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lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> How can I disable the automounting of a device?16:46
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> I am trying to use a software to control my camera (Entangle).  When I start the software it tells me that can't control the camera, and one of the reasons may be that it is mounted as a filesystem. I unmounted it but it still doesnt work.16:46
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/1f8fda92/file_3995.jpg16:47
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> forget it, that was not the problem, I just changed to another usb and works fine 🤷🏽‍♂️16:51
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> I'll remove my messages to avoid confusion and useless messages16:52
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