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certiorarihi, im trying to install irssi with the option --with-socks, but it returns "invalid option" why?01:05
tomreynwhat's the command you're running?01:06
sarnoldwhat does it mean to "install irssi with the option --with-socks"?01:06
certiorari"install irssi --with-socks"01:07
certiorariI neet to use socks5 so need to install it with the socks option01:07
tomreynso you built irssi on your own?01:07
tomreynwhat do you expect the "install" comand to do?01:08
certiorariinstall it?01:09
Ravagethe command you are looking for is "sudo apt-get install irssi"01:09
certiorariwell, yes ofc :)01:09
certioraribut Im installing it using homebrew and mac<os01:09
sybaritenhey hey...   i have a Fujitsu mini PC, 320 Gb WD harddrive running some form of ubuntu, 18 or 20 i reckon. I managed to screw this disk up somehow. On the startups it says "boot failure. press any key to continue" now, in that white bootup font01:09
Ravagecertiorari: this is the Ubuntu support channel. We can only support the official Ubuntu releases01:10
sybaritenfrom what i can gather there can be several reasons for this message, one fundamental is that the drive isnt visible for the system but i dont think thats the case. BIOS lists it, and now that i've booted up into ubuntu with a USB memory, fdisk -l sees it.01:10
certiorariRavage: ok, will look elsewhere01:11
tomreyncertiorari: the short help for the "install" command says "install - copy files and set attributes". this is a script usually used to moved files into place in the different directories after your built a software. it's not the default approach for installing new software on ubuntu.01:11
sybaritenSo i dont think its a hardware problem really but i think i managed to mess with the HD by accidentally turning off the machine at the wrong moment or something. Any ideas to my first step of salvaging the boot sequence / OS, without re-installing too much ?01:11
tomreynsybariten: "boot failure. press any key to continue" sounds like a (legacy) bios looking for a boot sector on the device it is configured to try booting from, and not finding one, or being unable to read it.01:14
tomreynpossible reasons: pointed at wrong storage media; broken boot sector on storage media.01:15
Bashing-omsybariten: "turning off the machine" >> run a file system check (fsck) from the liveUSB.01:15
tomreyn320 GB HDD sounds veeeeery old01:16
sybaritentomreyn: aha aha. What exactly does legacy mean in BIOS contexts? It comes up all the time01:16
tomreynsybariten: in the cpontext i used it i meant to point out this is probably not UEFI booting01:16
sybaritentomreyn: i dunno, ten years maybe? I have plenty of 320 disks that run fine01:17
sybaritenhmmm and what is UEFI booting? is this this new thing that appeared, when it was suddenly a bit tricker to get to BIOS menus and set boot orders and such?01:17
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:18
sybaritenhmmm ok01:19
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tomreynsybariten: try disconnecting any other storage devices, and make sure the bios is configured to boot off the right HDD01:20
sybaritenBashing-om: hmm ok i'll run the one that comes with ubuntu 20. Not a huge process is it?01:20
bexhello i am trying to follow this guide but i'm stuck on importing ssh key https://ubuntu.com/download/intel-nuc01:23
Bashing-omsybariten: Noi it is simple - is advised however to run the check from same version as installed. - from the lifeueb run ' sduo fdisk -lu ' to *know* the target.01:24
Bashing-omsudo fdisk -lu  - sheesh my fingers not complying !01:25
tomreyn!ubuntucore | bex01:25
ubottubex: Ubuntu Core is a version of Ubuntu with transactional updates completely built from snap packages (also see !snap). For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see https://ubuntu.com/core01:25
tomreynbex: note also on the page you downloaded from: "There are two install options for the Intel NUC: Ubuntu Core or Ubuntu Desktop This page is for Ubuntu Core." -> if you want to try ubuntu desktop, we can help here01:26
tomreyn(or try to)01:27
sybaritenBashing-om: what do you mean, to know the target? To not adress the USB itself accidentally?01:27
sybaritenyeah so this is sda, the HD01:28
tomreynthere can be multiple partitions and file systems on a disk01:28
Bashing-omsybariten: Yeah - you want to insure that you point fsck to the correct partition. The partition that holds the "root" file system.01:28
sybaritenBashing-om: https://pastebin.com/KybChE9u01:30
Bashing-omsybariten: In my case: "/dev/sda1  *        2048  58593279 58591232   28G 83 Linux". The asterisk here denotes my root partiton.01:31
tomreynguess i was wrong, this is a disk set up to be uefi bootable01:32
sybaritentomreyn: man i need to learn these things better. The PC itself, as far as i can tell, seems older than the UEFI concept.... if i remember correctly, when that appeared. But maybe that is irrelevant01:33
Bashing-omsybariten: In your case - the 1st approach ' fsck /dev/sda2 ' to see if the file system is corrupted. As "sda2" is where the root on your system resides.01:34
