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jailbreakwhat's the name of the screenshot app that's used in Lubuntu (LXQt) and it's command to run if you're not LXQt?20:08
krytarik!info screengrab20:13
ubottuscreengrab (2.2.0-0ubuntu1, impish): Crossplatform tool for getting screenshots. In component universe, is optional. Built by screengrab. Size 213 kB / 912 kB20:13
krytarikjailbreak: Yeah, looks like it's this.20:13
jailbreakthat's not it.20:14
krytarikhttps://git.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/lubuntu/tree/desktop - I'm looking at the current seed here.. otherwise you need to be a bit more specific as to what version you are using.20:14
jailbreakfound it: file:///usr/share/applications/lximage-qt-screenshot.desktop20:15
ubottuCommit f27faf6 in ~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/lubuntu "added screen grab to seed since upstream wants to remove lximage-qt screenshot functionality soon https://github.com/lxqt/screengrab/issues/42"20:17
jailbreakhmm that was a while ago20:21
jailbreak2019-08-10 23:09:23 -050020:22
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crashed_foxhello, I've been experience tab crashes and sometimes full browser crashes with Firefox on Lubuntu 21.10. Firefox is the apt version 97.0+build2-0ubuntu0.21.10.1.   I was wondering if this is common behaviour and if anyone has possible solutions? Majority of google results are for resolving snap issues, not apt21:57
tomreynyou'll be using the snap version22:03
tomreynunless you installed the firefox deb from a different release?22:03
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> Not until 22.04.22:03
tomreynoh ok22:04
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> 21.10 is still a deb for the flavors22:04
tomreynsorry, wasn't aware, kc2bez 22:04
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> No worries22:04
jailbreakwhy are you moving towards a firefox snap? people HATE snap22:05
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> It wasn't up to the Lubuntu team.22:05
tomreyncrashed_fox: it might help to submit a crash + bug report22:05
crashed_foxokay - I have been through firefox's crash pop-up22:06
jailbreakcrashed_fox: I have Firefox-ESR and Firefox working on an i5-6500T, no crashes here22:06
tomreyncrashed_fox: you could also check your logs and see what happens there, or run firefox froma terminal and see the output when it craches22:06
crashed_foxthank you tomreyn I will try through terminal22:06
tomreynyou mean firefox' own crash popup, where it asks for your email address?22:07
jailbreakcrashed_fox: you can also start firefox in safe mode to make sure it's not an addon or setting messing up22:07
crashed_foxjailbreak what is firefox-esr?22:07
jailbreakcrashed_fox: LTS firefox :-)22:07
crashed_foxoh okay thank you22:07
crashed_foxI wasn't required to give an email, but maybe I just skipped that box - it was the firefox crash popup yes22:08
jailbreaktry FF safe mode22:08
tomreynsomehow i thought firefox' own crash reporter was disabled in *ubuntuland22:08
crashed_foxshould safe-mode help reduce crashes or just debug the cause of the crash better?22:11
tomreynabout:crashes and about:crashcontent would possibly provide more info.22:14
crashed_foxalright - I got it crashing is safe-mode, just individual tabs and not the whole browser at the moment though22:14
jailbreakcrashed_fox: what system you using?22:14
crashed_foxI have a warning in terminal when I started firefox - Gtk-WARNING **: 16:08:46.953: Locale not supported by C library.22:14
crashed_fox        Using the fallback 'C' locale.22:14
jailbreakthat *shouldn't* make it crash22:15
crashed_foxLubuntu 21.10 - my machine is about a 5yr old laptop, used to have an HDD dualboot 20.04 & Win10 but that was dying so I upgraded to SSD with 21.1022:18
crashed_foxwould other system info be more helpful?22:19
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> I suggest filing a bug on launchpad to get some more eyes on it. ubuntu-bug firefox should get you there.22:21
crashed_foxfirefox's launchpad.net page?22:25
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> It should be a launchpad.net bug filed against Firefox. It should collect all of the necessary logs automatically.22:27
crashed_foxokay great - thank you for the help22:28
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> Sure thing22:28
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