coconutAny improvements on HDMI output to tv the last years on linux or ubuntu-mate?08:17
alkisgSure, many xorg drivers have been updated08:18
coconutok, i will try to connect to my old tv again then, last time i tried was ubuntu-mate 20.0408:20
alkisgAnd what was the issue?08:30
coconutalkisg, donĀ“t think i will find a cause for that here, but couldn't test either seeing my hdmi cable is lost..08:34
coconutalkisg, do i have a better change on support for this on older laptops/tv's ?08:37
alkisgcoconut: you didn't even mention the issue, so no idea08:47
coconutalkisg, issue was that i could not play movie in vlc from laptop to tv08:49
alkisgEh, it sounds like a small misconfiguration that you could easily fix08:49
coconutalkisg, well, i am not a hacker you see, so easy i will not be...08:50
alkisgWhen you are able to test, write here and we'll help you08:50
coconutoh, love you for that!08:51

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