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gevreeenis staging set up for any kind of experiment on git?09:40
jugmac00As far as I now, yes. Just start your experiment and report back if you miss anything.10:22
cjwatsonNo, staging isn't.  qastaging is10:31
cjwatson(qastaging.launchpad.net; the git endpoint is qastaging.paddev.net)10:31
seb129there are quite some builders on manual on https://launchpad.net/builders/ is that something that requires manual kicking?13:09
seb129amd64/i386 builders13:10
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cjwatsonseb128: manual is deliberate13:16
cjwatsonseb128: lgw01 currently exists for redundancy in the event that lcy02 falls over13:17
cjwatsonseb128: I've stabbed the cleaning/disabled ones though13:17
seb128cjwatson, ok, I was unsure if the cleaning ones were stucked or not, thanks13:18
cjwatsonI think there's something wrong in lcy02, but I don't quite have brain space to diagnose it at the same time as being in a meeting13:21
ricotzcjwatson, hi :), I noticed a bunch of builds were stopped a few hours ago, please don't kill https://launchpad.net/builders/lcy02-amd64-093 which is nearly finished14:16
cjwatsonricotz: We haven't stopped anything manually14:52
cjwatsonAnd generally don't14:52
ricotzcjwatson, oh I didn't mean this happened intentionally, but maybe as a side-effect of some maintenance14:54
cjwatsonNothing deliberate, if it happened it was an outage not maintenance15:03
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