sybaritenBashing-om: yeah hm the only asterisk i see here is on the disk that i booted from (USB memory, i.e. not the problematic disk)01:34
sybaritenwhat is "root" actually? One often talks about a boot partition, right?01:35
Bashing-omsybariten: UEFI - the system knows that the boot code is in "sda1" in your case :)01:36
tomreynthe "root file system" is where the uppermost ubuntu dirrctory is stored on, the / directory01:36
Bashing-omsybariten: "root" is the top dmain of the file system - everything falls below this.01:37
tomreynsometimes you have a separate file system containing the /boot directory tree, but not in this case apparently. that's fine.01:37
sybaritenBashing-om: yeah okay i mean i know what it means once you're in the OS, so to speak...    oh well anyhow01:38
tomreynmake sure your computer's uefi/bios is set to boot in uefi mode, from this disk01:40
sybaritenhmmm  fsck  can take just one second?    ubuntu@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ sudo fsck /dev/sda2  --->  /dev/sda2: clean, 524730/19505152 files, 64406952/78011392 blocks01:40
tomreynyou may need to run it with -f if the file system was considered to be clean01:42
tomreynmake sure it is not listed in the output of "mount" before you do01:42
tomreyni.e.    mount | grep sda2     should not return anything01:43
Bashing-omsybariten: Yeah - the system keeps track of system errors and the tool looks at the file to know the status. Looks now that you should re-install the uefi boot code. UEFI is not in my bag of tricks - best if others advise on this step.01:43
sybaritenHm okay01:43
sybaritentomreyn: no no its not mounted01:44
tomreynit's also possible that the FAT file system that is the EFI system parition (ESP) is corrupt, you may want to fsck that as well (sda1)01:44
sybaritenBtw, one thing - it does not appear as an icon on the desktop which i believe is normal behaviour for any attached drive, on ubuntu01:44
Bashing-omsybariten: per above - when ya run the check on sda1 - will have to tell fsck that this is a fat file system rather than the default.01:46
tomreynnot on my 18.04 lts here01:47
tomreynfsck automatically branches to fsck.fat here01:48
Bashing-omtomreyn: :D nice to know for fat file systems :)01:51
tomreynBashing-om: fsck is a wrapper trying to detect the actual file system and handing over to the fsck utility for that (but i assume you know this), VFAT is one of those file systems it can detect.01:54
tomreynsybariten: you have chosen not to apply any fixes01:54
Bashing-omsybariten: "Dirty bit is set" might try from the liveUSB ' sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1 ' to reset.01:54
tomreynit's not NTFS, it's (V)FAT01:54
sybaritentomreyn: yeah i know i just wanted to show you guys what fsck said. I'm not very familiar with the tool myself.01:55
tomreynsybariten: just run     sudo fsck -f /dev/sda1    again and have it fix things. after that, you may be able to boot off this disk again. or will need to re-write the esp from a chroot recovery.01:56
sybaritenshould i maybe do choice #2 for the second action there, backup to original?01:58
Bashing-omtomreyn: Oucvh - I tunnel vision again on my part - jumped all over that "dirty bit" part :(01:58
tomreynyes, probably what is corrupt is the boot sector, not its backup01:58
tomreynso do option 2 and cross fingers01:59
tomreynBashing-om: it is the relevant output, though. just that not just ntfs can have the dirty bit set02:00
sybaritenUh, strange, i obliged to the dirty bit thing (has to do with a filesystem not being properly unmounted doesnt it?) , but when i did that i didnt get the second question about the backup/original thing. Hmpf. It just finished02:00
sybaritenmaybe i should try rebooting now just for the sake of it02:00
tomreyngive it a try02:01
tomreynand yes, the dirty bit is set when the file system is mounted and normally unset during orderly unmount.02:02
sybaritenif it doesnt work i need to hit the sack anyhow i think, too tired to boot up into the USB again and get back here. But thank you guys so much so far, you've been most helpful02:03
tomreynbut the orderly unmount seems to not have taken place, which is probably why (there could be other reasons) the dirty bit remained set, and this may have been what made the mainboard firmware said "no, i won't even try to boot from that!"02:03
sybaritentomreyn: ok yeah sounds like a reasonable theory02:04
tomreyngood luck02:04
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alphaWhen I right click on a file in Dolphin and choose Open With from the context menu, all of the applications are missing. Anyone know how to fix this? I have no idea what I did to cause this02:56
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alkisgalpha: try with a new user account, to see if it's a problem with your account or a system-wide issue07:08
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Mikuryndamy network interfaces are gone, "ip a" only shows the loopback interface, this is on Ubuntu 20.04.3, how can I fix this? Both the ethernet and wireless device are visible in lspci and lshw07:55
alkisgMikurynda: what's the output of `uname -r` ?08:09
Mikuryndaalkisg: 5.13.0-30-generic08:09
