Guest59In ubuntu Ubuntu 21.10, when moving files or folders using nautilus, the files or folders move successfully but after the move sometimes not all the files or folders are selected.00:11
Guest59Hi all, thanks for being here :)00:11
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trevormirc client for ubuntu00:35
wezmirc :/00:46
sarnoldhey I enjoyed mirc back in the day00:47
wezYeah I used it back in the day alongside ICQ00:48
wezI wouldn't use either now00:49
JoeBkis ICQ still a thing?00:49
wezI think it's called AOL messenger00:50
wezbut yeah, you can still use it :)00:51
wezI wonder if my old account still works00:51
wez"Originally developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996, the client was bought by AOL in 1998, and then by Mail.Ru Group in 2010."00:51
JoeBkI won't be using AOL messenger any time soon.00:51
wezJoeBk: It was bought by another company after AOL00:51
JoeBkI kinda remember it being russian.00:52
wezIt looks RUssiamn :)00:52
LoUDcLoUDhello guys00:53
LoUDcLoUDi need help00:53
wezHi LoUDcLoUD!  What up?00:54
Maik!ask | LoUDcLoUD00:54
ubottuLoUDcLoUD: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:54
LoUDcLoUDsince updating to impish, ubuntu can't detect bluetooth microphone out of my earphone set00:54
wezoh noes, what errors are you seeing in the logs LoUDcLoUD ?00:55
LoUDcLoUDhow can i see the log?00:55
LoUDcLoUDit detects the earphones but not the mic00:55
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, did  you go into settings/sound and set the microphone to headset?00:56
wezLoUDcLoUD: /var/syslog, the dmesg command, there is probably a system log views in Ubuntu somewhere.  The sound settings may also give you clues00:56
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, you are running an old non-LTS version.00:56
LoUDcLoUDJoeBk, how can i update?00:57
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, I believe to need to reinstall.  we went over this yesterday. 21.10 is no longer supported.00:58
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, you need to select the latest LTS version.00:58
LoUDcLoUDso impish is outdated00:59
wezJoeBk: Really? I thought it was good until April.00:59
JoeBkgo to releases.ubuntu.com and read the first paragraph00:59
JoeBkis says 9 months01:00
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, when was the last time you were able to update?01:00
LoUDcLoUDjan 2001:00
wezJoeBk: October to April is 6 months01:00
LoUDcLoUDoh ok01:00
LoUDcLoUDi don't know why i have an interim version tbh01:01
JoeBkwez I may be thinking of someone else.01:01
sarnoldhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases  21.10 is good until july 202201:01
wezsarnold: That's what I though.01:01
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, were'nt on here last night alking about updating.01:01
LoUDcLoUDyes si updated it yeterday01:01
LoUDcLoUDfrom hisrute01:01
JoeBkoh ok01:02
LoUDcLoUDbut the update broke my bluettoth headset01:02
LoUDcLoUDbecause it worked before01:02
LoUDcLoUDthe update01:03
JoeBkyou did not pick an LTS version like you were told to and that it going to be a problem.01:03
LoUDcLoUDso i need to install lts01:03
JoeBknow I remember you were running 21.04.01:04
LoUDcLoUDyes hisrute01:04
JoeBkyou need to install
LoUDcLoUDod i need to mount that on an usb and stuff?01:04
JoeBkLTS releases are supported for 5 years.01:05
LoUDcLoUDwell i'll install it and come back to you guys01:05
LoUDcLoUDthx for support01:06
JoeBkanyone else have any ideas?01:06
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, you need to copy the iso to a flash if that's what you're asking.01:08
sarnoldbluetooth headphones are *weird* things; there's something like a dozen codecs, and some of them are supported, some of them aren't, and sometimes you've got to install an extra package and things just work01:09
sarnoldand sometimes it just plain doesn't exist01:09
sarnoldI understand that the next release will switch from pulseaudio to pipewire, or maybe it'll just be available to switch to, or something like that, and I think the pipewire folks have the higher-end codecs implemented01:09
JoeBkis telling him to install 20.04.4 the right advise?01:11
JoeBkI don't like those interim versions.01:11
sarnoldI dunno. lts releases generally do have better support all around, but it's also unsatisfying to 'roll back', you know?01:12
