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alirezaHow can I update mac address throigh ifconfig?03:58
JoeBkalireza, why would you want to change mac address?04:05
JoeBkalireza, https://www.linuxfordevices.com/tutorials/ubuntu/spoof-mac-address04:09
lotuspsychje!info macchanger04:11
ubottumacchanger (1.7.0-5.4, impish): utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces. In component universe, is extra. Built by macchanger. Size 187 kB / 636 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)04:11
lotuspsychjesee also^04:12
armadefuegohw class address04:14
armadefuego              Set the hardware address of this interface, if  the  device  driver  supports  this04:14
armadefuego              operation.04:14
armadefuegotaken from _man ifconfig_04:14
armadefuegoIf you are using it for privacy reasons realize that it doesn't afford much.04:15
LoUDcLoUDgood evening04:22
LoUDcLoUDwhy they aren't  Ubuntu updates?04:23
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Bashing-omLoUDcLoUD: What release are you on ? - there were updates this day in focal for me.04:27
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, type:  sudo apt update04:29
JoeBkif there are updates abailable, type: sudo apt upgrade04:30
LoUDcLoUDno updates04:31
LoUDcLoUDall packages up to date04:31
LoUDcLoUDbeen like 1 month like this04:31
LoUDcLoUDis it normal?04:31
JoeBkwhat version of ubuntu are you on?04:32
JoeBkno it's not normal04:32
Bashing-omLoUDcLoUD: Please show the output of ' cat /etc/issue '.04:32
ubottuUbuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) was the 34th release of Ubuntu, support ended on January 20, 2022. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2022-January/000276.html04:34
LoUDcLoUDis there a new version?04:34
Bashing-om!eol | LoUDcLoUD04:34
ubottuLoUDcLoUD: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:34
JoeBklatest LTS version is 20.04.404:34
JoeBkHe's not using an LTS version.04:36
JoeBknot good!04:36
wezLTS <3   I have never looked into it, but how expensive is ESM?04:52
Bashing-omwez: Free for 3 machines. Moreso for those of Ubuneu membersup status.04:55
Bashing-om!esm | wez04:55
ubottuwez: Canonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.04:55
wezThank you Bashing-om!04:57
Bashing-omwez: :D04:58
wez5 gold stars for you!04:58
LebelaI have recorded some videos using "open camera" (an app) on my Android phone05:52
Lebelanow, after transferring them onto my Linux computer, they cannot be played05:52
Lebela"moov atom not found"   is the error05:53
Lebelaso, I naturally used "untrunc" to fix it,  but,  even untrunc failed fixing it.05:53
LebelaThe main thing I wonder about is:  Why can the video be played on Android but not on Linux?05:53
Lebelait plays just fine on my phone05:53
Lebelathe md5 sums are identical on my phone and my computer05:53
LebelaI tried it on both,  Ubuntu and Debian - it fails on both Linux distros05:56
Lebelabut it always works on Android05:56
alkisgMissing codecs. Try playing them with VLC.06:06
Lebelaalkisg, not working in vlc, mpv, ffplay06:07
Lebelaalkisg, the codec is h264 (in theory)06:07
alkisgLebela: go to file information and see the codec06:07
alkisgErhm. And what's the vlc output if you run it from the console?06:07
Lebelamoov atom not found06:08
Lebelawhy is the moov atom working on Android then?  And not on linux?06:08
Lebelathat makes no sense.  And the md5sums are identical06:08
alkisgApart from that message, do you see anything else?06:08
Lebelanothing worth mentioning06:09
Lebelait's definitely the moov atom06:09
alkisgTry to play it with vlc, then paste all the output to pastebin06:09
Lebelaalkisg, the output only contains stuff I'd need to censor (e.g. filenames)06:12
Lebelathe ONLY errors are the moov atom and:  "Unknown error 1094995529"06:12
Lebelaand this unknown error also refers to the moov atom06:12
alkisgWhat's the output of ffprobe /path/to/video ?06:12
Lebelamoov atom not found06:13
LebelaInvalid data found when processing input06:13
Lebelawhy can't untrunc write to my external HD ?06:14
LebelaI already connected the snap....  "snap connect michaelp-anthwlock-untrunc:removable-media"06:14
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biglinuxhi dude07:42
iomari891greetings, will installing patheon desktop in any way conflict with kubuntu? latest version of both.07:59
geirhaLooks like that has to be installed via a PPA..? if so, it depends on how well the package(s) in that PPA are put together. For the desktop environments available through Ubuntus official repos, there's no conflict. You just get to choose between one more DE from the login screen08:21
