xu-irc23wI have not spammed. I was giving my computer specs in order for helpful feedback for whether I should use the xubuntu os07:37
xu-irc23wIt marked my message as spam and leaked my public IP Address07:37
xu-irc23wWell this was quite frustrating: I got my IP leaked here from drone (which I believe it sent it to everyone in the chat), and I also did not receive the help I needed. Thanks anyways...07:39
JackFrostYour IP is already visable, the bot also removed the mute.07:39
xu-irc23wOk thank you.07:40
JackFrostSorry for the trouble.07:40
xu-irc23wWhere can I send my PC specs for review on whether I should use xubuntu or not?07:41
JackFrostYou can generally use a pastebin and then link that in channel, though enough of your message made it through to list CPU, HDD, and Ram.07:42
xu-irc23wShould I finish this converse in the #xubuntu channel?07:44
JackFrostYeah that'd be best.07:45
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