jpnurmigood morning06:30
dufluHi jpnurmi 06:45
jpnurmihey duflu06:45
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:55
jpnurmigood morning oSoMoN06:55
oSoMoNhey jpnurmi 06:56
dufluMorning oSoMoN 07:01
dufluHmm, nautilus 42 is really slow and stuttery at scrolling. High CPU too. Is that new in 42 or just me noticing now?07:01
oSoMoNhey duflu 07:03
dufluMaybe ignore me. Nautilus 42 is only slow in gnome-shell 42 for some reason.07:04
dufluGotta love scalable vector graphics: /usr/share/backgrounds/gnome/blobs-l.svg is 4550 bytes in size07:58
KGB-2evince signed tags 4b2ce1e Jeremy Bicha upstream/42_beta * Upstream version 42~beta * https://deb.li/3o6bC08:06
KGB-0evince pristine-tar 8e8a5ce Jeremy Bicha evince_42~beta.orig.tar.xz.delta evince_42~beta.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for evince_42~beta.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/mjle08:06
KGB-2evince upstream/latest 8f4c2ac Jeremy Bicha * pushed 174 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/S6uU08:06
KGB-2evince upstream/latest df01c6e Germán Poo-Caamaño build-aux/flatpak/org.gnome.Evince.json * flatpak: Bump gnome-desktop version * https://deb.li/3zESF08:06
KGB-2evince upstream/latest 2d83cc8 Germán Poo-Caamaño build-aux/flatpak/org.gnome.Evince.json * flatpak: Bump poppler version and update build options * https://deb.li/33jQ708:07
KGB-2evince upstream/latest 7782688 Germán Poo-Caamaño build-aux/flatpak/ org.gnome.Evince.json python3-gi-docgen-dependencies.json * flatpak: Add gi-docgen and its dependencies as modules * https://deb.li/iOz9d08:07
KGB-2evince upstream/latest d7bd225 Germán Poo-Caamaño build-aux/flatpak/org.gnome.Evince.json * flatpak: Build introspection and API documentation * https://deb.li/UggI08:07
KGB-2evince upstream/latest cf00559 Germán Poo-Caamaño org.gnome.Evince.appdata.xml.in * appdata: Fix missing tag * https://deb.li/37EIA08:07
KGB-0libgweather signed tags 5cd66d4 Jeremy Bicha upstream/3.99.0 * Upstream version 3.99.0 * https://deb.li/35aQ209:01
KGB-2libgweather pristine-tar e3ab4e7 Jeremy Bicha libgweather4_3.99.0.orig.tar.xz.delta libgweather4_3.99.0.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for libgweather4_3.99.0.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/sjWM09:02
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KGB-2vala upstream/latest 03e74e5 Princeton Ferro gobject-introspection/gidl.vapi * g-i: Update gidl binding to include type hierarchy * https://deb.li/36t7e14:09
KGB-2vala upstream/latest 2d4acc8 Rico Tzschichholz tests/Makefile.am vala/valagirparser.vala tests/gir/symbol-redefined.test tests/gir/symbol-without-name.test * girparser: Handle duplicated and unnamed symbols * https://deb.li/xsT714:10
KGB-2vala upstream/latest b575891 Rico Tzschichholz vala/valagirparser.vala * girparser: Add support for "copy_/free_function" metadata for compact classes * https://deb.li/3KtPd14:10
KGB-2vala upstream/latest 0474d01 Rico Tzschichholz vapi/ libgsf-1.vapi metadata/Gsf-1.metadata * libgsf-1: Fix a few binding errors * https://deb.li/vpOF14:10
KGB-2vala upstream/latest fcb3496 Rico Tzschichholz vapi/libarchive.vapi * libarchive: Fix a few binding errors * https://deb.li/3sSm114:10
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