alocer[m]Hello all, Since This week is uubntu testing week, i like to know if there is any channels for it?08:35
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iomari891geirha: thanks09:09
lunaay, and it went fine, to remove 6 packages and add 256 other ones :)09:36
lunaUpdated from Ubuntu MATE 20.04.2 to 20.04.4 yesterday, and it went fine, to remove 6 packages and add 256 other ones :)09:36
menthasysciao a tutti, stavo provando a cambiare la password di root e pensavo di esserci riuscito ma al riavvio della macchina continua a prendere la vecchia password come se non avessi fatto nulla10:28
lotuspsychje!it | menthasys10:30
ubottumenthasys: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:30
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menthasyschiedo scusa10:43
BluesKajHi folks13:21
wezoh hai there BluesKaj!13:21
BluesKajhey wez13:22
wezWhat's the latest BluesKaj ?13:23
BluesKajwez, dunno , just got here :-)13:23
wezBluesKaj: I meant with you, I know what's happening here as I am in here :)13:24
wezyou just joined so I don't like what you are up to13:24
BluesKajmorning coffee atm13:25
wezGood choice, I am about to get some ZzZzZzz13:25
BluesKajsleep weel then13:26
BluesKajwell rather13:26
wezIt is the morning here too, but just barely13:26
wezHappy Thursday btw13:26
ghostfinally switched to ubuntu today.........................................13:27
BluesKajghost, congrats13:28
Glitzerwhat were you on before, ghost?13:28
ghostwindows 11..hehe13:28
waltmanHi. I've got a broken symlink on my desktop. I've logged back into the network share and the symlink is no longer broken, but it still shows as broken on the desktop. Is there any way to tell it "hey, this isn't broken anymore"?14:13
BluesKaja relogin ?14:15
alocer[m]alt+f2 and type R press enter.14:16
schuelermine[m]Does Ubuntu use GDM?14:16
lotuspsychjeschuelermine[m]: ubuntu desktop with gnome uses gdm314:18
schuelermine[m]How does Ubuntu apply a theme to GDM? I want to reproduce it in a different context but all I can find are instructions for pre-Gnome-3 using gnome-appearance-properties14:21
lotuspsychje!themes | schuelermine[m]14:21
ubottuschuelermine[m]: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy14:21
schuelermine[m]I know how to apply themes to the desktop using User Themes, but how do you do it in GDM?14:22
lotuspsychjeschuelermine[m]: use at own risk, https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2021/10/login-screen-background-ubuntu-21-10/14:23
Maikschuelermine[m]: it's probably not that easy with GDM314:23
schuelermine[m]Yeah, but how does Ubuntu do it by default? Is GDM compiled differently?14:24
waltmanSo there's no way to fix this aside from logging out or killing processes?14:25
waltmanHonestly I've got workarounds to access the file and I'd rather not have to log out if I don't have to.14:26
waltmanI wasn't sure if this was an actual bug or if there was some way reset it. Sounds like it's a bug.14:27
Maikschuelermine[m]: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1227070/how-do-i-change-login-screen-theme-or-background-in-ubuntu-20-0414:27
Maikmaybe that helps14:27
schuelermineThat doesn’t help, since that’s a case where gdm is already configured to look at the theme under “Yaru”. How do you change the theme *to* Yaru from Adwaita in the first place?14:28
Maikschuelermine[m]: maybe best to search for it on the web, i don't know the answers to that. :)14:31
lotuspsychjeschuelermine: to easy theme management, install gnome-tweaks14:32
schuelermine[m]On gdm?14:32
lotuspsychjeno, to switch regular themes14:33
Maiklotuspsychje: gnome tweaks doesn't let you modify GDM14:33
lotuspsychjei know14:33
Maikand that is what the user wants14:34
MaximBHi, is there a way to see if a root password has been set at all? (not change it or create a new password, just check if it was set)14:34
waltmanUpdate: The icon fixed itself without my doing anything!14:43
MaikHi and welcome aether: if you have a Ubuntu support question just ask, casual talk is in #ubuntu-offtopic :)14:51
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hensteplHello friends14:59
hensteplI have somehow installed Mono 6.8 and Mono 6.12 at once and now Apt is complaining about everything: E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).15:00
hensteplANd apt --fix-broken install doesn't work either. I don't even care anymore. I want all of these to go away so I can update/upgrade again.15:01
