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mybalzitchlol ubuntu. "Use the mutt client in snap? It's NEWER!" okay fine. Oh, by default the snap can't access the /var folder and thats why I can't access my local mailbox. Awesome.01:17
sarnoldhopefully it's just a snap connect away or something01:22
ograsarnold, https://github.com/snapcrafters/mutt/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml ... doesnt look like ... (only home ans network plugs)01:29
sarnoldogra: oh interesting find, thanks; does this mean that whoever packaged this has never tested it with eg postfix or fetchmail on the 'local' system?01:31
sarnoldogra: interesting, it's got to package along three different editors, too01:31
ograsarnold, i think popey packaged it originally ... and perhaps only tested from an enduser perspective ... adding a system-files interface for /var/mail access might be enough though01:33
sarnoldogra: heh, that doesn't feel like entirely the right name for that :) and probably a postfix or procmail snap would want similar accesses, too..01:34
ograwell, getting a new interface into snapd can take months (or longer if someone thinks an architect needs to review it) ... a system-files entry in snapcraft.yaml is just 4 lines and being nice to alex and emilia in the forum to get it auto-connected 😉01:36
ograbut yeah, might make sense in the long term to have some "mail-spool" interface or some such01:37
sarnoldright up there with usenet-spool... :)01:38
ednashis there any way to check which packages depend on a given package, for a ubuntu distributin, without actually install it? like a web tool may be?02:03
ednashspecifically, i want to know which packages have a dependency on snap in 22.04. i heard in 22.04 firefox is installed via snap (that makes me worried)02:04
sarnoldednash: web front end thing at https://packages.ubuntu.com/  -- it might also be suitable to grab the relevant files off the archives and either use those directly, or trick apt into using them..02:04
sarnoldednash: that's way easier to see: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox02:05
ednashwow that's awesome! thanks02:06
ednashwonder if there's a way to do that in reverse. i.e. see which packages depend on X (not which packages X depends on)02:08
sarnoldednash: apt-rdepends is great for these kinds of questions, but it runs according to your apt sources..02:10
sarnold(though it supports an --option=Apt::Option::Here thing, maybe that could be used to use different apt sources than The System apt sources)02:11
ednashi might install it in a virtual machine to see02:11
ednashbut i guess it won't add that much info now that the link confirms firefox is a snap package02:12
ednashlaunchpad is pretty neat :)02:14
sarnoldyeah there's lots of cool stuff in there if only you know how to drive it :)02:16
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pycuriousI've a Kernel panic - not cyning: Fatal exception in interrupt - any ideas on how to debug this? My machine sometimes goes into this state these days?02:48
sarnoldpycurious: grab a screenshot of the stack trace if you get one; run memtest86 or memtest86+ when you've got a few spare hours; consider if you've got sufficient powersupply for the machine's load, etc02:55
jhutchinspycurious: ps ax | wc -l  -- exactly how many processes are running on your system, any one of which might be the culprit?03:01
Lebela_I was told to come here from #bash03:02
Lebela_I currently mount my external LUKS encrypted devices by using  "tail -f /var/log/syslog"  and seeing what new device comes in.03:02
jhutchinspycurious: Yeah, open the case, clean the components, reseat modules, cards, and cables.03:02
Lebela_then:   sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc1 foo03:02
Lebela_and then:  sudo mount /dev/mapper/foo   /mnt/foo03:02
Lebela_the goal is, to auto-mount the luks encrypted drives, but the /dev/ mountpoint changes03:03
Lebela_so it must the the UUID we're looking at03:03
Lebela_the LUKS container has a different UUID than the filesystem inside03:03
Lebela_/etc/fstab alone does not help,  "crypttab" is also needed03:03
Lebela_and I am a bit (or many bits) overwhelmed by it all03:03
jhutchinsLebela_: Simplest test is to try one, then the other.03:03
sarnoldLebela_: I have to wonder if this should be done via udev scripts instead03:05
