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pmatuliswondering why some packages are lingering after `purge` and `autoremove`: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/scpy4Qsq56/plain/ - for example, why don't packages these get removed?: qemu-system-common, qemu-system-data, qemu-utils00:50
sarnoldpmatulis: heh, nice, using the exact same package list00:54
mirespacegood morning07:39
utkarsh2102mirespace: o/07:43
utkarsh2102I dropped you a message on ~cpc-standup 07:44
utkarsh2102please do take a look 07:44
mirespacewhen is deadline for that?07:44
utkarsh2102mirespace: no rush, really but if you can take a look today, I can upload it tomorrow when I'm back 07:48
utkarsh2102but I told them that we'll have an ETA on Friday 07:48
utkarsh2102so no rushhhhh at all :D07:49
mirespaceWhere is the Focal one done?07:49
utkarsh2102mirespace: it's uploaded 08:03
athosgood morning :)10:01
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brycehgood morning15:34
shubjeroI'm running OpenStack Ussuri on Ubuntu 18.04 and today I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04. Only version change I noticed was rabbitmq 3.6 to 3.8 and after upgrades/reboots all my openstack services are complaining about rabbitmq/rpc timeouts despite rabbitmq cluster being up/healthy. Any suggestions?18:18
shubjeroWe're totally down :(18:18
shubjeroand we're back.. and i have no idea what fixed it19:25
shubjerobut at least i get to keep my job for another day19:25
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