leftyfbhenstepl: ( cat /etc/os-release ; apt-cache policy mono-runtime ; sudo apt install -f ) | nc termbin.com 999915:16
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beuysHello! For a while now, updates have been failing here: I get this error: Error 24 : Write error : cannot write compressed block15:33
beuysCould it be that my boot partition is full? Can I remove old kernels or something?15:33
oerheksapt autoremove could clean up, and old kernels are removed with the next update15:35
lotuspsychjebeuys: could you pastebin the whole output apt gives you, volunteers might be able to debug a better way15:35
oerheksdf -h # shows how much space is free?15:35
geniiThat's usually an update-initramfs message15:36
beuyslotuspsychje: Meanwhile I am pretty sure /boot/ is full. df -h shows 100% used.15:36
oerheksoh, standard ubuntu installs in one partition, to avoid that clutter15:37
* beuys tries "apt purge linux-image-5.11.0-41-generic"15:39
oerhekswhy posting in 2 channels?15:39
svm_invictvsWhat do I need to install to get a joypad working in Ubuntu?16:44
Ravagemost of them you just plug in. i think we need a little more information. Ubuntu version, model of your gamepad16:46
Ravagewired or BT16:46
jhutchinssvm_invictvs: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/get-game-controllers-running-linux/16:59
dirtcastleguys I messed up my partition table.17:18
dirtcastlei haven't switched off my pc17:18
dirtcastlemy root and home folder is messed up17:18
dirtcastlethe partition on which my root and home folder is messed up was there was deleted.17:19
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dirtcastledoes ubuntu make a backup?17:19
dirtcastleof partition table automatically17:19
Ravageif you can still access your data make a backup now17:21
jhutchinsdirtcastle: What were you doing that caused the problems/17:22
dirtcastlei was trying to install gentoo. I'm new to linux itself but I wanted to learn step by step slowly and be able to use it.  when I installed ubuntu I followed a yt tutorial . there was an extended partion of 100 gb and 20 gb was give to root and 80gb for home. when I used parted print It showed 3 seperate partition. I thought that 100gb was not being used and deleted it. in the end I saw the start and end of extended and root and home and I realised the17:27
dirtcastlewere inside extended and I just deleted it17:27
EriC^^dirtcastle: i just joined, are you trying to solve that problem or you already fixed it?17:28
dirtcastleI'm trying to solve it. i downloaded testdisk but I'm still clueless17:28
EriC^^dirtcastle: no need, you only need to recreate the extended partition the same place as before17:29
EriC^^dirtcastle: can you type 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the result?17:30
dirtcastleI did that cannot get it exactly right. I have the parted print free output before I deleted.17:30
EriC^^nice please paste that, as well as the current parted -l output17:30
EriC^^dirtcastle: ok, type 'sudo fdisk /dev/sda'17:34
dirtcastleI have 2 ssd. I dual booted. parted -l gives me the output from other ssd it has windows.17:35
EriC^^no worries17:35
EriC^^dirtcastle: press 'n' to create a new partition17:36
dirtcastle e extended?17:36
EriC^^dirtcastle: is it asking what the starting sector is yet?17:38
dirtcastleafter e it asks partition number right now17:38
dirtcastleok. I gave 2 because that was what there before17:38
dirtcastlenow it asks sector17:38
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EriC^^dirtcastle: what's the sector range it's giving you?17:40
dirtcastlefirst sector:17:41
EriC^^dirtcastle: try putting 100147017:41
EriC^^dirtcastle: for last sector, just hit enter and keep it blank so it uses the maximum17:42
EriC^^when you get the prompt back, press 'p'17:42
EriC^^what's the table look like currently?17:44
EriC^^page not found17:46
dirtcastlemy bad https://paste.rs/N6N17:47
dirtcastle🤔 is smtg wrong17:50
EriC^^yeah i dunno what went wrong, the free space is huge between them, anyways i think it's better to use testdisk as you said, i thought it was going to simpler partition layout, my bad17:52
EriC^^dirtcastle: quit fdisk without saving anything, then sudo apt-get install testdisk17:53
EriC^^then type sudo testdisk /dev/sda17:53
dirtcastleI have test disk17:53
EriC^^ok cool, run it, choose no log17:53
EriC^^then choose 'intel' for partition table type17:54
EriC^^(that just means msdos)17:54
EriC^^then analyse17:54
EriC^^then quick search17:54
dirtcastle searching.17:55