sarnoldthere's a chance that the right person with the right info would know exactly what to do to make his existing system just work, but I'm not that person :( I barely understand the pieces..01:13
JoeBksupport is going to expire in another month and he will be stuck with an outdated version anyway.01:14
sarnoldand jammy is probably a bit too fresh still; a lot of folks are running it fine, but running an unreleased version is probably more excitement than he wants01:17
JoeBkI sometimes install those interim releases on an external drive just to try them out.01:19
pycuriousI've a machine on which "/" is 15GB and "/datadrive" is 2TB. I would like to move some of the linux directories from / to /datadrive (for example /usr) - is that a bad idea? How else can I handle these two drives so that I can get more space in "/"?01:43
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squarecircleHi. Is there a way to convince my system that the two screens attached to my DP are one?01:52
squarecircleI'd like to use four screens, but my graphics adapter only supports three :(01:52
trevorsay the mirc in ubuntu01:59
jhutchinssquarecircle: It's kindof up to your chipset and your driver.  That is a possible layout for a dual-monitor setup.02:03
jhutchinssquarecircle: There should be a display module in the settings menu.02:04
squarecircleSure - I can choose three out of the four screens. That far everything is working fine. Now I use an DP adapter: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/p/accessories-and-software/cables-and-adapters/adapters/0b4709202:06
squarecirclejhutchins: If I read it correctly, two identical screens can be handled as one extended through some DP magic. So it seems for Windows.02:07
squarecircleI think its this MST stuff. lspci tells me, that I'm using "Intel Corporation Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] (rev 07)"02:11
sarnoldsquarecircle: xrandr can do mirroring or whatever; depending upon your desktop environment there may be a much friendlier graphical interface02:25
squarecirclesarnold: well yes, my Settings/Displays menu allows me to expand on three screens - not on four. that far am I. thing is -I want to use all 4 and the two connected to the DP double adapter as one ultrawide02:31
sarnoldsquarecircle: ah! that sounds like xrandr territory then :)02:32
squarecirclesarnold: well, I'll care later about this problem02:37
squarecirclethanks for the help anyway02:37
sarnoldsquarecircle: hold on..02:37
sarnoldsquarecircle: xrandr is kind of a pain to figure out.. here's the two scripts I use for my own laptop, though I've got *very* different goals than you do :) hopefully these are helpful https://termbin.com/66bz02:38
squarecirclesarnold: hmm02:40
squarecirclesarnold: thanks02:44
squarecirclesarnold: I'll give it a bit brain grease later02:44
sarnoldsquarecircle: good luck :) I hope it doesn't give you too much trouble ;)02:46
squarecirclesarnold: worst case would be that I need to search my DisplayLink graphic cards again02:47
sarnoldsquarecircle: heh, yeah, "uhoh this is crazy, reboot" :)02:47
pycuriousI've a machine on which "/" is 15GB and "/datadrive" is 2TB. I would like to move some of the linux directories from / to /datadrive (for example /usr) - is that a bad idea? How else can I handle these two drives so that I can get more space in "/"?03:09
leftyfbpycurious: why do you have the OS on a 15G drive?03:10
pycuriousleftyfb: The VM that was given to us by a cloud provider gave us that!03:13
sarnoldwould it be easier to just grow the thing they gave you?03:13
pycuriousI can go back to them and ask for an increase, but that will take time and effort - and some management approvals… :(03:14
leftyfbit's a VM, spin up a new one and move everything over03:14
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pycuriousleftyfb: is there a way to move some of the directories in "/" mount to "/datadrive" mount? That would solve the problem without respinning the vm03:19
leftyfbpycurious: yes, though I really feel it's in your best interest to spend the time to build it correctly03:20
esvpycurious, what directories do you want to move?03:28
pycuriousesv: /usr for starters03:29
esvleftyfb, you'd be surprised we have customers with OS disks in the TB range03:29
esvnah, not a good idea03:29
sarnoldpycurious: if you move directories across filesystems you'll get to all sorts of weird problems03:30
