zyga[m]hello, I've just noticed that PPA URLs have changed13:35
zyga[m]is there something I can read to understand how this happened?13:35
zyga[m]specifically the new URLs are ppa.launchpadcontent.net13:42
zyga[m]this seems similar to what many sites do for user-created content and cookie leaks 13:43
zyga[m]but anything official confirming this would be  great13:43
jugmac00We have this blog post: https://blog.launchpad.net/ppa/new-domain-names-for-ppas - does that answer your question?13:48
gevreeendoes launchpad support object-format=sha256 for git?13:53
cjwatsonnot as yet, no13:59
gevreeenall right. thanks anyway.14:00
zyga[m]jugmac00: yes, thank you!16:04
zyga[m]jugmac00: and indeed the cookie problem is a good reason to do this shift16:06

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