mirespacegood morning05:09
utkarsh2102mirespace: that's an early morning for you today :)06:04
mirespaceutkarsh2012: totally agree :)06:05
mirespaceups, I discountes one hundred from your nickname06:06
mirespacemy maths are not good at the morning either :D06:06
utkarsh2102it's a date, 21st Feb -> 21/02 -> 2102 :)06:09
mirespaceit's your birthday!06:13
utkarsh2102haha, yep!06:22
rbasakutkarsh2102: happy belated birthday!11:02
ahasenackrbasak: hi, you have a good eye, I would appreciate a glance at https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/nfs-utils/+git/nfs-utils/+merge/41639713:54
ahasenackdoesn't have to be a full review, just take a look, do a smell test13:54
ahasenackleave your opinion, etc13:54
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Comnenussarnold: do you know if it's possible to create a custom storage layout in maas?  I'm not finding much on this.  I was hoping to make a storage layout and set it as the default.15:47
mircsicz Hi all, I've got an issue while setting up rsyslog to receive messages from remote hosts. I'm on 20.04.3 and added the following lines to rsyslog.conf: https://paste.debian.net/1233004/16:05
mircsiczProblem is the logs from remote still show up in syslog and this: Mar  4 16:01:30 loghub-bc-01 rsyslogd: error during config processing: omfile: creating parent directories for file  '/var/log/loghub/2022/s3stor-mon-03-2022-03-04.log' failed: Permission denied [v8.2001.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2207 ]16:06
mircsiczMar  4 16:01:30 loghub-bc-01 rsyslogd: error during config processing: Could not open dynamic file '/var/log/loghub/2022/s3stor-mon-03-2022-03-04.log' [state-3000] - discarding message [v8.2001.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2207 ]16:06
mircsiczI've had all that in a seperate file but to remove clutter and have it in first prio I've (as written above) already moved into rsyslog.conf16:07
ahasenackI think you need a stop rule if you want the messages to not go anywhere else after that16:07
ahasenackre perm denied, rsyslog doesn't seem to have permissions to create the file or directories up to it16:08
ahasenackin ubuntu, rsyslog does not run as root16:08
mircsiczahasenack I just added "& ~" after the template and that works...16:12
ahasenackyes, the ~ is a stop16:12
ahasenackI prefer to try to use the more explicit config language in rsyslog when possible16:12
ahasenackwith {} blocks, and then "stop" is literal16:13
mircsiczahasenack I've already checked permissions and apparmor (which seems to not have the Profile for rsyslogd loaded) and permissions seem to be good: https://paste.debian.net/1232977/16:14
ahasenackmissing x in logbug, or is that in the acl?16:15
mircsiczahasenack damnit THX for stumbing my nose into that pile so sh.. :-(16:20
ahasenackjust bouncing ideas off somebody else, second pair of eyes, etc :)16:20
ahasenackfresh look16:20
mircsiczahasenack But that was it THX a ton 8-)16:21
ahasenacknp :)16:21
oerheks!cookie | ahasenack16:23
ubottuahasenack: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:23
mirespace mmm... it seems I was blaming vim in the wrong window :$16:33
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sarnoldComnenus: sorry, I don't know a whole lot about maas :( -- there's a #maas channel, have you found it yet? is anyone there or is it all idlers? heh19:56
Comnenussarnold: probably idlers but it's worth a shot.21:24

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