesupdate-grub is still not pulling in any linux kernels :(03:11
semitonesfor some reason /etc/grub.d/10_linux is not marked as executable03:15
semitoneschmod +x03:15
semitonesthat fixed it. I am not sure what I could have done that would have messed that up03:15
sarnoldwild, that's pretty unusual :)03:17
semitonesnever too old to hose your system03:17
semitonesat least i didn't lose any data03:17
sarnold*nod* worst case is almost a best case -- your data's still there, but you could grab a new drive, do a new install with a friendlier partition scheme, and then copy data back, hehe03:18
semitonesthis is already a huge sidetrack from my intended project for tonight; was trying to format an sd card in windows and kept getting a bluescreen; booted into ubuntu on the same machine; it asked to upgrade, and here we are lol03:20
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sarnoldsheesh :) that's a heck of a lot of sidequests03:22
semitonesthis always happens to me03:28
semitonesif I were a linux wizard i'd be a wild mage; but without the chance that something good would happen03:29
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jhutchinssemitones: Experience is proportional to data destroyed.03:30
semitonesi am a student of the tao, but fairly delinquent http://taobackup.com/03:33
jhutchinsI probably have at least three dead UPS batteries on-line.03:41
semitonesI have a raspberry pi with a ups; it is the safest thing in the house; and it's in charge of recording jeopardy :)03:43
Comnenusjhutchins: why keep them?03:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:43
jhutchinsComnenus: They're all in use.  At least they work as line conditioners.03:46
jhutchinsComnenus: (That's what I meant by "on-line".)03:46
Comnenusjhutchins: understood, good point.03:47
jhutchinsDoes Ubuntu have good tools for monitoring APC UPS batteries?03:48
MinusOnejhutchins, I have had the most luck with NUT (netowrk UPS tools), but apcupsd also exists and although it has done poorly for me, others say it is good03:50
leftyfbI’ve used apcupsd. It works but it’s antiquated03:52
JoeBkI was unable to unstall ubuntu-20.04.404:12
JoeBkthe install just hangs04:12
JoeBk_my connection dropped04:17
JoeBk_has anyone tried installing 20.04.4? works fine.04:17
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guivercJoeBk, iso.qa.ubuntu.com says I ran 20.04.4 43 times in QA-tests; I don't recall any failures - but I don't remember any05:57
JoeBkguiverc, I was able to get 20.04.4 to install after I cleared the drive.  I don't know is there is a problem or not.06:07
JoeBkit requires further investigatio.06:07
JoeBkwe'll see if anyone else complains.06:08
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JoeBkguiverc, I think I found the problem.  When I have an external 6TB Western Digital MyBook conected the install hangs.06:55
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webchat92My ubuntu laptop shuts down on its own sometimes and shows the dimming light on force restarting any idea?08:04
JoeBk_webchat92, Is battry run down?08:06
webchat92yes the battery is in fault actually08:06
webchat92it is slow on charging and capacity of battery has been affected somehow ... could that be causing issue08:07
webchat92on bootup also laptop shows this warning to replace battery08:07
JoeBk_It sounds like the battery is causing the problem.08:08
=== JoeBk_ is now known as JoeBk
webchat92but what if I use the laptop without the battery, directly connecting it to the power adapter08:09
webchat92In this as well, I can see the issue08:10
webchat925yes webchat92, I also have similar problem08:13
webchat925JoeBk can you please advice08:14
ashkanHello, I'm trying to install an encrypted Ubuntu 20 desktop on KVM. when I reboot after installating the OS I get a black screen which I can pass with blindly typing in the password a couple of time08:51
ashkanI've upgraded the OS to the latest and rebooted again but it didn't make any difference.08:52
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holden_test 09:25
ice99i set IdleTimeout=0 in /etc/bluetooth/input.conf and disabled power saving but still bluetooh mouse stops working from time to time whether using it or idle; anyway to keep it connected and functioning all the time?09:39
Probar..... ▄▄ ▄▄09:41
Probar... ▐▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▌09:41
Probar... ▐▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▌09:41
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sim642I just upgraded Xubuntu 21.04 -> 21.10 and now I cannot switch bluetooth headphones to HSP/HFP any more. Any ideas why that would be?10:19
dojowhere is a reliable source to find hashes for my ubuntu desktop iso files? I have found this "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes" but i normally would head to "https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop", unfortunately i cant find any hashes in the second location (whether via link from that page or lower down the page-any suggestions)11:29
