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betuxyHey guys, yesterday I increased nofile for a user to 102.400, the system file-max is 1.600.014 . lsof -u user | wc -l shows 41257 so much less. I cant login with the user anymore, does anyone know why?09:04
mirespacegood morning09:32
mirespacehi Andreas 12:04
ahasenackhi mirespace 12:07
ahasenackmirespace: I saw you had a git repository for wireshark in LP, I imported wireshark into git-ubuntu overnight, so from now on "git ubuntu clone wireshark" will work12:09
mirespaceahasenack: great, thanks!12:14
mirespaceahasenack : I downloaded it with pull-lp-source12:15
mirespacein fact, I'm documenting how many ways to download source can be used for the UMH12:16
mirespace--> lunch13:05
brycehgood morning13:48
* kanashiro waves13:58
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zerosumhello, so I would like to be able to connect to a device that's listening on port 443 through a jumphost. Could I do this with an SSH reverse tunnel or local port forwarding? 17:50
zerosumI do not have sudo btw, so I would like to just connect to port 5519 on my local machine and forward my connection to port 443 on the remote side17:51
rbasakzerosum: -L5519:localhost:443 should do that17:58
zerosumrbasak thanks yeah I just had to add my jumphost at the end17:59
zerosumso -L5519:ip_of_remote_device:443 jumpserver17:59
zerosumthat seemed to have worked for me17:59
ahasenackhm, when I purge a package that has a /etc/foo.conf.d/*.conf structure for configuration files,18:16
ahasenackis it expected to purge that .d directory as well? It might contain config snippets installed by other packages, or the user18:16
ahasenackI'm inclined to say no18:17
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ahasenackrbasak: hah, another example at an attempt to do notifications on servers: https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/tree/README#n5120:20
ahasenack"Crash notification on servers"20:20
rbasakahasenack: that's quite good. It would be an easy integration point with update-motd for example21:33
ahasenackI'll collect these ideas somewhere21:33
ahasenacksee if a good pattern can arise21:33
rbasakahasenack: I wonder if just writing update-motd snippets for all the various ideas would work as a first (production) iteration21:34
rbasakThe apport one being basically already written for us21:34
ahasenackwe need to control the screen pollution21:35
ahasenackbut yeah, it's a start poc21:35
rbasakWouldn't be an unusually bad system where all the things happen at once?21:35
ahasenackwhat do you mean?21:35
ahasenackI think motd is fine21:36
ahasenackbut I was thinking one motd script, that would collect these, and be smart to truncate it with "... and more, please run <foo> to see them"21:36
rbasakI mean that collating them is basically what update-motd does. Maybe it doesn't do the smart truncation, but that's something that could be added to it.21:44
rbasakAnd it seems unlikely that there'd be a massive spammy list on most systems, so maybe that's not necessary for an MVP.21:44
ahasenackbut I'm pretty sure truncation will be necessary at some point at least21:47
ahasenackbut if you think about it, today the MOTD mechanism doesn't have such limits either21:47
ahasenackthere is nothing, bar peer-review, preventing someone from outputting a lot of text in a motd script21:47
ahasenackeod, cya tomorrow o/21:49

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