MLittyHello. I've a laptop of an age that the touch pad does not support gestures. It's a Toughbook CF-31mk1. Is there a way to map xconfig so that I can use a modifying key along with the touchpad to simulate a scroll wheel? SOmething like shift+pushing up on the pad = scroll up and vis versa?02:59
MLittyI'm not necessarilly looking for a full-on how-to here. I'm just not sure how to search for such a thing on google. If you could point me to some form of instruction, I'd be grateful.03:00
xu-irc23wWell I came here for a question on if I should use this distro or not.07:33
JackFrostI guess only you can really answer that?07:33
xu-irc23wWhat Linux distro should I install to my Lenovo Ideapad 320-15IAP? I want something that will make it run fast, with no trade off to bad graphics. Here are the details of the laptop:07:34
xu-irc23wStanding screen display size     ‎15.6 Inches07:34
xu-irc23wProcessor     ‎1.1 GHz Atom_N55007:34
xu-irc23wRAM     ‎4 GB07:34
xu-irc23wHard Drive     ‎1 TB 1TB 5,400 RPM07:34
JackFrostAtom is a bit underpowered, but pretty much your browser is going to be the real hog.  Xfce pretty much just gets out of your way, though.07:36
xu-irc23wAtom linux?07:45
JackFrostYour processor, it's intel atom.07:46
xu-irc23wSorry I didn't read my message07:46
xu-irc23wSo xubuntu would work?07:46
xu-irc23wIs KDE also an option?07:46
JackFrostXubuntu should work, yes.  I have something very close to Xubuntu on crappier hardware.  In the past, KDE has used more memory but you have 4G so that should help, like I said the browser is going to be the hog these days, no matter what desktop.07:47
xu-irc23wOk. Not really a question related much to xubuntu, but if I wanted to install Kali Linux (for school purposes), I would need to dual-boot. Does xubuntu come with GParted natively?07:49
JackFrostGparted is on the live media last I knew, yeah.  When you install the system I think it might be removed, but you can install it back.07:50
JackFrostAnd yeah kali is another distro, there may be a way to customize it to be better used as a desktop too, but I haven't looked into that.07:50
xu-irc23wI am really only using it for my security classes and not for everyday use.07:51
xu-irc23wSo were you saying that if I installed xubuntu first, then kali that I would have to reinstall kali?07:52
xu-irc23wxubuntu* (instead of kali for the last one)07:52
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JackFrostGrub should be pretty good at detecting other installations, you'll want your primary desktop managing the bootloader though.07:55
SamuelGrub can be installed through the xubuntu installation correct (I know dumb quesiton, but just for confirmation),07:56
JackFrostYeah, it's installed at the end.07:59
SamuelOk thanks! Cleared up some things. I will install xubuntu shortly. Sorry for the rude review earlier. Have a good/night day, JackFrost.08:00
piscvauHello, I ust installed xubuntu 20.04 . when I click on the shutdown button in the top left icon menu, the shutdown and restart button are gry. How to solve this?12:07
piscvauHello, I just installed xubuntu 20.04 . when I click on the shutdown button in the top left icon menu, the shutdown and restart button are grey. How to solve this?12:08
piscvauafter googling it might be related to the fact that when I installed Xubuntu I chose not to have a password when starting the system.12:23
piscvaudoes this help identifying a solution?12:23
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