pikapikaIt looks like chicago-95 has already done the work of onclick depressed look for the start menu08:50
pikapikaI will have to investigate its icons and css and adapt them for my theme08:50
KBarpikapika: great. good luck09:11
pikapikaKBar, yeah I saw some screenshots of chicago95's whisker theme09:12
KBarpikapika: still, not as satisfying and rewarding as creating your own theme from scratch09:14
KBarand learning a few things in the process09:14
pikapikaMy aim is just a minor modification to the whiskermenu to show depressed state09:15
* xu-irc4w 掷出6面骰子,结果为4点10:15
* xu-irc4w 掷出6面骰子,结果为3点10:15
* xu-irc4w 掷出6面骰子,结果为6点10:15
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:16
sim642I just upgraded 21.04 -> 21.10 and now I cannot switch bluetooth headphones to HSP/HFP any more. Any ideas why that would be?10:17
gnrpsim642: Bluetooth is a mess. First of all, it is not a xubuntu thing, so might you get better help in #ubuntu or so10:18
gnrpand second, what normally works fo rme, is just switching it on/off, and connecting with a different profile ot begin with10:18
sim642It worked fine in all the previous versions though10:18
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