EriC^^alright, once it's done please paste the results it gave17:55
dirtcastleEriC^^: https://paste.rs/d3t17:58
EriC^^dirtcastle: great, it found them18:00
EriC^^dirtcastle: leave a "*" next to the swap one, so its the primary partition18:00
dirtcastlewhich is swap one18:00
EriC^^the first one18:01
dirtcastlejust the first one18:01
dirtcastleit's already star18:01
EriC^^dirtcastle: yup, the 2nd ones, press the arrow to make it L18:01
dirtcastleyup. for the remaining two or just the second one?18:02
EriC^^remaining two18:02
EriC^^if you want you could make them primary partitions18:02
EriC^^you could leave them P18:02
EriC^^just remembered18:03
dirtcastleok got it. if I leave them as logical will it become a part of a extended partition automatically? cause I think u need a extended partition and only inside that u can have a logical one.18:04
dirtcastlefor now I will leave them as P I don't mind tho.18:04
EriC^^yeah exactly, i dont know what testdisk would do, it does have an "E" i think for the extended but it doesnt seem to list it18:04
EriC^^yeah good idea18:04
dirtcastleso continue?18:06
chilverscAny estimates on when 5.17 will be released under hwe once 22.04 LTS is released?18:06
EriC^^dirtcastle: yeah, press continue, then 'write'18:06
dirtcastleyup done18:06
EriC^^ok, type 'sudo partprobe /dev/sda' to load the new table18:08
dirtcastleamazing. I got it just like how it was before. EriC^^ : Thanks for your time. u saved me18:08
EriC^^dirtcastle: great, no problem18:08
dirtcastleI have run partprobe.  is that all?18:09
EriC^^yeah, if you want, try to mount them sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt18:09
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dirtcastlesda2 doesn't exist?18:10
dirtcastleshould I rebooted?18:11
EriC^^hmm, partprobe should load them up18:11
EriC^^how's sudo parted -ls looking?18:12
EriC^^looks good18:13
EriC^^try rebooting18:13
craigbass76Is there a way, in the GUI, to avoid a right-click when I'm trying to rename a file? Is there a keyboard button I can press?18:20
EriC^^craigbass76: the context key on the keyboard then 'm'18:22
craigbass76Context key... I'm trying alt, ctrl, and the windows key. Nadda so far.18:23
EriC^^craigbass76: mine's between alt and ctrl to the right, you could use 'shift+f10' if you want too18:24
dirtcastleEriC^^:  I ran the partprobe and mount command   . is there anything left?18:25
EriC^^dirtcastle: nope that's all18:25
dirtcastlenice. again thanks for ur time!!18:26
EriC^^you're welcome18:26
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craigbass76That pops up the same menu as right click. I'm done now, but I was trying to use my mouse to highlight the file, hit a key to get in to edit the name, and then not have to move the mouse again, just click. I was having to insert a zero in every pdf filename in a directory.18:39
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n00bl3tHello, in system dialogues that look like this: https://i.imgur.com/JE3ZBW0.png Do the underlined letters in the options indicate anything?19:35
geniiYes, keyboard shortcuts are available if you use CTRL and that letter19:37
leftyfbn00bl3t: you can hold ALT + <LETTER> to selection the option with your keyboard19:37
geniior ALT, I alwAys forget which19:37
n00bl3tAh thank you! (I just checked, it's alt)19:37
n00bl3tThat should speed up my workflow quite a bit19:37
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ubottuBtrfs is a filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is not recommended by default, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs20:13
josias_soy josias20:31
raubthe pulseaudio process in an ubuntu 20 vm I have is using 10% of the CPU. Since I do not use sound in that VM, can I uninstall it?20:34
jhutchinsraub: Uninstalling pulseaudio has always been a good idea.  If you have a GUI desktop, it's possible that it will complain.20:46
Guest2866Hello \o/20:51
Guest2866I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS and the laptop started to freeze. I randomly see the screen glitch and afterward, the desktop is not responding. It seems like the Xserver / graphic card issue, but I suspect my power adapter cable might be causing this via static electricity. Could you help my find relevant logs to understand what exactly is happening?20:54
Guest2866I opened the native Logs app and the last message is "gnome-session-b: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....", but wtf can I figure out from this error?21:00
