lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> QA ISO links now corrected and working again ..08:35
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> Gah! Our iso is oversized again.13:33
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Remind me..what is correct size? 1.9Gb? (re @kc2bez: Gah! Our iso is oversized again.)14:29
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> I recently had them update it to 2.6Gb14:31
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Firefox double? Both snap and package? (re @kc2bez: Gah! Our iso is oversized again.)14:32
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> Is it?14:32
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> It shouldn't be. I removed it from the seed.14:32
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> The deb anyway14:32
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> I added the snap. You should be able to see that with a snap list14:33
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Check the manifest and my bug report 1963672 latest ISO14:34
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> ok14:34
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> They switched the deb to be transitional to the snap now so it should just be a dummy package.14:35
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> OK ..but still double on app menu14:35
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> uff, ok14:36
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> the transitional package is stuck in proposed14:41
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> Good to know, thanks @RikMills14:42
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#firefox14:42

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