sarnoldpycurious: it'd be way easier to just grow the disk and resize the fs, or spin up a new vm with bigger disk, etc03:30
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pycurioussarnold: thanks. Will try to ask for permission tomorrow03:32
esvdirectories such as /usr/bin /usr/sbin ...etc. are precious to the boot process, so don't touch it unless you really want to get in trouble. also, here we tend to assume the OS is contained within a single OS disk, so the vast majority of support engineers and process documentation assumes that too.03:33
esvhonestly I am not sure what would happen...03:34
* esv has a test for business hours tomorrow 03:34
esvmake a snapshot of the OS before you attempt anything03:35
sarnoldesv: hopefully a test of a system that doesn't matter :)03:35
esvunless you have test & production on the same server :)03:36
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Theteanyone know a good way of getting gnome42 runnin on 21.10?06:03
ThetePPA perhaps?06:03
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lunaThete, its still in Beta fyi06:04
TheteI know06:04
Theteit's nice though06:05
Thetethey fixed some stuff that was buggin me06:05
Theteit's ok, was just curious if anyone knew of a ppa offhand06:05
TheteI did find a 41 though.. I'll just use that for now06:06
karthykloli had an unclean shutdown due to power failure now when i boot it gives kernel panic library not found06:25
alkisgCan you boot it to the previous kernel or to recovery console?06:25
karthykloli am running ubuntu server06:26
karthyklolif thats relavent06:26
alkisgBoot it with a live cd then, and fsck and chroot to target and upgrade06:26
alkisgAlso, a screenshot of which library fails might help in certain cases06:27
karthyklolit says linselinixse.so something06:27
karthykloli will give you exact error06:27
dirtcastle when making a partition, in parted I gave +5 mib for the end to get a partition of size 5 mb. is there another way to do it.06:28
dirtcastlealso how to backup a partition table.06:28
dirtcastle+5 mib didn't work06:28
alkisgOne way to backup is: sfdisk --dump /dev/sda > sda.backup06:31
karthyklol@alksig https://photos.app.goo.gl/DHu8YaoPLT6psELB806:31
alkisgkarthyklol: it sounds like it was rebooted while updating; just boot it with a live cd, chroot to target and finish the update06:33
karthykloli will try thanks @alkisg i will ask if i have further questions06:36
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dirtcastledo I need to update /etc/fstab/ if I'm just making more partition on the disk that already has partitions?  u have update only when U add a new drive right?07:35
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alkisgdirtcastle: if you create a new partition and you want it automatically mounted at boot, you need to add it to /etc/fstab07:42
dirtcastleahh got it!! thanks07:44
Guest7053Has anyone changed the emMC clock rate in the Linux kernel?07:59
Guest7053May I ask you a question?08:08
Guest7053Has anyone changed the emMC clock rate in the Linux kernel?08:08
alocer[m]you should be patient and someone will answer your question.08:09
alocer[m]if you people are not answering, it means they don't know the answer.08:09
weedmicWhen I boot a machine, one of the items I see on the screen is Boot ID: bd5b50fe3fb6cced80e9bdff4075ca8a - does that mean I can turn the machine on remotely if it is off?08:51
weedmicsoz, not when i boot, when i do hostnhamectl08:54
alkisgweedmic: the boot id is not related to wake on lan. You can use WoL to remotely start computers if you wish.08:56
weedmicok, ty08:58
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dirtcastleI'm trying to mount a partition. I got this error09:04
dirtcastlethis is the partes print free output09:04
alkisgIt sounds like a valid partition with an invalid file system on it :)09:05
alkisgIf it had data, maybe you moved it around improperly?09:05
gordonjcpdirtcastle: there are duplicate superblocks, and if the filesystem has been mangled maybe you can probe for one of them09:07
dirtcastleit has no data .just created it09:07
gordonjcpdirtcastle: okay, is it formatted?09:07
alkisgDid you format it?09:07
dirtcastlei should run partprobe /dev/sda09:08
alkisgIt's not enough to create a partition; you need to run mkfs to create a file system09:08
