pieqI have a question regarding launchpadlib:03:21
pieqThere is a "content_type" parameter that is not mandatory. What does launchpadlib do to determine the content type if none is provided?03:22
guruprasadpieq, if a value is not provided for the 'content_type' parameter, Launchpad tries to guess it using the 'guess_content_type' function from 'zope.contenttype' (https://zopecontenttype.readthedocs.io/en/latest/api.html#zope.contenttype.guess_content_type)07:44
guruprasadAfaics, Launchpadlib does not pass a value for 'content_type' when it is not provided and this is handled on the backend.07:45
pieqguruprasad: thanks!08:14
guruprasadpieq, you are welcome!08:51
ricotzhello :), is there an ETA for lgw01 builders being back online?12:10
cjwatsonricotz: they're intentionally offline and retained only for emergencies12:19
cjwatsonlcy02 does seem to need a bit of attention right now, but I'd prefer to only enable lgw01 if lcy02 is entirely dead12:19
cjwatson(lgw01 is an older hardware generation; the datacentre it's in isn't quite marked for decommissioning yet, but we're generally trying to move stuff out of it where practical)12:22
ricotzcjwatson, hi, does lgw01 provide more RAM for a builder instance?12:25
cjwatsonricotz: no12:25
cjwatsonlgw01 is *older* than lcy02 and less good in most ways, though as it happens the core count, RAM, and disk configurations are the same12:25
ricotzI am building libreoffice on impish which occasionally fails with a linker error, likely an OOM12:26
cjwatsonthen lgw01 will not help you12:26
ricotzbut re-tries lately result in the same failure consistently :(12:26
cjwatsonit would just be slower12:26
ricotzI see, could be less concurrent jobs12:26
cjwatsonwe've talked about upping builder RAM allocations to 16GiB across the board, but haven't done that yet (and need to ensure that it isn't going to cause any problems)12:27
ricotzI see, I was about to ask for some current specs12:28
ricotzso there are not special builders, like for the autopkgtests which more RAM12:28
cjwatsonricotz: No; that's difficult to arrange since for latency reasons we do the reset of a builder before we know what's going to be dispatched to it12:31
cjwatsonAnd we don't at present maintain a "large" pool or something.  We may have to at some point, but that would be a chunk of complexity across the board so I want to resist that as long as possible12:32
ricotzthank you for the insights, I hoping the mentioned build succeeds at some point12:33
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