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guivercinstallation question:  in which package is the `rsync -aHAXr --filter=-x trusted.overlay.* --exclude /proc --e-gress /tmp ..` (or whatever) that writes the ISO to disk during installation found   (if anyone knows off the top of their head)08:11
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> That would be in the Calamares code. Calamares takes the squashfs and copies it to the destination.08:15
guivercthanks kc2bez ; i thought i found it in calamares-settings-lubuntu/calamares-log-helper but then what i found didn't match..08:35
guivercyeah /calamares- looks a little better so thanks :)08:37
kc2bezSure thing. Yeah the log helper only copies the installation log over. 08:38
guivercyeah i guessed that (slowly... ignoring the name it has!)08:40
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