dirtcastlein parted I gave it ext4. I didn't do anything after that09:08
gordonjcpdirtcastle: yeah, it's not formatted09:08
gordonjcpdirtcastle: you've told it what you expect it to be09:08
gordonjcpdirtcastle: you haven't actually made it into that09:09
Guest7065I tried using the "dd" command on my virtual machine to test the read and write speed, so that the speed can be displayed normally.09:09
dirtcastlelol. ok. got it09:09
Guest7065Is the file system not supported?09:09
dirtcastlethanks for your time!09:09
Guest7065But on my motherboard there is no display rate09:10
gordonjcpdirtcastle: fixed?09:10
dirtcastlenope . Im eating right now 😅🥲. i know the commands that I'll have to run. I'll run and be back.09:11
KBarGuest7065: just use /dev/null09:19
Guest7065dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null bs=4096 count=10409:20
Guest7065This is my order09:20
Guest91Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/133f4af20fe0c6e47955740c683ad026/service.txt09:37
Guest91Is any of those services not running critical?09:38
KBarGuest91: depends on whether you use NetworkManager or something else. if you do, then NetworkManager.service is critical. whoopsie is also recommended for automatic crash report generation09:46
Guest91KBar all those Services seem so be not exsisting. How can i determine what Im using instead of NetworkManager09:51
karthyklolmy ubuntu server went down due to power cut when it was updating no it says some library file is missing how do i fix this without loosing data11:32
wezTheir UPS must have failed.11:42
karthyklolhi if somebody answerd my question please repost since i had a power cut11:46
oerhekskarthyklol, apt install -f # usually fixes things11:58
karthykloloerheks i will give it a try and let you know12:03
karthykloloerheks nope doesn't work it says no packages were touched12:11
certiorarianyone using irssi?12:16
certiorarihow can I navigate to channel 20 and above?12:16
certiorarihi btw! :)12:16
oerhekskarthyklol, pastebin the output of sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade please12:17
JackFrostcertiorari: Depends, there's many ways to do it, but one is /win 2012:17
JackFrostcertiorari: https://niklas.laxstrom.name/page/eng/irssi is another option.12:18
certiorariJackFrost: thx, saving the link :)12:20
JackFrostI guess if you need higher you can just use /win, or https://gist.github.com/xkr47/b6ef9a927567e5b3ef38dc8ad9d0db9e.  Also, since you're already in #ubuntu, /join #ubuntu will bring you back here.12:20
acqskHi, I destroyed keyring or something on lastes ubuntu with KDE, and now when I want to connect to VPN, always is asking me for username and password and there is not possible to save credentials12:21
certiorarithx JackFrost :)12:22
acqsk...also Mailspring is displaying the following message12:22
acqskMailspring cound not store your password securely Make sure you have libsecret installed and a keyring is present...12:22
JackFrostcSure thing.12:23
karthykloloerheks i am getting dns errors when i  run your command  first thing i did was look for resolv.conf it is not there. When i try to create one it doesnt let me.12:26
certiorariJackFrost: ok, I did try "/bind meta-p key win20" but it does not work. what could I be doing wrong?12:55
JackFrostThere's most likely already a bind there, and I'd think that would be /bind meta-p change_window 2012:56
certiorariwill try that, cheers12:57
certiorariworks! you the man! :D12:58
certiorarithx JackFrost12:58
JackFrostSure thing.13:00
donofriogetting a strange message when i do an ls on a mount: https://dpaste.org/DPt7 - thoughts?13:43
mgedminis that a network filesystem?13:44
mgedminafaict stat('/mnt/l') fails with ENOTCONN, while things work inside it ... maybe because they're in the dentry cache?13:46
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BluesKajHi folks14:27
donofriomgedmin, -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `'/mnt/l''14:45
[itchyjunk]Hi, in `top`, i see something called `snapd` eating 50% of CPU. I thought maybe it was snap updating but it's been going on for some times. Should I try to kill it off?15:10
[itchyjunk]1198 root      20   0 2718600 705708  10516 S  46.4 18.2  38:29.54 snapd15:10
[itchyjunk]Ubuntu 18.04.15:11
aienain ubuntu 20.04.4 I cannot find a package called libgnome-keyring0 what happened to it.15:25
aienaIt seems there in ubuntu 18.0415:26
oerheks!find libgnome-keyring15:26