jhutchinsCould I have a moment alone with that gnome developer and a cricket bat please?21:24
pycuriousI've a ubuntu machine which has / with only 10G space on it. Is there a way to make sure that most of the things goto /datadrive? For example docker etc - even apt installs?21:27
pycuriousor perhaps I can extend "/" to spill over on "/datadrive"?21:29
jhutchinspycurious: I would recommend repartitioning to a sane layout.21:56
jhutchinspycurious: You'd be far better off working iwth the standard Linux Filesystem Hierarchy rather than trying to munge it into an abstract layout.21:57
jhutchinspycurious: It's not unusual for applications to have paths hard coded internally.21:58
jhutchinspycurious: Partitioning mainly serves to ensure that the space you need will be on the wrong partition.21:59
XATRIXHi, can you advice, i had some crash, and tried to fix ext4 fs errors. but after the system start i have many services down, and dmesg says : https://imgur.com/9cbgdPT.png22:13
XATRIXAny idea how to fix that ?22:13
gordonjcpXATRIX: aw man22:14
XATRIXyea :(22:14
gordonjcpXATRIX: I need to go and play oldschool Quake now22:14
XATRIXnp. have fun22:14
gordonjcplet me see if I can suggest anything for your problem real quick while pak0.pak downloads22:14
gordonjcpXATRIX: you *are* named after the Quake mission pack right?22:15
RavageXATRIX: this looks like a VM?22:15
gordonjcpXATRIX: I think you'll need to boot that VM single-user and fsck that partition22:15
XATRIXyou mean my nickname ? don't you ?22:15
gordonjcpXATRIX: yes22:15
XATRIXRavage: yeap. QEMU on proxmox22:16
XATRIXgo4godvin: Syberia , Panasonic 3DO ;)22:16
XATRIXgordonjcp: sorry :) it's for you22:16
Ravageyep. boot a livecd. i like to use the gentoo live iso for that. but any rescue/live linux should do22:16
Ravagetry to repair the filesystem from there22:17
gordonjcpXATRIX: you've got control of the host machine then?22:17
Ravagethe I/O error is still strange. so also look if maybe your proxmox storage is working correctly too22:18
gordonjcpI feel like that could be a red herring22:18
XATRIXgordonjcp: yeap22:18
Ravagei know that there was a kernel problem in proxmox 7 that caused such errors in the virtio scsi devices22:19
gordonjcpXATRIX: so22:19
Ravageso make sure you are updated and reboot after that22:19
Ravage(the host)22:20
boblamontI've got a major problem. I updated php and now my wordpress site died22:20
Ravageboblamont: you dont get any major updates within a Ubuntu release22:20
XATRIXMy virtual disk of this VM is on LVM on a host machine22:21
XATRIXit's quite hard to check for consistency22:22
boblamontRavage: i had php 7.2, I updated to 7.4, it still worked22:22
gordonjcpXATRIX: not really22:22
RavageXATRIX: you should be able to do the check on block device of the host then22:22
Ravagebut you are already in #proxmox22:22
gordonjcpXATRIX: is the lvm slice presented to the VM as a whole disk, which is then partitioned?22:22
boblamontRavage: then when I did a general update, it updated php to 8.122:23
Ravagethat is really a topic you can discuss there :)22:23
XATRIXtake a look please https://imgur.com/V5y516L.png22:23
Ravageboblamont: there is no Ubuntu release that is supported here with PHP 8.122:23
sarnoldboblamont: you upgraded to jammy? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php8.122:24
boblamonthow do I go back to 7.4?22:24
sarnoldboblamont: normally software authors don't support releases until after they're released22:24
XATRIXsuddenly, i found the problem. it looks like it ran out of space22:24
sarnoldboblamont: roll back to focal? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php7.422:24
gordonjcpXATRIX: that'd do it22:24
leftyfbboblamont: cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 999922:25
RavageXATRIX: have a look at kpartx to get the partitions of your disk-00 devices. but we should continue in #proxmox22:25
oerheksmaybe a help for php8.122:25
XATRIXgot it thanks22:25
gordonjcpRavage: you can do that with loopback devices22:25
Ravagetrue. it does the same thing22:26
XATRIXgive some time. i'll try to free some space, and restart that staff22:26
oerheksanother hint; https://toggen.com.au/it-tips/updating-wordpress-divi-to-php8-1-x-on-ubuntu-20-04/22:26
boblamontI lost connection to the server I got as far as "maybe a help for php8.1"22:27
boblamontanyone offer anything after that?22:27
leftyfbboblamont: cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 999922:27
boblamontleftyfb: what does that do?22:27
leftyfbboblamont: it will show us the release of ubuntu you are running22:28