dojoi know how to do it but i'd like to know a trustworthy place to get the hashes from11:33
tomreynwhy do you need that, when they are signed?11:33
tomreynand how is https://releases.ubuntu.com/ not trustworthy?11:34
dojocan you explain that please? i wasn't aware they (iso, img from those sites were signed) and ive been having trouble getting a usb with iso flashed to it to work like normal (for a fresh install)11:45
dojosince i was having trouble gettng the usb to boot successfully i thought it'd be a good idea to check the md5sum11:46
tomreyndojo: the iso's are not signed, but the checksum files over them are11:47
dojoi dont normally but am at the end of ideas on how to get the flashed iso to work have tried different ports and usb devices-no luck so far, only thing i can think of is the integrity of the image iso. thanks for the info11:48
tomreyndojo: the tutorial i linked to explains how you can download SHA256SUM (checksums) and SHA256SUM.gpg (cryptographic signature over SHA256SUM) files from the release mirrors and use the gpg software to authenticate the checksum files11:49
dojostubborn me soz =(, i will read it and thanks for your help11:50
dojoreboot time ciao for now11:50
dojoand cheers11:50
tomreynwhen you *both* verify the checksum of the download and use a software such as balena etcher (as shown on the tutorial), which will verify the data was properly written to the install media (usb stick?), you should be a in a good position to make an installation. note that the installer itself does also run a self-test on some files while it boots.11:52
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prestocasoHey all12:03
Maria73Hi, my sex videos👇 https://goo.su/maria4512:29
irc_standardnickAh, after being kicked from two channels, the troll is here12:30
BluesKajHi folks14:18
Maikhi BluesKaj14:18
BluesKajhi Maik14:18
Guest14Can someone help me with getting nvidia drivers working on my AMD/NVIDIA hybrid system.14:36
=== Guest14 is now known as lain9
BluesKajhybrid system?14:38
lain9amd igpu and 1650 on this laptop.14:38
lain9and the drivers dont work properly.14:38
lain9The additional drivers app also failed to install drivers properly.14:39
lain9"NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running."14:39
BluesKajlain9,  did you run :sudo ubuntu-drivers list" to find the correct driver14:40
lain9nvidia-driver-470, (kernel modules provided by linux-modules-nvidia-470-generic)14:41
lain9nvidia-driver-510, (kernel modules provided by linux-modules-nvidia-510-generic)14:41
lain9nvidia-driver-470-server, (kernel modules provided by linux-modules-nvidia-470-server-generic)14:41
lain9nvidia-driver-450-server, (kernel modules provided by linux-modules-nvidia-450-server-generic)14:41
lain9I tried to install 51014:41
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pavlushka_gnome-todo, where it stores its todo data?15:11
oerheksgnome-todo using Evolution-Data-Server as its storage back-end.15:12
pavlushka_oerheks: wow, ty15:14
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Guest39do i need a swap as i am using 32GB RAM?17:38
leftyfbGuest39: no17:39
Guest39so i don't need a like a swap partition or file or anything?17:39
leftyfbGuest39: unless you're running a server where you know you'll be running some really memory-intensive application(s) and your swap space on is some reason fast SSD. In which case, you probably wouldn't be asking this question.17:40
Guest39oh no yeah i just want to browse and stuff17:41
leftyfbGuest39: them 32G is overkill and years of headroom17:41
Guest39i might want to like install steam or smth17:41
Guest39should i take out some RAM or is it okay to keep it all in there?17:42
leftyfbit's ok to leave it17:42
ghostI have a folder with thousands of files, is there a way to save the thumbnails generated. Everytime I open the folder it has to load the thumbnailsb17:43
leftyfbghost: can you better describe your issue? You're asking if there is a way to save the thumbnails that are generated (yes, don't delete them) but then are complaining that "it has to load the thumbnails"17:45
ghostSo, every time I open the folder the files show blank and it takes roughly 50m to generate all the thumbnails. If I close the folder and reopen it the thumbnails are gone and it starts regenerating17:48
ghostIs there a way to have the filesystem (nautilus) rember the thumbnails cache17:49
leftyfbghost: https://davejansen.com/increase-thumbnail-cache-in-ubuntu/17:52
ghostThank you17:53
Guest75Hello everyone, i just made a fresh ubuntu install and updated all my packages, however when i open my laptop lid the pc doesnt wakeup18:02
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plujonI'm on ubuntu 20.04 and using Wayland.  I'm not sure what "window manager" I'm using.  I'd like to be able to move windows with the keyboard, like I used to do when I used OpenBox.  In particular, I want to move windows horizontally instead of having them take up half the screen when I push Super-left or Super-right.18:20
