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ricotzLocutusOfBorg, hi :) would it be possible to sync wine 6.0.2~repack-3 ?15:15
LocutusOfBorgricotz, I will do it yes15:15
LocutusOfBorgafter wine-development clears15:15
ricotzLocutusOfBorg, ack :)15:15
LocutusOfBorgI still don't get why wine development has no openldap fix, while wine has it15:21
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LocutusOfBorgoh its a debian specific patch, nice15:21
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ahasenackhi, I'm looking if there is a pattern for this. I have a postinst that might fail, but the service will keep running, but with a different config. I can let it fail, echo some helpful message on how to fix it, or don't fail, but still echo a message that is should be fixed18:46
ahasenackI'm wondering about release upgrades. I thought to use option (b) (not fail, but still echo messages) in the release upgrade case, and (a) if it's a normal upgrade18:46
ahasenackbut I fear both cases might have the message ignored18:47
ahasenackjust wondering out loud18:47
ahasenackif somebody has ever made a postinst behave differently if it's running under a bigger release upgrade or not18:47
rbasakahasenack: what's the reason it'd fail? I've heard one argument that it's bad to silently succeed if we know it's broken.18:53
ahasenackrbasak: a bug. It's the nfs configuration script. If it fails, what happens is that local customizations done by the user are not reflected in the new config file, which will be using the defaults of a fresh install in that case18:54
ahasenackthe service will be running, but not with the custom options that were being used before18:54
ahasenackemphasis on custom: the migration will not kick in if there were no changes to the default config18:55
rbasakIt sounds bad to not fail the upgrade in that case18:55
ahasenackI can see that, yes18:55
rbasakI wonder if a preinst check might help - if it's predictable in advanvce.18:55
rbasakThat might help limit the damage perhaps? This'd need testing.18:55
ahasenackbut I also wonder about a release upgrade, where failing in the middle of it has worse consequences18:55
rbasakThe UX around this kind of case has always been poor :-/18:56
ahasenacki.e., it's easier to fix this particular config post upgrade, then to recover from a upgrade that failed somewhere in the middle18:56
ahasenackbut on a release upgrade the user also won't be seeing these messages (hey, heads up, your config wasn't migrated)18:56
rbasakMySQL packaging disables the daemon but also disables a debconf critical prompt in some cases like this18:56
rbasak*displays a debconf critical prompt18:57
ahasenackhm, should I go with the debconf critical prompt I wonder18:58
ahasenack"hey, I failed to convert your configuration, please see <foo>. Your service is running, but with the defaults"18:58
rbasakIt might also be better not to start the daemon at all if you know you couldn't migrate the configuration18:58
rbasakThan to run it but wrong18:58
rbasak(which is why MySQL packaging also disables the daemon in this cae)18:58
ahasenackit's multiple daemons18:58
rbasakSounds like fun18:59
ahasenackand we know mysql still apports dozens of postinst failures bugs18:59
ahasenackeven with this care18:59
rbasakWe didn't use it for many cases19:02
rbasakLooking at it now, it's only for the downgrade case (or the unsupported "crossgrade" from MariaDB). There we don't expect the daemon to be able to start at all.19:02
rbasakAnd attempting to start it may damage data19:03
ahasenackI don't expect data loss19:05
ahasenackat most an unreachable nfs server, if options like custom/fixed ports were used19:05
ahasenackbut these are obviously the ones I'm testing a lot19:05
ahasenackstill, stuff happens19:05
ahasenackI miss some sort of "notification central" for non-desktop19:06
rbasak"notification central"> I wonder if update-motd could be used for that kind of thing19:27
rbasakIt'd need packages to be able to supply some kind of "I'm broken" status19:27
ahasenackyeah, with a limit of course, and "... run get-notifications for the remaining messages" or something like that19:28
rbasakThat isn't quite as drastic as "dpkg will refuse to do anything now"19:28
ahasenackI mean, local mail used to be that19:28
rbasakAlso things like "files exist in /etc with .dpkg-new or .dpkg-old" could trigger such notices19:28
ahasenack"You have 2 new mails"19:29
ahasenackjust bring that to the XXI century19:29
rbasakI'd like it to have a feedback loop - so if the underlying reason goes away before the user notices, then so does the notice.19:29
ahasenackyes, I remember that idea of yours for the .dpkg-* files19:29
ahasenackI think it can be expanded19:29
ahasenackand without becoming annoying19:30
melodiedid someone notice that the default swapfile created during install can't work when the fs type chosen is BTRFS?20:08
melodiewhen having btrfs it needs to be created with specific command lines https://superuser.com/questions/539287/swapon-failed-invalid-argument-on-a-linux-system-with-btrfs-filesystem20:09
melodieshould I report a bug?20:10
melodie(I had also followed here : https://btrfs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Swapfile.html )20:11
ahasenackmelodie: is this on jammy, or existing releases?20:17
melodiehi ahasenack sorry, forgot to mention : in focal20:22
ahasenackhave you tried the version released last week? 20.04.4?20:23
ahasenackit might be fixed already20:23
melodieahasenack, not yet, why have you seen a bug report related to this issue?20:23
melodieI can try a bit later, I have a rebuild ongoing (my remix) which I will test in Virtualbox once done.20:24
ahasenackno, but the topic is not new to me, so it's possible it was addressed already20:24
melodieahasenack, I will test, thank you20:24
ahasenackthx for testing20:24
melodiewith pleasure,20:25
mwhudsonsarnold: can you think of some way we can use your archive searching abilities to find packages that explicitly list libssl1.1 in Depends in debian/control?22:01
* mwhudson sideyes libpython2.7-stdlib22:03
cjwatsonmwhudson: isn't that just grep-dctrl?22:08
sarnoldheh, is it? I don't think I've had much success with that22:09
cjwatsonI use grep-dctrl all the time, it's great22:09
cjwatsonassuming you have the relevant Packages files, but that's easy enough22:10
mwhudsoncjwatson: no i need to do it on the source packages22:11
mwhudsoncjwatson: i want to find packages that have libssl1.1 in depends from things other than dpkg-shlibdeps22:11
mwhudsonbecause they need to stop doing that22:14
sarnoldmwhudson: okay I kicked something I hope will do the trick :)22:18
dbungertcodesearch with path:debian/control?22:18
mwhudsondbungert: yeah probably good enough22:47
sarnoldmwhudson: https://termbin.com/38rx22:54
mwhudsonoh that's not so bad22:55
sarnoldway smaller than I expected, heh22:58
sarnoldis there a lintian for these things?22:58
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