ubottuFile libgnome-keyring found in language-pack-gnome-nds-base15:27
leftyfbaiena: why do you need that particular package?15:27
aienaBecause I am trying to setup a canon printer driver and it depends on that15:28
oerheksBionic was the last version with it; https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=sourcenames&keywords=libgnome-keyring .. https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gnome-keyring15:28
alkisgaiena: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=89235915:28
ubottuDebian bug 892359 in src:libgnome-keyring "libgnome-keyring: Do not release with Buster" [Serious, Open]15:28
aienaI cannot figure out how to build it from source15:28
alkisgIt states the reasons it have been removed from Debian15:28
robot56i hope togea15:29
robot56dont enter this chat15:29
robot56and call me a troll and try to get me +q or banned here15:29
leftyfbrobot56: hello. Do you have an ubuntu support question?15:30
robot56but i kn ow how to use ubuntu15:30
robot56without helo15:30
aienawonder what to do then15:30
leftyfb!chat | robot5615:30
ubotturobot56: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:30
oerheksrecent howto, 3 ways to install the drivers for canon, if the printer is supported * https://www.ubuntupit.com/how-to-install-canon-printer-driver-in-ubuntu-linux/15:30
aienaoerheks: yes I saw that ppa but I don't know if it is safe15:31
oerheksi would suggest method 215:31
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aienaoerheks: I am curious about that foomatic-db option do you know how it works15:34
oerheksnever used that DB15:38
[itchyjunk]:( the snapd is still running and everything had slowed down.15:40
jpmhI have a 18.04 system which now has a kernel panic - it has been suggested that  I revert to a previous kernel.  I have booted from an ISO and all looks OK -- how to I set it to boot from a previous kernel?15:40
alkisgjpmh: you select it from the grub menu > advanced options15:52
yrdsbwill ubuntu 20.04 look like 18.04 look like ubuntu 18.04 if i put old icons and ambience15:52
jpmhalkisg: ty - but how do I set that menu to show up since I booted from an ISO15:57
alkisgjpmh: you reboot, remove the iso, and use the disk. If the menu doesn't show up, try to hold left shift or press esc while it boots16:14
yrdsbwhy is ubuntu now just slightly modifed gnome16:14
yrdsbwhich a slightly modifed version of adwaita called yaru16:15
yrdsbwhy is ubuntu mostly vanilla gnome16:15
yrdsbonly  a few extnsions installed16:15
yrdsband only have a slightly modifed version of adwaita theme16:15
jhutchinsyrdsb: So you're free to customize it your own way.16:16
oerhekswhy themes?16:16
yrdsbrememeber unity16:17
yrdsbit was way better then the gnome version16:17
oerheksunity still exists, just not as default16:17
yrdsbit made ubuntu unique when ubuntu switch to gnome it no longer unique since you can install similer extensions on other distro to make it look like ubuntu16:17
leftyfb!chat | yrdsb16:17
ubottuyrdsb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:17
yrdsbwhy is ubuntu 20.0416:19
yrdsbjust vanilla gnome16:19
yrdsbbut with icons and dock16:19
yrdsband slightly modifed adwait16:19
leftyfbyrdsb: do you have a support question?16:19
yrdsbyes when will ubuntu be unique again16:20
yrdsbsince they switch to gnome which is vanilla gnome but with dock and icons16:20
leftyfbyrdsb: that's not a support question. Feel free to give feedback in #ubuntu-offtopic or submit a bug on launchpad.net16:20
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours16:20
oerheksubuntu is more than gnome16:20
yrdsbcan i use tasksel to switch flavors on ubuntu16:22
yrdsbalso since i used ubuntu server to install ubuntu-desktop mauelly how do i add a bootscreen to my ubuntu16:23
yrdsbhow do i boot screen since i used ubuntu server to install the de16:26
yrdsbhow do i add a boot screen to my ubuntu16:26
yrdsbsince i used ubuntu server and did sudo apt install tasksel then type in tasksel then install ubuntu-desktop16:26
yrdsbbut it did not install the boot screen16:27
jpmhalkisg: TY16:27
leftyfbyrdsb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Plymouth16:27
Mat1010Hi good day. How to create keyboard shortcuts, which open the browser and go to = https://web.libera.chat/, for example?16:53
leftyfbMat1010: create a script16:56
Mat1010my question is if this process is available in ubuntu without having to code a script16:57
