user|22Hi there, I've got problem in the WiFi profiles with my KUbuntu, could anyone like to know and offer help?02:36
user|22I was trying to connect to one of my home WiFi and, doing so, I simply copied-and-pasted my complicated password from the cell of my spreadsheet (LibreCalc) onto the text-box of password of the Network menu pop-out from the System Tray area.02:50
user|22However, the text-box not only accepted normal characters, but also control characters (whitespaces) that are invisible including the trailing Carriage Return as I copied from the cell of the spreadsheet.02:50
user|22The attempt of connection failed, because of incorrect password.  And, such WiFi SSID has been remembered and a respectively profile was created.02:50
user|22I tried to change the password through opening the Configure Network Connections, but without sucess.02:50
user|22I suspected that the Carriage Return control character has somewhat screwed up my WiFi profiles and settings, which would possibly a bug and potential security issue for KUbuntu.02:50
user|22Does anyone know how to fix this?02:50
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iomari891greetings, will installing patheon desktop in any way conflict with kubuntu? latest version of both.07:59
BluesKajHi folks13:21
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Aktomariel_2012I am from Kiev Ukraien bunt now live in  Berlin19:04
Aktomariel_2012I have Lenovo Idapad Duet 3 tabke with windows 10 home, now reinstall with windws 11 but want make triple boot WIndows 11 Bliss OS x64 ( android ) and linux bit have qustion what linux bdistro nornml  work with touchscren ? i meat i try some buils when rotate screeb   cutsor not rotating19:07
MaikAktomariel_2012: hi and welcome, keep in mind that this channel is for support with Kubuntu only :)19:08
Maikfor general linux questions please join #linux19:08
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