alkisgMikurynda: ls /boot08:10
alkisgDo you see previous kernels there?08:10
Mikuryndathere are, they are prefixed with initrd.img08:10
Mikuryndainitrd.img-5.11.0-46-generic for example08:11
alkisgOK. Reboot and in grub select advanced option and boot with one of the previous kernels08:11
alkisgFrom there, when the NIC will work, try to do updates; it sounds like you rebooted before they were finished or something08:11
Mikuryndathere are like 5 versions to pick from08:12
Mikuryndashould I just try each starting from the newest?08:12
alkisgRight, the newest before 5.13.0-3008:13
Mikuryndaokay, that worked, the network works! :D08:13
Mikuryndahow can I update it now?08:13
alkisgsudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade --yes08:17
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Mikuryndaalkisg: thank you! everything works now08:28
smallville7123how is the mouse position obtained?08:50
SteelRoseHi all09:23
SteelRoseI'm having some trouble updating /etc/resolv.conf ... the file get's rewritten to what it was before and I don't know what is causing it...09:24
SteelRosehelp is appreciated09:24
SteelRosewaht is the Ubuntu way to update that file?09:24
alkisgIf you're on desktop, you go to network-manager and edit the connection09:32
alkisgIf you're on server, you use netplan. I've never used that one so I can't tell more (I always purge and replace it with network-manager, even on servers)09:32
alkisgSteelRose: ^09:32
SteelRosealkisg: it's a server, sorry I did not mention it ..09:33
SteelRoseon other Linux distros, you just update the file, done09:33
SteelRosebue in Ubuntu it's... special09:33
RavageSteelRose: "ls -l /etc/resolv.conf" should give you a hint what is actually managing your file. usually its systemd09:33
Ravageon with "other" distros you mean old ones09:34
SteelRoseRavage: is there any way to disable that behaviour?09:34
SteelRoseRavage: nope... other distros, even new ones09:34
Ravagei dont know a modern linux distro that uses a static file here09:34
SteelRoseRavage: that's not the point of my question... I just needed to know how to make that my changes to /etc/resolv.conf survive over the time09:35
alkisgsystemd automatically picks the information provided by ...netplan in the connection files09:35
alkisgDo it properly. It's not appropriate to use a static /etc/resolv.conf nowadays09:35
SteelRosealkisg: OK, I will update the netplan thing...09:36
EriC^^SteelRose: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1314076/how-to-set-dns-and-edit-etc-resolv-conf-on-ubuntu-server-16-0409:36
alkisgE.g. you can have 20 connections with 30 DNS servers; systemd will use the correct DNS per connection; while a plain resolv.conf would be inefficient09:36
EriC^^maybe netplan is better though, didnt see it said 16.0409:36
SteelRosealkisg: good to know - never had such an issue before :-)09:37
SteelRoseEriC^^: this is a 20.04 LTS server09:37
gileHello. I am running Ubuntu Server on Windows 10 via VirtualBox?09:52
gileHow do I scroll up and down in text mode?09:52
gileSHIFT+PageUp doesn't work.09:52
KolusionHi all. I am using the application airmon-ng on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. When I start monitor mode on the interface, the program hangs, and sudo stop working throughout the system. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?09:56
KolusionWhere is this large open source community I keep hearing about?10:01
SteelRoseKolusion: busy working somewhere else?10:03
Ravagethe community is on a protest walk against impatient IRC users. sorry10:04
SteelRoseKolusion: does your WLAN chipset is supported by the airmon-ng suite?10:04
SteelRoseRavage: LOL10:04
KolusionI followed this.10:05
KolusionI can see the interface, but as soon as I put it into interface mode, it says it will be renamed because Linux does not support long names, but then it hangs. And sudo stops working system wide. I use 'sudo bash' but it also hangs and doesn't even ask for my password.10:06
KolusionI also used 'airmon-ng check kill' beforehand.10:07
KolusionI'll be back10:10
tomreyngile: Try (mouse) clicking on the window before you try to use the keyboard to scroll up and down on the VM. If this is a laptap, make sure you're actually triggering a PgUp/PgDown, not some other function that is placed on multi-purpose keys (may need to press + hold "Fn" modifier key)10:14
gileIt still doesn't work. When I press SHIFT-PageDown, it writes tilds.10:16
tomreynhmm, i'm not sure whether that points to an incorrect keyboard configuration on Ubuntu or rather a similar issue with the VirtualBox configuration (which is, since it's running on Windows, out of scope here)10:20
KolusionI don't care about airmon-ng now, I can change an interface mode using 'iwconfig'.10:20
KolusionNow I have a problem where I can see stations but not AP's. Anyone know whats up?10:21
KolusionFuck the FOSS is fucking shit10:25
KolusionNo wonder Linux sucks10:25
ps1quiKohallo, guten tag10:42
ps1quiKoand tschuss :P10:44
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frost-corecan anybody help me please?12:32
frost-corei booted xubuntu to install it12:32
frost-corebut the installer crashed12:32