ioriaMat1010, yes; open Settings > Keyboad Shortcuts ; go down adn press '+'; name_of_the shortcut; Command  firefox web.libera.chat  : then press Set Shortcut and choose the keys (like Alt+H, but consider some keys are reserved)16:57
Mat1010how to make a script in ubuntu?16:57
Mat1010I understand ioria16:58
ioriaMat1010, press 'Add' at the end16:59
Mat1010That's what I'm looking for.17:00
leftyfbioria: I forgot you can just put comands into the "Command" entry. Had it in my head you had to point to an application or something17:01
Mat1010with a script?17:02
iorialeftyfb, yeah17:02
ioriaMat1010, with a script is the same; you write a script and put it's path in the Command entry17:05
jimmybHey all! I was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot this issue I have with upgrading a package. I am not sure if this is an issue with the repo, or something else - but perhaps you guys could help determine that. Basically I am trying to upgrade the grafana-enterprise package but I am being told that it's already on the latest version -17:14
Mat1010In the file system, where can I see the lines of code that make the "Keyboard shortcuts" command work?17:14
leftyfb!latest | jimmyb17:15
ubottujimmyb: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:15
jimmybHrmm, I don't think that's it.17:15
leftyfbjimmyb: you'll need to contact Grafana for support with their package and repo17:15
enigma9o7[m]Dont get it.17:16
enigma9o7[m]yeah thats weird apt policy result17:16
jimmybAh I figured I would probably get such a response, but at least that confirms it looks like an issue with their repo.17:16
leftyfbjimmyb: if I had to guess, you might have the repo added but it doesn't look like 8.4.3 is available for your distro/release17:16
enigma9o7[m]is it the same with just `apt policy` as opposed to `apt-cache policy`17:16
enigma9o7[m]It should be, just making sure, cuz that doesnt make sense, why is the candidate not the latest when its the only one offered17:16
jimmybleftyfb: How could I tell if it's not available for my distro/release?17:16
jimmybenigma9o7[m]: Let me check.17:16
leftyfbjimmyb: look through their repo or contact Grafana17:17
lupihey guys. if I renew ip using dhclient. should I expect systemd-networkd's logs (journalctl) to update?17:17
jimmybenigma9o7[m]: Yeah, same result when using `apt policy grafana-enterprise`.17:17
leftyfblupi: why are you calling dhclient directly?17:17
jimmybleftyfb: I did try looking through their repo, or tried finding the URL to look through their repo, but couldn't seem to figure it out.17:18
lupicause it always get the same ip address from the dhcp server.17:18
leftyfblupi: what is your end goal?17:18
Apachezend game17:19
jimmybenigma9o7[m]: Sorry, I truncated some of the output from `apt cache`. It wasn't the only one offered.17:19
lupileftyfb: so there are two vms. diff macs. both host-only net. but gets the same ip. the goal is to have different ips from dhcp17:19
enigma9o7[m]ah ok, let's see the full output17:19
leftyfblupi: if you want to change which ip your client gets, you can try deleting /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.* on the client and deleting the dhcp lease on the server17:19
enigma9o7[m]there is probably priority numbers that are relevant17:19
leftyfblupi: you'll then want to reboot the client17:19
jimmybenigma9o7[m]: Here's the full output -- https://ghostbin.linuxbox.ninja/paste/bcb6y17:20
lupileftyfb: did that. so what i did was. dhclient -r. delete lease file. dhclient -v17:20
leftyfblupi: did you delete the lease on the dhcp server?17:20
leftyfblupi: I would delete the lease files on both clients, delete the leases for both clients on the server and then reboot both clients17:21
lupileftyfb: this is virtualbox btw. it has its "internal" dhcp server for host only networks.17:21
lupileftyfb: the other client/vm is turned off17:21
jimmybenigma9o7[m]: And here is /var/lib/dpkg/status if that helps -- https://ghostbin.linuxbox.ninja/paste/z4xax17:21
leftyfblupi: this is an issue with Virtualbox then, not the client17:21
enigma9o7[m]Not priority numbers, hmmm.  I'd just specify the latest version in your install command to see if that works.17:22
lupiok thanks leftyfb17:22
jimmybenigma9o7[m]: Ah yeah that totally worked 😝 `apt install grafana-enterprise=8.4.3`. Weird...17:23
