semitoneshi, unfortunately I uninstalled ubuntustudio awhile ago on a 11 GB partition, and i need the disk space back. Is there a good way to just remove most of the programs it comes with and get back to vanilla ubuntu?01:10
semitonesi would just reinstall but it is on a microsoft surface and I am not confident that I'll be able to get it working again01:11
Eickmeyersemitones: I know for a fact I guided you through that in the main #ubuntu channel and told you what needs to be done. Cross-posting is not a good idea.07:20
semitonesEickmeyer, I had actually asked here first, before you noticed me in #ubuntu, once it was clear I could benefit from studio-specific advice for removing packages. Thanks for helping!14:51
tomreynthe channel topic says this: "Supported releases: 20.04 LTS, 21.04, 21.10" - is 21.04 still supported?16:04
Eickmeyertomreyn: Thanks, fixing18:02
=== Eickmeyer changed the topic of #ubuntustudio to: Ubuntu Studio Support | Mostly active 1500-0300 UTC | Offtopic in #ubuntustudio-offtopic | Supported releases: 20.04 LTS, 21.10 | READ RELEASE NOTES FIRST! | Pastes to https://paste.ubuntu.com | Please be patient and see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio if no one is around.
Eickmeyersemitones: That's fair. I was heading to bed and forgot to check the timestamps. :)18:03
tomreynthanks E1ckmeyer.20:05

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