mwhudsonno idea00:20
mwhudsonwhy would a package Recommend: libssl1.100:24
dbungertrhash is dlopening libssl and is recommending libssl1.100:32
sarnoldthat'd do it, heh00:42
mwhudsonschopin: does https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SJwtnSv2Vt/ for rhash look sane to you?03:19
mwhudson(it does seem to work)03:20
jochenspHi, can someone help with getting open3d 0.14.1 into jammy? The build problem on ppc64el seems to be Ubuntu specific so either fixing them or dropping the old ppc64 deb would be great https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/open3d/0.14.1+dfsg-7build1/+build/2319643206:55
schopinmwhudson: I'd need to actually check what symbols it uses in libcrypto, the ABI might have changed. There's a reason the soname was bumped, after all ;). But assuming you did, yeah it looks sane.08:44
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mwhudsonschopin: yeah i think the symbols it uses are still there, if deprecated19:37
ahasenackmorning, mwhudson19:37
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mwhudsonahasenack: good morning19:49
mwhudsonschopin: it's coded quite defensively so it's hard to be sure though19:49
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mwhudsoni guess i can muck around with gdb20:02
mwhudsonyeah it's definitely still calling into libcrypto20:04
mwhudsonRikMills: hey does https://gist.github.com/mwhudson/3e8a36fd01600b9ae85f0e7e103d5ae1 for qt6-base makes sense? it looks like upstream has support for openssl3 already20:09
RikMillsmitya57: ^ ?20:10
RikMillsmwhudson: I'll let the debian qt maintainer answer that20:10
RikMillsoh qt620:12
mitya57I would rather do this: https://salsa.debian.org/qt-kde-team/qt/qtbase/-/commit/531c31ae58aefc7c20:12
ubottuCommit 531c31a in qt-kde-team/qt/qtbase "Don't hardcode libssl version in Depends, fill it dynamically."20:12
mitya57mwhudson: in any case, can you please make a MR in salsa?20:13
mwhudsonmitya57: that looks much nicer20:13
mwhudsonblah nim dlopens a hardcoded list of ssl versions20:13
mwhudsonoh maybe you can override it at configure time20:14
mwhudsonhmm this is a bit involved :)20:22
jochensp(sorry to repost) can someone help with open3d in jammy maybe by dropping the old ppc64el bulid so it can transition?20:48
Eickmeyerjochensp: That might be a more appropriate request in #ubuntu-release since that's where the archive is coordinated primarily.20:52
jochenspah, thx20:53
mwhudsonmitya57: would you be ok with making an MR on salsa with your changes?22:21
mwhudsonjochensp: i don't have a jammy environment with a window server running to test this really :/22:34
jochenspI have a VM here22:34
mwhudsonah xvfb-run to the rescue22:35
mwhudsonjochensp: yeah but i don't really want to remote hands you through gdb22:35
jochenspbtw. is there a debuginfod for Ubuntu already?22:36
mwhudsonno :(22:36
mwhudsonthis is the traceback fwiw https://gist.github.com/mwhudson/ef83c9ee4aba17c776c1b4fe8de382bf22:37
mwhudsonyeah valgrind is pretty unhappy22:54
jochenspmwhudson: I need to go to bed, will continue tomorrow. Thanks for your help!23:35
mwhudsonjochensp: i should probably drop this too but i am thoroughly nerd sniped now23:36

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