sarnoldLebela_: those are built around getting kernel event notifications and taking action03:05
Lebela_I really don't know, sarnold, you tell me :)03:10
sarnoldLebela_: dang :) I don't know them know well, hehe03:10
pycuriousholding downt he shift key at boot does not get me into grub - any ideas?03:21
oerheksmaybe esc03:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:21
pycuriousoerheks: will try esc now03:22
pycuriousoerheks: that worked! Thanks. Now I dont have memtest as an option in grub - need to find that03:24
oerheksmaybe because you have UEFI, our memtest is mbr only, use the live iso on the memtest site03:26
oerheksnot sure if it is just a license problem, or technical03:26
Bashing-ompycurious: http://www.memtest86.com/ <- proprietary UEFI offering.03:27
Juice80539Hello, I have a multiples question I'd like to ask on https://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/multipass/21 but I can't post. Is there another good channel for support? I've already asked here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/139537303:47
sarnoldJuice80539: there's a #multipass channel here that might work03:51
Juice80539oh so there Is! Thank you. Its missing from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:52
sarnoldit's not *really* an ubuntu thing, despite being strongly ubuntu-oriented.. I'm not sure it really fits in any of the existing categories. maybe it should, hehe03:55
Juice80539enough of an ubuntu thing to be given its own discourse section in the ubuntu discourse03:58
Juice80539Raspberry Pi is in there too, so I guess its not a high bar03:59
k_szeSomething isn't right. On Ubuntu 20.04 (on WSL2), `cp -r` behaves differently depending on whether the destination folder already exists. Is that normal?08:48
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matsamank_sze: yeah08:52
llutzk_sze: should be. If destination not exists, it will create it and you get a copy of "source". If destination exists, it will copy "source" into that08:52
k_szeLooks like I need to add `-T` for it to be "idempotent", regardless of whether the destination already exists.08:53
matsamanthink I'd either switch to rsync08:54
matsamanuse test -d08:55
matsamanprobably the former, for so many reasons08:55
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DiagonUEFI Variable Store Getting Filled:10:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1953261 in acpi-call (Ubuntu) "kernel >= 5.13 BUG: kernel NULL pointer dereference" [Undecided, Fix Released]10:34
Diagontomren - deleting /sys/firmware/efivars/dump* didn't work.10:35
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FossilIs there anyway I could detect which network interface has link, BEFORE either interface has been configured? Im dumping images back onto different hardware so the iface names keep changing rendering my netplan.yml useless because I need to go in and set the correct interface name. "ip link" doesn't do much because it shows DOWN until a proper IP or DHCP has been configured on the correct iface name. Trying to script this.11:05
alkisg`ip link` should say LOWER_UP even if the device doesn't have an ip, right?11:13
FossilNah it just says DOWN11:14
alkisgAnd what happens if you set it up without asking for an IP?11:14
FossilThese devices have 2 NICs and I need to check which one has link and configure that one for DHCP11:15
FossilI figured easy, just do ip link and use that. But a 30 second job has become a 2 hour search now already lol11:15
Fossildmesg or syslog arent helpful either. Just say one iface. got disconnected if I switch the cable. It's like it doesnt see it as connected to anything until it has an IP11:17
Fossil- /sys/class/net/(interface name here)/operstate this doesnt work either. Just says down until IP configured11:17
FossilSame with ethtool11:17
oerheksfor i in $( ls /sys/class/net ); do echo -n $i: ; cat /sys/class/net/$i/carrier; done11:20
oerheksany :1 is connected?11:20
Fossiloerheks Comes back with invalid argument on the interface which has a cable in it but nothing configured in netplan11:24
Fossilif I bring the interface up with ifconfig IFACE up then it looks like it shows a :1. Maybe thats the trick? Just force every interface found to be up and then loop through /sys/class/net11:26
oerheksNo force, it should work11:26