enigma9o7[m]apt install grafana-enterprise=8.4.317:23
enigma9o7[m]ya exactly.17:23
enigma9o7[m]maybe you have some /etc/apt/preference or something to tell it not to update?17:24
leftyfbI'm willing to bet a full-upgrade or just calling "apt install grafana-enterprise" would have worked. It was probably held back from updates by the vendor for whatever reason17:24
jimmybleftyfb: As shown in my pastes I did try running `apt install grafana-enterprise`.17:28
o97115Hi! In Ubuntu 21.10 (Wayland) 3 fingers swipes are pre-bound to open Activities and change virtual desktops, I think. Where can I change those gestures?18:05
o97115Settings -> Touchpad has nothing on this18:06
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o97115It **should** be configurable, right? Right?  :)19:23
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Maiko97115: probably not OOTB19:42
Maikdid you google for it already?19:42
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o97115Maik: well, touchegg is X11 only, no? And I want not to enable some customs gestures but to disable those that are forcingly enabled by the system19:43
Maikdunno, i for one do not use Wayland nor did i try it (touchegg)19:45
o97115I just can't imagine that a feature like a gesture would be hardcoded... There must be a way :)19:46
o97115Unfortunately, I can't find it... :(19:46
Maikwell.. probably blame the Gnome devs19:47
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o97115Maik: don't want to blame anybody :) And thanks for your interst anyway!19:48
ograo97115, how about https://discourse.gnome.org/t/how-to-disable-edit-touchpad-gestures-in-gnome-40/6081/219:48
ogra"For now, you’ll have to hack /usr/lib64/gnome-shell/libgnome-shell.so … edit with a hex editor19:49
ograFind this “GESTURE_FINGER_COUNT = 3” … change 3 to 4. or maybe change in to 5 to disable swiping in the shell."19:49
o97115ogra: thanks!19:49
ografun 🙂19:49
o97115will look into it19:49
ograbut the libinput config might help for applications at least19:49
donofriohere is the output when I do an ls command - https://dpaste.org/DPt7 - thoughts?19:52
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tomreyndonofrio: which ubuntu release and kernel version is running?19:55
alkisgdonofrio: it seems like a stale network mount. Unmount, fix network, mount again19:55
donofriotomreyn, 20.04.420:50
donofrioalkisg, not stale I can do a directory listing of it just when I try to do a find command on it the find command doens't like it or something20:51
alkisgdonofrio: what mount is it, nfs, cifs, sshfs?20:53
ioriai bet on sshfs20:54
donofrioWSL2 it is a windows mount using drvfs /mnt/l = "sudo mount -t drvfs l: /mnt/l" and the windows 10 workstation it is just a net use to a windows server mapped as l:20:56
alkisgDoes mkdir test work there?20:57
donofriopermission denied, I'm just a normal user20:58
morganusomething exists called #test donofrio21:03
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* morganu invites donofrio to #test21:04
* alkisg has left windows decades ago and doesn't want to touch anything like wsl...21:05
funhousequestion, when i do nmap on my local server it shows `5432/tcp open  postgresql`21:17
funhousebut when i do from a remote server it shows `5432/tcp closed postgresql`21:17
funhouseis this an iptables issue?21:17
wezalkisg: wsl is nasty21:17
sarnoldfunhouse: what exactly do you think the issue is?21:18
funhousesarnold: im not sure, thats why i asked if iptables21:18
funhousei opened all connections in the config21:19
sarnoldfunhouse: are you trying to expose your postgres server to the network?21:19
sarnoldfunhouse: or are you trying to make sure that your postgres isn't available over the network?21:19
funhousesarnold: expose/open to all21:20
sarnoldfunhouse: check sudo ss -tnlp what addresses the postgres server is bound to21:20
funhousesarnold: `LISTEN          0               244                               [::]:5432                           [::]:*             users:(("postgres",pid=178842,fd=6))`21:21
funhousesarnold: and this21:22
funhouse`LISTEN          0               244                                *             users:(("postgres",pid=178842,fd=5))`21:22
sarnoldfunhouse: nice, those look pretty open indeed :) so yeah, next check, your iptables rules, and if you're hosting this machine in aws or another cloud environment, something like "security groups", etc21:25