frost-coreso i mounted the partitions to install grub12:33
frost-corebut now i see a cmd grub12:33
frost-corehow can i boot the system from that minimal bash like terminal12:33
frost-coreplease help me, idk about how to boot in grub12:34
frost-corei know how to use the tui12:34
frost-corebut not the cmd12:34
frost-corewhy am i not getting help?12:47
oerheksIf your installer crashed, check the media and start over again?12:56
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which a checksum is provided), see https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-verify-ubuntu12:56
frost-corei fixed it12:57
Maik!patience | frost-core13:21
ubottufrost-core: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/13:21
Maikpeople aren't 24/7 at their PC and we're all volunteers here ;) :)13:22
BluesKajHi all13:55
frost-corehi blueskaj13:57
BluesKajhi frost-core13:58
PTNapivoskiBluesKaj, \o14:00
BluesKajPTNapivoski, o/14:00
markwdevHas anyone ever seen an smb mount "unmount" itself but still show as mounted when running "mount" ?14:15
markwdevWe have an smb share mounted on boot and recently we started getting access denied on it. Doing an "ls" on the directory showed it as empty, but a quick re-mount and things are back to normal.14:16
Guest4638can u guys Know neofetch alternatives....sorry for  bad english14:17
SteelRosemarkwdev: was the Windows server rebooted?14:19
SteelRosequestion: why would netplan ever refuse to configure my ethernet device when the YAML syntax and the device name are correct? THanks14:20
markwdevIt's another Linux server on the other end, I can check.14:20
patrix76ciao a tutti14:20
SteelRosemarkwdev: oh well... or another Linux... but why would you use SMB?14:21
markwdevI knew that was coming. :)14:21
markwdevIt is a server acting as a backup endpoint for MS SQL Server backups.14:22
markwdevWe are starting to play with MS SQL on Linux and didn't want to setup NFS on the box.14:23
markwdevBut for the most part, it's all Windows boxes hitting that server.14:23
markwdevBut... just checked and no reboot recently14:24
SteelRoseMS SQL on Linux... heresy! :-D14:26
SteelRosemarkwdev: no worries... we also have some Windows stuff connected to Linux SMBs14:27
markwdevNFS is in our future for sure, but didn't want to change too many things at one time while we do out testing.14:28
tomreynmarkwdev: here's another theory: the network connection got interrupted between the two systems.14:38
tomreynbut you probably have logs and studied them?14:38
frost-corehow do i extend the ubuntu partition while ubuntu is running?14:51
leftyfbfrost-core: you will need to reboot in order to take advantage of any new space added to a filesystem anyway, so why not do it the safe/preferred way and resize things out of band using a live cd/usb?14:53
tomreynfrost-core: is it an actual partition, an LVM2 LV, or something else?14:55
frost-coreits a normal partition14:55
frost-coreit was installed by using the erase disk option14:55
frost-corenothing else after14:55
leftyfbfrost-core: you know resizing the partition alone won't increase your filsystem right?14:55
frost-corei need some free space14:56
tomreynbetter do it while it is not in use then14:56
leftyfbfrost-core: then use a live cd/usb14:56
leftyfbfrost-core: the easiest way is to use a live cd/usb and gparted14:56
frost-corethere is another way14:56
frost-coreif i had a partition other than that partition14:57
frost-corei could boot an ubuntu iso14:57
frost-coreand resize that partition14:57
frost-corebut i have an efi one14:57
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frost-coreand a one which is 1m14:57
leftyfbfrost-core: https://www.howtogeek.com/114503/how-to-resize-your-ubuntu-partitions/14:58
tomreynstep 0 is *backup*14:59
frost-corewhy does windows do it while its running?14:59
frost-corethis isnt an argue14:59
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frost-corejust a question, does it have to relate to ntfs?14:59
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leftyfbfrost-core: ask in #windows15:00
frost-coreok then15:00
yolois it normal after I blacklisted nouveau and lsmod still shows it after reboot, "nouveau 190554 0", why is nouveau still listed by lsmod15:01
yoloblacklist nouveau15:02
yolooptions nouveau modset=015:02
yoloreboot, lsmod still lists nouveau, and I already did: apt purge nvidia-*15:03
yolothis is 18.04, I know, but the company demands 180415:03
frost-corenvidia usually sucks in drivers of linux15:04
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Ravagethe directory is modprobe.d and not modprobe.smd15:04
yolothat's a typo, sorry15:05
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Ravagedid you update the initramfs?15:06
Ravagetry "sudo update-initramfs -u" and then reboot15:06
yolotried that one15:06
tomreynanother typo: not "modset=0" but "modeset=0"15:07
Ravageyou can add "modprobe.blacklist=nouveau" to your grub command line too15:07
yoloso update-initframfs -u does get rid of all nouveau drivers from lsmod, I did it last night but forgot it this time, tried about 50 reboots so I kind of forgot :(15:13
yoloit got stuck at gdm3, but lightdm not stuck, however lightdm does not let me login15:13