alkisgYeah that's what I suggested above, ip link set up dev enp4s011:26
Fossiloerheks Just says invalid arg on the one with the cable in. So maybe what alkisg says works as a "dirty" workaround11:28
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nmdsjoin #gnome12:06
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KangaroooThe following NEW packages will be installed:13:28
Kangarooo  chromium-browser13:28
Kangarooo0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.13:28
KangaroooNeed to get 48,3 kB of archives.13:28
KangaroooAfter this operation, 164 kB of additional disk space will be used.13:28
KangaroooGet:1 http://lv.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal-updates/universe amd64 chromium-browser amd64 1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu0.20.04.2 [48,3 kB]13:28
KangaroooFetched 48,3 kB in 5s (8 908 B/s)13:28
sybaritenhey hey, could someone give some advice on samba/cifs mounting? I am having problems mounting a remote resource. I have tried on another, maybe newer Ubuntu and gotten a bit further but am talking to the support about a technical issue there.13:38
sybaritenBut now on my main machine, i am trying and get this:  sudo mount.cifs -o user=blahblah //blah.some.server.com/backup /mnt/lester        ---->    mount error: cifs filesystem not supported by the system13:39
sybaritenmodprobe cifs  --->  modprobe: FATAL: Module cifs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.0    (i didnt sudo there though)13:40
BluesKajHi folks13:51
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jhutchinssybariten: Did you install CIFS support?15:08
jhutchinsSomebody needs to take a shotgun and put that worthless bot out of it's misery.15:09
sybaritenjhutchins: yeah, just talking in #linux, seems i might not have that. I managed to install cifs-utils but i guess my kernel doesnt have cifs support?15:09
sybaritenjhutchins: haha15:09
jhutchinssybariten: It's modular.15:09
sybaritenjhutchins: aha... meaning?15:10
jhutchinssybariten: It looks like everything's in the cifs-utils package these days.  Used to be more complicated.15:13
jhutchinssybariten: Modular means that the kernel module can be packaged and installed separately, isn't built into the kernel.15:13
sybaritenjhutchins: i see15:20
jhutchinssybariten: When I started using linux the kernel had just gone modular, and a lot of the howtos began with compiling support into the kernel.15:25
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jhutchinsFor a long time, that just meant that the modules were loadable but all packaged with the kernel.15:26
jhutchinsNow there are modules that are distributed independently.  Of course, that means they have to keep up with every kernel release.15:26
d0loresh4zeanyone here?15:33
d0loresh4zeheh hey bro15:34
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toolbox_Hi. I have a Gemalto CT40 cardID reader. Anyone know if it can be used in Ubuntu 20.04. Don't find that much info. I installed libccid.15:59
geniitoolbox_: The discussion at https://github.com/LudovicRousseau/PCSC/issues/71 leads me to believe it probably works on x86 but may have issues with ARM16:07
ubottuIssue 71 in LudovicRousseau/PCSC "Gemalto IDBrigde CT40 on some Linux" [Closed]16:07
genii( or the USB implementation on the Pi )16:08
toolbox_genii, Thanks. Found that URL. I am on x86.16:10
toolbox_genii, This looks promising and same name as your URL appears: https://github.com/LudovicRousseau/CCID16:16
lotuspsychjetoolbox_: does your country have some sort of middleware package for ID reader?16:19
lotuspsychjetoolbox_: in my case/country i need to install the software for ubuntu and install eid-mw with apt to use my ACR card reader16:20
toolbox_lotuspsychje, Well don't know. I use a card for identification and it works fine in windows environment. Just trying to see out if I can get Ubuntu 20.04 to find the mentioned card reader.16:21
toolbox_My Ubuntu 20.04 now find the card reader, following these instructions: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1226474/using-smart-card-reader-gemalto-idbridge-k3016:42
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spacedustwhere does snap download and keep things ?18:11
spacedustwhich directory that keeps the large files ?18:11
leftyfbspacedust: /snap18:12
leftyfbspacedust: why?18:12
