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blahdeblahIs it my imagination, or did a recent update in the 20.04 desktop packages adjust something in the default themes (or switch the default theme), so that the majority of backgrounds are a dirty grey/off-white colour?  My whole desktop has looked dim since my last reboot.01:16
vogelfreii have noticed freeipa-client and nfs-common conflict in jammy03:14
vogelfreithis breaks freeipa automount, for example03:14
vogelfreiis this a known regression?03:15
vogelfreihas the details03:19
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Beretseb128, and here I thought there was a new version of you out.. when will seb129 be ready? :)13:10
seb128Beret, :-)13:13
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rbasakModeration for ubuntu-devel-announce@ please15:51
rbasakIt appears I now moderate ubuntu-announce@ but not ubuntu-devel-announce@15:52
cjwatsonrbasak: .16:04
bdmurrayHmm, I just approved it too. ;-)16:05
cjwatsonlistadmin fight16:05
Beretahasenack, hey there my friend, how goes?17:11
Beretahasenack, any good mushroom risotto lately? :)17:11
ahasenackBeret: hi18:47
ahasenackunfortunately no18:47
ahasenackbut working on it18:47
Fantuhi, about memtest86+ someone suggested to request an SRU for focal: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/memtest86+/+bug/1876157/comments/34 is good and will be accepted or is better a focal-backports? thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english19:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1876157 in memtest86+ (Baltix) "Memtest86+ in Ubuntu 20.04 doesn't work, switch to Coreboot branch or package new release v5.31b is available since 12/04/2020" [Medium, Triaged]19:16
rbasakFantu: an SRU would be fine, but if a massive update is being proposed on the basis that it's broken on Focal, it really needs to be broken for *all* use cases. For example not just for those on some particular hardware. Otherwise, it needs to be justified on its own merits, rather than just an "it's broken".19:19
rbasakFantu: so I would start by explaining in the bug exactly who it is broken for, and why.19:20
Fanturbasak thanks for reply, is not broken in all cases but in major of hardware where I tested it if I remember good19:21
Fantuon older version there are many bugs, some for recent hardware missed support, some for newer gcc and some others, is difficult to explain and I don't wont waste big amount to time like what I did on some nemo and cinnamon SRU for small fixes for crash cases :(19:24
oerheksmemtest86 is broken for UEFI machines, yes, but the prop version on the memtest site cannot be included, afaik19:28
FantuI spoke about memtest86+, not memtest8619:32
brycehI actually needed that code for shuffling m3u files which needs shuffling pairs of lines19:44
brycehsorry, mispaste19:44
brycehmeant to say, anyone else seeing Oops trying to load https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/jammy-jellyfish-release-schedule/23906 ?19:44
rbasakbryceh: I see the oops19:47
rbasakFantu: OK, thanks. It's much harder to "just update to a new major version" in a stable release because we have to think about existing users who aren't broken, and ensure we don't break them.19:48
rbasakFantu: so maybe the backports pocket would be better19:48
Fanturbasak thanks for reply, I open for BPO: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/memtest86+/+bug/196261419:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1962614 in memtest86+ (Ubuntu) "[BPO] memtest86+/5.31b+dfsg-4  from Jammy to Focal" [Undecided, New]19:49
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