bigonhttps://github.com/firewalld/firewalld/issues/414 << are you aware of that bug?08:08
ubottuIssue 414 in firewalld/firewalld "systemd unit file: possible dependency loop" [Open]08:08
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PMNDHi there, using cloud-init on AWS EC2 CentOS7. During cloud-init-local inside search-Ec2Local we are seeing this stage take 50s fairly reliably on the 2nd boot of the instance only (1st boot is bake). When digging into the logs we see some slow DNS requests: "2022-03-01 19:33:58,628 - util.py[DEBUG]: Resolving URL: took23:11
PMND40.042 seconds \n 2022-03-01 19:34:08,639 - util.py[DEBUG]: Resolving URL: http://instance-data.:8773 took 10.010 seconds". Any ideas what a root cause and solution might be? Google-searching points towards resolverd / d-bus related things but not super clear.23:11

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