spacedustno thats not the one, /var/lib/snapd/snaps18:12
leftyfbspacedust: why?18:13
leftyfbspacedust: we can probably help you better if you explain your end goal18:13
spacedusti just asked a simple question :) why ? because i want to move it18:14
leftyfbspacedust: why do you want to move /var/lib/snapd/snaps? (not recommended )18:15
spacedustcause i dont have space18:17
sarnoldspacedust: you might do better to ask snapd to only store one or two of everything18:18
spacedustone or two of everything ?18:19
spacedustwhat do you mean ?18:19
spacedustit stores older versions ?18:19
sarnoldspacedust: yes; https://snapcraft.io/docs/keeping-snaps-up-to-date#heading--refresh-retain18:20
leftyfbspacedust: I have about 70 snap files (about 40 actual snaps installed snap totaling 6.6G. Do you not have ~10G of free space on your machine or do you have more than 40 snaps installed?18:20
sarnoldspacedust: run mount | grep /snaps/   and you'll see what it's got18:20
spacedustits complicated :) but thanks ill see what the best option is, was just a question :)18:23
ioriaspacedust, i use popey  's script, if you're interested : https://termbin.com/jybl     (run with sudo)18:37
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irc_userHi, I'm running Ubuntu on Windows with WSL and trying to run yt-dlp, but I keep getting an error `No module named '_ctypes'` when running `yt-dlp`. Would anybody know of any potential solutions?19:19
sarnoldirc_user: try sudo apt install libpython3-stdlib  and see if that helps19:21
irc_usersarnold: Thank you, seems like that was already installed19:36
irc_userThis just happened randomly when I re-installed yt-dlp, but I tried installing quite a few versions and it's still not working.19:37
sarnoldirc_user: heh, I did wonder how you would have been in the situation of that package not being installed .. but now I'm out of ideas :(19:52
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irc_userAll good, I'll just use stupid powershell :(19:52
irc_userThank you!19:52
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jhutchinsLow level stuff that needs kernel modules or network config is unlikely to work on wsl.20:53
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RoyKhi all. I have an HP EliteBook 725 G3 and I've setup Ubuntu 20.04.4 with it. Works well, but - if the screen blanks, it stays blank until I strike a key. Fine - but - then it keeps blanking the screen every 7 seconds or so for about 1 second and then going back non-blanked, which rather ruins my day. After logging out and hitting the login prompt, this behavour is still there22:21
RoyKit doesn't matter if I use xorg or wayland, which makes things even more 'interesting'22:23
RoyKsarnold: fun, right?22:31
RoyKproduct: Wani [Radeon R5/R6/R7 Graphics]22:31
geniiIf you turn off dpms does it still do it?22:31
RoyKgenii: how can I do that?22:31
geniiRoyK: xset -dpms22:32
RoyKserver does not have extension for /dpms option22:33
geniioh, probably on Wayland right now22:35
RoyKok - faded out now22:35
RoyKlet's see22:35
RoyK7 seconds, blip22:36
RoyKtrying xorg with -dpms22:38
RoyKsame thing22:40
geniiRadeon drivers are sometimes flaky22:42
RoyKany idea if they are newer in 20.10, 21.04 or 21.10 for this particular gpu?22:44
sarnoldthe kernel portions might be newer; I'm less sure about the firmware blobs -- you could try an HWE kernel and see if that helps22:45
sarnoldit'd be easier than upgrading the whole thing, anyway22:46
RoyKlemme check22:46
sarnoldhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack just in case :)22:46
RoyK5.13.0-30-generic now22:46
geniiI had before a Radeon which would always forget the EDID information of the monitor after screen blanking22:47
enigma9o7[m]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/OEMKernel is slightly newer `sudo apt install linux-oem-20.04d`22:47
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RoyKenigma9o7[m]: thanks - trying22:56
RoyKenigma9o7[m]: thanks - that worked - ish23:06
RoyKthat is - after upgrading the kernel, and after blanking the screen once, I had this terminal running in the background and after 7-8 seconds, the cursor stops flashing23:11
RoyKeverything else works, though23:11
sarnoldthat's still pretty weird23:11
RoyKbetter than 1S off 7S on23:12
RoyKas in the whole monitor23:12
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