mirespace_good morning09:18
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brycehhi mirespace09:30
mirespacehi bryce! So late for you!10:17
brycehmirespace, it is; attending a sprint meeting10:24
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gsamfiraHello folks! We've hit a bug in OVN on Wallaby that was addressed in more recent versions. The bug causes OVN to crash when hit. A detailed bug report was added here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+bug/195944114:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1959441 in ovn (Ubuntu) "ovn-controller crashing with 'failed in flood_remove_flows_for_sb_uuid()'" [Undecided, Confirmed]14:48
gsamfirais there any way we can backport that fix?14:48
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betuxyHi guys, I have a question about the limits.conf, I want to increase nofile for all users and root, so i added * - nofile 65535 and root - nofile 65535.  How do I pull in the changes made in this file?20:34
ahasenackwhat do you mean "pull in"? Aren't you yourself making these changes? Or are you asking what actually applies the changes?20:35
betuxyahasenack: the latter20:36
sarnoldbetuxy: those are read and applied by whatever service is configured to use pam_limits in its pam configuration20:53
sarnoldbetuxy: you don't have to do anythign to make them work, they'll just work for any new logins to those services20:53
betuxysarnold: ah okay thanks20:53
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