yolotried to purge gdm3 and reinstall a few times. no help so far15:14
yolotried nomodeset on grub cmdline, no help either, gdm3 just stuck at various phases and never present a gui15:14
tomreyngdm3 defaults to wayland. you seem to be trying to use nvidia proprietary drivers, which don't work with wayland on 18.04 LTS. you would need to configure gdm3 not to use wayland then.15:15
tomreynuncomment #WaylandEnable=false in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and restart gdm315:15
yolothanks, that was set to false indeed, 18.04 was not very good with wayland anyways15:16
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tomreynnote i did not say "change WaylandEnable=false to WaylandEnable=true" but "uncomment #WaylandEnable=false", i.e. remove the leading "#" character15:18
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markwdevThe issue was a typo in the fstab. Apparently this box hadn't been rebooted since the fstab was updated a while ago. The typo had it mounting the share to a directory that was one character off from the place it should have been.15:24
markwdevNeedless to say this really made all of us looking at it feel really smart.15:24
yolopurged gdm3, reinstalled gdm3, uncommented that line, systemctl start gdm3, screen keeps flashing as before15:25
yololightdm was always stable though never let me login15:25
yolospent 6 hours with this so far15:25
yoloa dell laptop, which had known issues with nvidia+gdm3+1804, google has like 20 different fixes, non worked for me so far15:26
tomreyni'd undo all those 'google fixes', ensure ubuntu 18.04 is fully up to date, ensure the bios is up to date, try again, and if it still fails, check logs.15:31
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yoloso far: nonveuv is fully removed and blacklisted, gdm3 is reinstalled, wayland is disabled, the other changes I had is adding nomodeset to grub's CMDLINUX, it really should work now :(15:34
yololog does not give much info either15:34
mohaI am asked for creating an Ubuntu template (for VMWare vCenter); I was wondering how much of disk size and how many cpu cores and RAM are minimally necessary?15:41
tomreynmoha: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/installation https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop15:42
mircsiczHi all, I've got an issue while setting up rsyslog to receive messages from remote hosts:15:44
oerheksmircsicz, oke, what ubuntu version and what guide do you follow?15:46
tomreynmoha: "Disk: a minimum of 2.5 gigabytes" for server won't work with most installation sceanrios, though, i would think.15:47
mircsiczoerheks I'm on 20.04.3 and have configured it without a specific howto15:47
mircsiczConfig is like this: $template RemoteHost,"/var/log/loghub/%$year%/%hostname%-%$now%.log" if ($fromhost-ip != "" ) then ?RemoteHost15:49
mircsiczAnd I've two Problem's: The log from remote keeps showing up in syslog and Mar  4 15:49:18 loghub-bc-01 rsyslogd: error during config processing: omfile: creating parent directories for file  '/var/log/loghub/2022/s3stor-mon-03-2022-03-04.log' failed: Permission denied [v8.2001.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2207 ]15:50
mircsiczI've already checked permissions and the apparmor profile for rsyslog doesn't seem to be loaded15:51
mircsiczThis is probably closest to what I did... https://computingforgeeks.com/configure-rsyslog-centralized-log-server-on-ubuntu/15:55
tomreynerror 2207 points to a syntax error in your configuration file. i'm not sure how that's related to the "permission denied" message.15:55
mircsiczBut I've got my config in /etc/rsyslog.d/00-server.conf15:56
tomreynI assume you want RemoteLog not RemoteHost on the line you quoted above15:56
tomreyngenerally, you might have more luck with this in #ubuntu-server15:56
mircsicztomreyn THX, I'll jump over16:02
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yoloon 18.04 my lightdm is always wayland, how can I switch that off, gdm3's custom.conf turning off wayland does not impact lightdm it seems16:51
oerheksyolo, change to xorg on login?16:54
yoloactually, loginctl showed 3 seat0, the first is wayland and second is x1116:54
yolothe 3rd seat0 is my tty, not sure why there is the first(id is c2) with wayland there16:54
yoloi think there is a vpn on tty that is using seat0 that is ctl-alt-f8, that probably is the issue16:57
jailbreakCan I dual-boot Ubuntu server and Windows 11?17:02
tomreynjailbreak: You can use Ubuntu in a multi-boot environment, but make sure that the other OS does not overwrite Ubuntu's boot loader.17:05
jailbreaktomreyn: yeah I know I can with normal Ubuntu but wasn't sure with the Server version17:05
leftyfbjailbreak: what's the point of running a server dual-boot? If you're just using it for testing, why not run the server in a VM or WSL2?17:05
jailbreakleftyfb: need windows for, you know and want to use Ubuntu17:06
leftyfbjailbreak: I didn't question the need for Windows. Just the need to run a server dual boot17:06
jailbreakthere's no 'mini.iso' no more and what I install with Ubuntu I don't need the extra packages like lubuntu, gnone, xubuntu etc17:07