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lotuspsychjeplujon: for tweaking your system, try dconf-editor to find the right value for the setting you looking for18:27
plujonlotuspsychje: Thanks, um, such as, "org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings Move Window to right side of screen" ?18:30
lotuspsychjeplujon: not sure myself, i dont use hotkeys too much18:31
plujona.k.a. /org/gnome/desktop/wm/keybindings/move-to-side-e18:31
lotuspsychjeplujon: i found a nice workspaces indicator that serves all my needs gui18:31
plujonThese values look a lot like the ones in Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts18:33
plujonAFAICT, there is no option to move a window left or right without resizing it.18:33
jhutchinsplujon: That would make sense if the window were full scren.18:35
chipashello, so i was creating software raid 1: sudo mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md2 --level=1  --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdc /dev/sdd    but i forgot to add --assume-clean19:11
chipaswhat should i do?19:11
chipasshould i just wait .. 8 hours or somehow stop the sync and rerun with --assume-clean?19:12
chipasif stop sync, how should i do it?19:12
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semitonesI don't know about raid19:18
semitonesDo you have backups?19:18
semitonesWhat is it doing that is taking so long19:18
leftyfbchipas: that's up to you. It's just skipping over writing 0's19:22
jhutchinsWow! More than two hours~21:42
Maikjhutchins: ?21:44
jhutchinsDead air.  Great use of resources!21:46
Maikyep, it's not what it used to be21:48
Jeremy31Must mean most problems are fixed21:49
jhutchinsI wonder what could have discouraged people from using this channel?21:49
GreasyHairyNewbI am running across a privilege issue on Ubuntu 20.04 while trying to access Tripwire. Specifically this command. https://pastebin.com/MG8hGrtq21:56
leftyfbGreasyHairyNewb: how did you install tripwire?21:57
GreasyHairyNewbleftyfb sudo apt-get install tripwire21:57
leftyfbGreasyHairyNewb: ls -l /var/lib/tripwire/server-01.twd21:58
GreasyHairyNewbNo such file or directory.21:58
leftyfbGreasyHairyNewb: https://computingforgeeks.com/install-and-configure-tripwire-on-ubuntu/21:58
leftyfbthe instructions seem to imply that is normal and part of the process21:59
GreasyHairyNewbleftyfb I have been using the exact guide. After that part of the tutorial it tells me I can print the database as so https://pastebin.com/L5wYGUKp22:02
GreasyHairyNewbI still do not have access it seems22:03
GreasyHairyNewbOh wait. One moment sorry22:03
GreasyHairyNewbHmm.. Double brain fart. I am lost still.22:04
enigma9o7[m]don't literally type  /path/to/database.twd; instead you should put the path to your actual databise file22:04
GreasyHairyNewbenigma9o7[m] Oh wow.. I am such an idiot right now. Thank you...22:05
GreasyHairyNewbAfter fixing the newb issue. I still have privilege issues https://pastebin.com/dwW5RyQk22:07
GreasyHairyNewbenigma9o7 Any ideas?22:08
syphyrHi, I'm running 18.04 and I just started seeing this "df: /run/user/1000/doc: Operation not permitted"22:14
syphyrI see this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1227667/df-command-throws-error-on-run-user-1000-doc-folder22:16
syphyrshould I remove flatpak?22:17
syphyrthe end of that thread says it was fixed in gnulib22:17
syphyrin june 202122:18
leftyfbsyphyr: pretty sure you answered your own question. It probably makes sense to upgrade to 20.04 anyway22:19
MiguelX413why doesnt focal-backports have ffmpeg?22:19
enigma9o7[m]focal-updates has it22:21
enigma9o7[m]https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal-backports/allpackages has cockpit!22:22
MiguelX413enigma9o7[m]: not as new as i need it22:24
leftyfb!latest | MiguelX41322:24
ubottuMiguelX413: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.22:24
MiguelX413should i just install the impish .deb for ffmpeg for now?22:24
leftyfbThat is not recommended22:24
leftyfbDid you check for a snap?22:24
MiguelX413leftyfb: i'm not looking for latest, im looking for a version that came out in mid 202022:25
MiguelX413focal has 4.2.4, and i need 4.3.2+22:26
tomreynthere are 4.3.1 and a 4.4.1 nightly as snap22:26
MiguelX413i wonder if it'd work well with my application22:27
MiguelX413tfw debian stable actually has a newer version of ffmpeg22:28
enigma9o7[m]Well that kinda makes sense doesn't it.  Ubuntu LTS was 2020-04.  Debian STable was 2021-09 I think22:28
MiguelX413that makes sense actually yeah22:29
tomreynthere are also PPAs providing newer versions for 20.0422:30
MiguelX413tomreyn: ppa:savoury1/ffmpeg4?22:32
tomreynMiguelX413: i don't remember which ones, just noticed there are some with recent builds on a quick glance.22:33
enigma9o7[m]Also in a couple months there will be a new Ubuntu LTS which will surely have much newer stuff than the current LTS too...22:34

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