gevreeenhow do I create a git project on qastaging?10:29
guruprasadgevreeen, can you explain what you are trying to do here?13:05
gevreeen(I had no problems on git.launchpad.net) I just wanna create a test project upload some things, fork for myself, try merging and delete everything13:06
gevreeen(and the wording on qastaging seems to suggest projects get deleted per se every saturday, but I am seeing vast amount of leftovers)13:07
gevreeen(under the ubuntu umbrella)13:07
cjwatsonqastaging doesn't, in fact.  I'd suggest just doing that on git.launchpad.net TBH - you can't delete projects, but you can freely delete repositories that don't have anything much linked to them13:52
gevreeenare you saying I cannot delete projects that I just created, say, 2mins ago?14:01
cjwatsonProjects are so deeply intertwined in Launchpad's data model and can easily have so many different things in them owned by different people that we don't currently support fully deleting them at all, although Launchpad staff can deactivate them14:30

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