leftyfbjailbreak: ubuntu server doesn't install any of those by default17:07
leftyfbjailbreak: try WSL2 on Windows17:07
jailbreakleftyfb: exactly my point17:07
jailbreakubuntu server I can setup the way I want, install what I want. but with the regular ubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu you get a lot of packes and I won't use most of them. and no I won't just remove said packages17:08
jhutchinsjailbreak: All of the main OS subsystems are the same for "server" and the desktop flavors.17:08
leftyfbjailbreak: nobody is suggesting you install "regular ubuntu"17:08
jhutchinsjailbreak: The only difference is the selection of packages.17:09
jailbreakjhutchins: yeah... wish there was still a mini.iso17:09
jailbreakleftyfb: ? then?17:09
leftyfbjailbreak: you do not need the mini.iso. Ubuntu Server or WSL will do what you want (no desktop)17:10
jhutchinsjailbreak: It's been a long time since I ran the installer, I wonder if it still _asks_ if you want to install a desktop environment.  Maybe under "select individual packages"?17:10
leftyfbjailbreak: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/install    or  https://ubuntu.com/download/server17:10
leftyfbjhutchins: the mini.iso does, not server17:10
jailbreakleftyfb: lol I know that, the mini.iso would be better17:10
leftyfbjailbreak: false17:10
jailbreakfalse? how?17:10
leftyfbjailbreak: using the mini.iso is exactly like installing ubuntu server, except it pulls all the packages over the internet, not your USB/CD17:11
jailbreakand why are you linking me to a windows wsl, I rarely boot into windows but need it there just in case17:11
jailbreakso it would be better...17:11
leftyfbjailbreak: ok, then use the server iso I linked you to17:11
leftyfbjailbreak: why is it better to pull the files over the internet than from your usb?17:11
jailbreakleftyfb: you're not seeing my point....17:12
leftyfbjailbreak: your point is, you do not want a desktop environment. The server installer will give you what you want17:12
jailbreak... I want to install what I want, ie my own DE without lubuntu install packages* the mini iso would be perfect17:13
jailbreaklubuntu ETC all have packages I'm never going to use = extra bloat17:13
jhutchinsjailbreak: It looks like the mini.iso is no longer being built, since 18.04.17:13
leftyfbjailbreak: so install ubuntu server and install the DE you want17:14
jailbreakyeah there's a legacy mini.iso jhutchins but not supported afaik,17:14
mohaleftyfb>: Thanks; I created it over a 10G disk17:14
jailbreakleftyfb: .... yeah.... but last time I tried I couldn't dual boot. it wrote over the whole hdd so wiping windows17:14
enigma9o7[m]Install ubuntu server then remove the `ubuntu-server` package.17:15
leftyfbjailbreak: that would be due to the way you chose options in the installer17:15
enigma9o7[m]Then install what you want.17:15
leftyfbjailbreak: take better notice of the options install the installer17:15
enigma9o7[m]and dont forget --no-install-recommends17:15
jhutchinsjailbreak: I hate to say it, but that's probably user error, picking the wrong option when disk setup/partitioning is happening.17:15
jailbreakleftyfb: it's bugged. I tried to set a parition as "/" but it wouldn't let me pick anything else. even though I set "/boot" and "/"17:15
allquixoticHi, on Ubuntu 20.04, I'm stuck early in the systemd bootup. It says "A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2uuid-..." and it just hangs there forever. The UUID it gives is the UUID of my LUKS volume before I decrypted it, but now it's changed. I have one LVM2 PV, one VG, and a home, root and swap partition as LVs. How can I get systemd to stop17:16
allquixotictrying to mount the old UUID? I grepped and used find through the entire filesystem for the offending UUID and it's only in old log files and the /etc/lvm/backup and /etc/lvm/archive.17:16
leftyfbjailbreak: feel free to ask for help the next time you're going through the installer so you do not make a mistake again17:16
jailbreakand I'm out :-) cheers all.17:16
jpmhI have a new cloud install and all looked good - apt update etc all worked well.  Today I get what is shown at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TrbvVMKCgD/ - how do I fix this?17:33
leftyfbjpmh: remove the docker repo or contact them for help with their repo17:34
jpmhleftyfb: ty - since I don't use docker that would be fine - how do I do that?17:34
leftyfbjpmh: why did you add the docker repo if you don't use it?17:35
jpmh I have to say, as an Ubuntu user of MANY years this is the first time I've had an issue like this17:35
jpmhleftyfb: I suspect that an OLD install script that we use still had it - we did use docker for a short time17:36
leftyfbjpmh: delete it from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/17:36
jpmhleftyfb: so you mean just remove the files with docker in their names from that directory?17:38
leftyfbjpmh: yes. There should only be a .list and a .list.save17:38
leftyfbjpmh: if there's more with docker in the name, them you have multiple repo's for docker17:38
jpmhright - actually there is NOTHNG other than docker there17:39
