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tarzeauwill 22.04 not have julia?13:59
rbasakLooks like they only support a really old version of LLVM, so no.14:02
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FurretUberHi, I noticed a crash on certain updates on two different systems. This crash ends the graphical session and then it won't restart23:31
FurretUberThe update continues in the background and, if using systemctl restart lightdm, the graphical interface can be accessed again23:31
FurretUberUnfortunately, I lost one of the logs, but I have the other from what seems to be the moment of the crash23:32
FurretUberMy question is: if I use apport-collect from a different computer pointing to the crash file, will it have the data from the computer where the crash happened or from the computer uploading the crash file?23:34
genii-coreIf you have the other computer's crash file, copy it to the machine you want to use to report with and use syntax like apport-bug /path-to/other/crashfile.crash23:37
FurretUberOk, I reported the bug. It's on rsyslog, but is private23:59

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