FurretUberJust got the third install to crash on upgrade02:30
FurretUberThis time it's still running, so I may get something from it02:31
FurretUberGot signal 15 from process 102:33
FurretUberHmmm... I tried to use systemctl status lightdm and got "Failed to get properties: Failed to activate service 'org.freedesktop.systemd1': timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)"02:37
FurretUberApparently when systemd updates, it crashes lightdm and then some commands stop working, as systemctl02:39
FurretUberI reported this, it is bug 196360002:52
ubottuBug 1963600 in systemd (Ubuntu) "On upgrade, systemctl and lightdm stop working, leaving the system in a degraded state" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196360002:52
tomreynprocess 1 is systemd itself02:53
tomreynthe "SystemdFailedUnits:" output attached to your bug report looks interesting02:54
FurretUberIs there a way I can get the same info without apport? I have one crashed machine here, with one tty I started before the upgrade02:55
lotuspsychjeFurretUber: does that happen on xubuntu only, or other flavours/desktop aswell?02:55
FurretUberFor now, I tested only with Xubuntu02:55
lotuspsychjeand i didnt test lightdm on -desktop yet, maybe Maik ?02:56
lotuspsychjeor guiverc ^02:56
tomreynis that the default kernel version? "ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 5.15.0-22.22-generic 5.15.19"  https://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/linux-image-generic seems to point elsewhere02:57
* guiverc reading ^02:57
tomreyn(but it could be outdated)02:57
FurretUberI got this on 5.4.0-100 too02:59
FurretUberAnd on 5.13.0-19-generic02:59
lotuspsychje5.15.0-18-generic here tomreyn 03:00
tomreynlotuspsychje: right, that's the version p.u.c points to03:01
guivercFurretUber, systemd-oomd can close down processes if it detects OOM (out-of-memory)  so I'd check journalctl ; but that's just a thought as I have no ideas from what I see sorry03:04
lotuspsychjebeing able to reproduce this, is interesting indeed03:07
FurretUberFrom journalctl (which gladly works), there are more services with the service_start_timeout=25000ms message03:09
guivercI see 3 bugs (recent) bugs reported on lightdm on jammy with xubuntu/xfce03:51
tarzeaumeh libpcl-dev not installable due to libtbb12 : Breaks: libtbb2 (< 2021) but 2020.3-1 is to be installed09:17
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Maiklotuspsychje: sorry, i only run Ubuntu 22.04 on the Pi and Kubuntu 22.04 on this machine13:16
unixtippseHey everyone, any known issues with today's jammy-live-server-amd64.iso? My subiquity test environments download 98%/99% of the image, report "loop0 capacity change", "Unable to find a live filesystem on the network" and drop into an initramfs shell. SHA256 ending in -e4f85b1e double- and triple-checked.13:25
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jailbreakYeah so hearing Firefox is moving to a 'snap' version, can we still install the .deb with 22.04? please say yeah!!22:21
PaulW2Ujailbreak: no, at Mozilla's request the deb is giving way to the snap - see bug 196202122:59
ubottuBug 1962021 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Make the deb package install the firefox snap" [High, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196202122:59
kinghatmozilla also publishing flatpaks too i think 🤔23:21
Maikso Mozilla decided to drop the deb package in favor of snap on Ubuntu and on the other hand they let Mint still use deb? Makes no sense to me23:26

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