Ravageyou can also just paste the output of "cat /etc/os-release". its one line22:28
Ravageoh its not.sorry22:28
boblamontleftyfb: i'm running 18.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-169-generic x86_64)22:28
Ravageboblamont: then you added external sources for PHP?22:29
Ravageon only PPA i know for that is ondrej22:29
boblamontthat's the one22:29
Ravageand that offers all version22:29
Ravageso remove all php8.1* packages22:29
Ravageinstall the php7.4 ones22:29
leftyfbboblamont: you'll want to purge the PPA and it's packages you used to install php. Then reinstall php7.2 from the official repo's. Anything else is unsupported22:29
Ravageor go back to what 18.04 offers22:30
Ravagebut in general the PPA should work fine too22:30
boblamontI need 7.3 or higher, is  that possible? 7.4 was working ok, except wordpress didn't see it22:30
Ravageits really as simple as "apt remove" and "apt install"22:31
leftyfbboblamont: if you need php7.4, I would recommend upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04 and get it from official sources22:31
Ravageyou must have followed some guide to do the updare22:31
leftyfbRavage: ppa-purge would be better22:31
Ravageif he wants 7.4 on 18.04 he will need the ppa22:32
leftyfbsure, get to a clean slate and then reinstall 7.4 from the unsupported PPA22:32
Ravagebut sure. upgrade to 20.04 is a good idea22:32
boblamontI don't care at this point, i'll take 7.2, how do I do ppa purge?22:32
leftyfbboblamont: apt list --installed |grep php | nc termbin.com 999922:33
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Ravagethat is some mix of versions :)22:35
Ravage7.4 seems to be installed22:35
Ravagedo you run it on apache?22:35
Ravagethen use a2dismod22:35
Ravageto disable php 822:35
leftyfbboblamont: you have a sury.org ppa enabled22:36
Ravageand a2enmod to enable the 7.4 module22:36
boblamontRavage: whate exactly do I enter to dismod?22:37
Ravageafter an apache restart and a little luck your site should be up again22:37
Ravagea2dismod [enter]22:38
Ravageshows a list22:38
Ravagechoose the 8.1 module22:38
Ravagedo the same with a2enmod and php7.422:38
boblamontYour choices are: access_compat alias auth_basic authn_core authn_file authz_core authz_host authz_user autoindex deflate dir env filter mime mpm_prefork negotiation php7.2 proxy proxy_fcgi reqtimeout rewrite setenvif socache_shmcb ssl status22:39
Ravageso you should be still running php7.222:40
Ravageif you want 7.4 disable 7.2 and enable 7.422:40
boblamontthis is what killed the site a2enconf php8.1-fpm22:42
Ravagei dont see that module enabled22:43
Ravageoh its a config22:43
Ravagethen revert that22:43
Ravageand see if there is a 7.4-fpm config in a2enconf22:43
Ravagei dont know your original setup so this is kind of a guessing game now22:44
boblamontoh thank god, it worked22:44
Ravagegreat :)22:44
boblamontactually thank you guys, it was you, not a diety22:45
boblamontthere may yet be a thing, hold on... let me log in to the admin area22:45
boblamontyeah, wordpress still sees 7.2, not 7.422:46
Ravagefind out if you run php as fpm or with the apache module22:47
Ravageyou may have configured both22:47
Ravagei still see php7.2 i a2dismod22:47
Ravage*in a2dismod22:48
boblamontI didn't even have fpm installed but someone in the worfpress group said the I had to restart it to get wordpress to see that I went to 7.422:48
boblamontso I don't think i even need it, do I?22:49
Ravageok. then use a2disconf to remove all php configs22:49
Ravagedisable php7.2 in a2dismod22:49
Ravageand enable php7.4 in a2enmod22:49
boblamontI disabled 7.2 and enabled 7.4 and then got this in my wordpress Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress22:55
Ravageapt install php7.4-mysql22:55
Ravageand maybe check other modules in the requirements22:55
Ravagedont forget to restart apache22:55
Ravageusual suspects are mbstring, xml, curl, gd22:56
Ravageso make sure those are installed22:56
boblamontI need gd, there are some other optional ones22:57
boblamontgot gd, now it says the only stuff are optional22:59
boblamontI updated the plugin that wanted 7.3 or higher23:00
boblamontis there any reason not to install the optional modules?23:00
RavageGo for it23:01
boblamontmind if I ask what these do and if they really seem necessary? I'm not exactly feeling bold...23:02
RavageI think explaining PHP modules goes a little far for this channel. Google will give you a lot information about them. The ones I listed are safe to enable23:04
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