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lubot[telegram] <UnrealNinjaMark> ok, since I failed to install the REAPER software on my Lubuntu, I constantly get this error while using commands on terminal such as sudo apt upgrade. "Lettura elenco dei pacchetti... Errore.15:45
lubot[telegram] <UnrealNinjaMark> E: Errore di lettura - read (5: Errore di input/output)15:45
lubot[telegram] <UnrealNinjaMark> W: È consigliato eseguire "apt-get update" per correggere questi problemi15:45
lubot[telegram] <UnrealNinjaMark> E: Il file della cache dei pacchetti è danneggiato15:45
lubot[telegram] <UnrealNinjaMark> " I tried to delete the lists with terminal as suggested by many sites, with no success, and the terminal continues to report the error. I tried to do a fsck on main disk, and to remove the external repositories but the Chrome one, and it still gives me that error. What should I do?15:45
lubot[telegram] <UnrealNinjaMark> a strange thing, with the Software Sources program I can enable and disable all repositories. When I disable all the repositories but the default ones, it gives me the same error when it reloads the file. When I re enable the external repositories I have, it reload the file of packages without giving me any error. Strange15:54
camibohpHi there: I'm accidentally clicked on "Don't show this message again" in the nm-applet pop-up notifications when disconnect network cable.15:55
camibohpHow restore this notification message ???15:55
camibohpSystem: Lubuntu 20.04.4 LTS, LXQt 0.14.115:55
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