penguin42'Sainsbury's confirmed on Friday that it would, however, continue to sell JJ Whitley vodka products, after the manufacturer said it planned to move all production away from St Petersburg to Chorley in Lancashire.'   Chorley - the long known Vodka capital of the UK15:39
zxmpisame factory that makes toilet duck, isn't it? :-P15:40
penguin42ah the citrus flavour15:55
davefIt all tastes the same16:10
zxmpistop using it as a mixer with your turpentine :-P16:53
davefI drunk the swarfega too17:36
daftykinsfinest of jellies17:52
davefI'm disappointed. None of you got the Red Dwarf reference.19:01
davefCall yourself geeks, pah! 19:02

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