brotherdustHi folks! Hope you are all well today! I'm trying to configure netplan to use an _interface_ route. Here's the /etc/network/interfaces equivalent:18:10
brotherdustauto enp196s0f0np018:10
brotherdustiface enp196s0f0np0 inet static18:10
brotherdust        mtu 921618:10
brotherdust        address
brotherdust        pointopoint
brotherdustAnd here's what seems to be the netplan equivalent:18:10
brotherdust  addresses:18:10
brotherdust  -
brotherdust  routes:18:10
brotherdust  - to:
brotherdust    on-link: true18:10
brotherdustHowever, when I try to apply, I get this:18:10
brotherdustunicast route must include both a 'to' and 'via'18:10
brotherdustI tried adding a via to the configuration, and it applies, but the route is constructed improperly. Any thoughts on how to get the netplan to cooperate?18:10
brotherdustIn other words, doing this:18:12
brotherdust  addresses:18:12
brotherdust  -
brotherdust  routes:18:12
brotherdust  - to:
brotherdust    via:
brotherdust    on-link: true18:12
brotherdustResults in this route entry:18:12
brotherdust172.16.1.1 via dev enp196s0f0np0 proto static onlink18:12
brotherdustWhich is _not_ an interface route. It should look like this:18:12
brotherdust172.16.1.1 via dev enp196s0f0np018:12

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