jpmhleftyfb: TY SO MUCH - removed and can now update - ty17:40
jpmhthis is why I LOVE Ubuntu - it's about the community17:40
jpmhso, now I was able to apt update and apt upgrade but when I try and install tor I get what is shown at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Mxdq5gP7SG/ - so, now, how do I fix that17:45
leftyfbjpmh: apt-cache policy tor tor-geoipdb17:46
jpmhthat command gives me https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GZVg93prqn/17:48
leftyfbjpmh: looks like an issue with their repo17:49
leftyfb and/or packages17:49
jpmhyou mean tor is bad?17:49
jpmhso, this has nothing to do with the previous issue?17:49
leftyfbjpmh: they are packages made for Debian, not Ubuntu17:49
leftyfbjpmh: correct17:49
jpmhleftyfb: again TY SO MUCH -17:50
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jhutchinsI heard docker was created to keep developers busy trying to make it work and keep their hands of working code.18:05
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jailbreakhow do I make this go away when ejecting a usb drive? https://i.postimg.cc/BvjKRjT3/Screenshot-from-2022-03-04-18-44-29.png18:45
leftyfbjailbreak: what does this give you?  which eject18:46
jailbreakwhen opening thunar and right clicking to eject it gives that leftyfb18:46
leftyfbjailbreak: ls -l $(which eject) | nc termbin.com 999918:47
jailbreakI just said it does nothing.18:47
jailbreakalso, nc not found18:48
leftyfbjailbreak: so this is your server install the way you like it right?18:48
leftyfbjailbreak: you're missing the "eject" package18:49
jailbreak... how do I install it? what's it called?18:49
leftyfbit's called eject. You install it like every other package18:49
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jailbreak"jailbreak: so this is your server install the way you like it right?" if I wanted sarcasm, I'd speak in #ubuntu-offtopic :-)19:05
leftyfbjailbreak: it was a valid question. Otherwise if this was a normal installation of Ubuntu desktop, you should have had that package installed and we would need to troubleshoot why19:06
DynamiteDanGreetings. I would like to boot ubuntu server with a higher density text mode. How do I achieve that? Thanks in advance-19:51
leftyfbDynamiteDan: you mean a different font size?19:51
DynamiteDanyes. 120x43 for example19:52
leftyfbDynamiteDan: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup19:52
DynamiteDanhmm. it does change the font type, but the text mode remains the same19:56
DynamiteDanleftyfb, thanks :)19:59
alkisgDynamiteDan: maybe you're looking for something like video=VGA-1:1600x900, to set the framebuffer resolution to something other than the default?20:05
alkisg(that goes in the kernel cmdline, via grub)20:06
DynamiteDanah okay20:09
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DynamiteDanI will try that on the next reboot cycle20:09
xMopxi have a 20.04 box with kernel 5.4.0, and occasionally the box drops offline and when i reboot it there are messages in the log like kernel: e1000e 0000:00:1f.6 enp0s31f6: Detected Hardware Unit Hang:20:47
xMopxit looks like the e1000e driver is very old, 3.2.6-k20:47
xMopxis it a better idea to install a newer driver via dkms or just use a newer kernel?20:47
sarnoldit'd be worth filing a bug report about this before going too much further, ubuntu-bug is much more helpful when you're running the software that has shown the problem20:52
alkisgxMopx: sure, sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-20.04 and reboot20:53
alkisgThe bug might be already fixed in newer versions20:54
xMopxalkisg: thanks, i may go with that route. I recall using similarly named packages to get newer kernels in the late days of 14.0420:59
sarnoldstill exists :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:01
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SnakesAndStuffHello. I'm migrating and updating and I'm hoping to find a solution. Currently on an older webserver I'm using pdftk to fill out a pdf email the output to a customer. My understanding is that pdftk has been dropped from debian due to an older dependency. I see there is a java version that replaces this, but it isn't present in the 18.04 repository. Can anyone point me into the right direction for21:47
SnakesAndStuffprogramatically filling out a pdf in newer versions from the command line/script?21:47
SnakesAndStuffSurely there are numerous others that have encountered this.21:47
tomreynSnakesAndStuff: i think poppler-utils may provide what you want21:49
tomreynthough i'm not entirely sure i got your use case21:50
sarnoldtaking user-supplied content to stuff into a pdf is a historically difficult thing to do safely. I hope you've got this thing confined via VM tooling or apparmor profiles or similar21:50
SnakesAndStuffThe current use case is I have a pdf that has fields... and I use pdftk from a script to fill in those fields21:51
SnakesAndStuffBecause my only other option is to manually fill this out for every customer/client.21:53
sarnoldif it's *you* filling out the fields, that's fine and everything :)21:53
sarnoldI'd probably just reach for latex to generate the whole thing, but if you don't already know latex, that's a huge learning curve21:54