donofriomorganu, #test?21:25
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funhousesarnold: yes port is open21:29
funhousesarnold: do you know how to check the rules?21:29
sarnoldfunhouse: try iptables -L21:30
sarnoldfunhouse: I don't think that's exhaustive, but I don't know iptables real well :(21:30
donofriowez, hu why do you say that is anything it will bring linux people from windows right?21:31
donofrioI'm using wayland right now no x11 client at all...just download from store install update put xfce4 on it and it work swimmingly...21:32
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funhousesarold: IPTABLES is wide open21:57
wezdonofrio: It won't, it encourages people to use Windows when they want to use Linux. Counter productive21:58
wezdonofrio: WSL also has a bunch of technical fault with it. I believe WSL2 is a lot better, but still.21:58
sarnoldfunhouse: hmm then I'm not sure where else to look, if iptables -L shows no rules to block traffic, and there's no fireweall rules at your provider..22:05
yoloon ubuntu 20.04 a few times a day my gnome just freezes for a few seconds, no cursor movement no keyboard allowed, then it refreshes and comes back, what could be the cause? gnome-shell extensions? where can I check logging for this kind of error?22:24
sarnoldyolo: try running free -h --- how much swap space is used?22:24
yolomostly triggered by I'm doing some typing on gnome-shell, or quitting vim,etc22:25
yolosarnold: plenty of memory here and rarely swap is touched22:25
yolo10GB RAM left, 1280 swap used22:25
yoloin bytes22:25
sarnoldthat's good but a bit of a bummer since now I'm not sure what to suggest22:26
sarnoldgnome-shell extensions is quite plausible, those can interact oddly with a lot of things22:26
yoloi lived with it for a while but it gets a bit frequent thus a bit annoying nowadays22:27
sarnoldit's also possible it's the javascript engine doing a garbage collection, but that's hard to know..22:27
yoloif it's GC, it should pause, in my case, the screen actually pause then the windows are not exactly the same in overlapping order22:27
yolotheir content are intact however, which is good22:28
yoloGC should just pause and resume and not messing up with layouts22:28
sarnoldoh *weird*22:28
yolowish  there is a log I can 'tail -f' on the size to see what's going one22:28
sarnoldyolo: maybe you've got an ~/.xsession-errors file ? try that.. also journalctl -f  -- that sometimes gets good results22:29
yoloyes i will run journctl by the side in the hope to catch it next time22:33
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yrdsbhi waht do you recommned lts or non lts23:14
jhutchins yrdsb: Depends on what you want, what you're going to use it for.23:15
yrdsbi will use it for23:15
yrdsbgenerel use23:15
yrdsblike web browsing photoedintg and gaming23:15
jhutchinsyrdsb: Do you just want a stable, reliable platform, or do you want to try new things?23:16
yrdsbi want a stable reliable platfomr23:16
yrdsbstablilty is more imporatent then features23:16
jhutchinsyrdsb: Go with LTS then.  THere will be fewer changes, and you will be able to use the same versions for a longer period.23:17
yrdsbwait a minute23:17
yrdsb9 months of support23:17
yrdsbtoo short23:17
yrdsbI tried 21.10 before23:18
yrdsband i am trying it again but i install vbox guest additon in it many times23:18
yrdsband 21.10 kept breaking23:18
yrdsbi hope the breaking problem get fixed23:18
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Focal (Focal Fossa 20.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.23:18
jhutchinsyrdsb: Not sure where you got 9 months.23:19
jhutchinsyrdsb: Please don't abuse the bot.23:20
yrdsbstop it23:20
yrdsbwhy is the bot not working23:20
jhutchinsyrdsb: You don't know how to use it.  Please stop.23:20
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Focal (Focal Fossa 20.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.23:21
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours23:21
yrdsbwhen will the commands work23:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:22
lagboxtheir +q in #linux makes sense now23:23
jhutchinslagbox: Does that mean they're muted?23:24
robot56oh no i forgot23:24
robot56ban evading is aganist libra.chat polices23:24
donofriowez, yah using and talking about wsl223:55

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