tomreynstill a terrible workflow21:54
tomreyncan't you edit the source document?21:54
sarnoldheh I'd rather edit a simple .txt file with four fields than edit a pdf in acrobat or whatever21:54
SnakesAndStuffIt is a contract/agreement that I have to use that is in PDF format. I'm not allowed to change it etc.21:55
SnakesAndStuffOr even re-render it. It is a standardized form that is handed down from those above me.21:55
tomreynthis must be this "business process digitalization" everyone is talking about.21:56
tomreynanyways, sorry i don't have better suggestions.21:57
SnakesAndStufftomreyn: Believe me... I'm not a huge fan either. Problem is that those above me care less about the work flow and want it to look "how it has always looked"21:57
tomreynno doubt, they're the problem21:58
SnakesAndStuffthey are the same people that require support tickets to create busy work that the other workers are qualified to do. But if we have a support ticket system it justifies their other layer if IT services.21:58
jhutchinsSnakesAndStuff: I'd hate to see you reduced to running a Windows system just for this.  Adobe used to have a limited version that worked with Linux.  Open/Libre Office has some PDF editing/form filling capability, but the PDF standards are so broad that they might not work with your docu,ment.21:58
SnakesAndStuffWhat are the security implications of form-filling a known base pdf as long as you sanitize the input? It is customer data like name, phone number, address, etc.21:59
alkisgThere are many fill-pdf packages in npm, maybe you could use one of them: https://www.npmjs.com/search?q=fill%20pdf21:59
SnakesAndStuffAnd I get it... When there is a problem that seems like it should have a simple solution, but it doesn't: there is often a reason why the solution isn't simple.22:00
sarnoldSnakesAndStuff: quite often the "fill a pdf" tools go through ghostscript or imagemagick which are extremely insecure tools, and probably can't be made secure22:00
SnakesAndStuffalkisg: First one I clicked on there has a pdftk dependency....22:01
alkisgSnakesAndStuff: continue to the next one22:01
alkisgSome depend on it, some don't22:01
jhutchins!info pdftk-java22:04
ubottupdftk-java (3.2.2-1, impish): pdftk port to java - a tool for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Built by pdftk-java. Size 921 kB / 979 kB22:04
SnakesAndStuffThen I have a stupid question: What is the correct/accepted work flow to create a pdf that needs to be populated with info like customer information etc? It seems like with other tools it is still going to go through ghostscript or some other external library etc?22:04
SnakesAndStuffPerhaps I wasn't looking in the correct repository22:04
SnakesAndStuffAlso: The data that is being put into the PDF is *not* supplied by the customer, but is supplied on our end by our employee(s).22:11
jhutchinsSnakesAndStuff: https://linuxhint.com/install_pdftk_ubuntu/22:11
jhutchinsI didn't see any dates or versions there.22:11
SnakesAndStuffso it isn't just allowing random input from anyone22:11
jhutchinsinfo pdftk22:12
jhutchins!info pdftk22:12
ubottupdftk (2.02-5, impish): transitional package for pdftk, a tool for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is extra. Built by pdftk. Size 7 kB / 20 kB22:12
yolognome-shell[41845]: Failed to load background 'file:///home/yolo': Error opening file /home/yolo: Is a directory22:19
jhutchinsGuest3952: Hi.  If you have an Ubuntu support question, please go ahead and ask.22:19
yolokeep getting this from gnome-shell, what is it?22:19
yoloubuntu 20.0422:19
jhutchinsyolo: What part don't you understand?22:20
yolohow to fix or silence it22:21
sarnoldprobably there's a settings thing in gnome that lets you pick a background to load22:21
sarnoldpicking a valid file from that would probably do the trick22:22
yoloi use gsettings to do a solid color background, but gnome-shell does not like that, it keeps complaining, now I'm looking for solid color background to make gnome-shell happy(quiet)22:30
rfmyolo, you probably need to tell gsettings to stop using the picture as well as telling it what solid background to use.  I found this that has instructions for various GNOME versions (I don't know which version ubuntu 20.o4 uses) https://www.tc3.dev/posts/2021-09-04-gnome-3-solid-color-background/22:33
rfmyolo, I suspect it is the picture-options none or picture-url none you're missing22:33
geniiAnyone know if snap has something the same as apt-build?22:35
yoloyes, I found a solid jpg and put it under gnome-tweaks's appearance and now it's quiet :)22:39
geniiThere seems to be optimize-images but I'm not sure it does the same thing. I need to insert some additional compile-time arguments22:39
yolognome settings GUI(gnome-tweaks) does not sync with gsettings direct changes well22:39
yolohttps://www.solidbackgrounds.com/ has lots of solid color jpgs22:40
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boxrickOn an Ubuntu 20.04 install is 'zfsutils-linux' package sufficient to get the latest version of OpenZFS?23:29
boxrickhttps://github.com/openzfs/zfs/releases shows 2.x.x, my system shows  0.8.3-1ubuntu12.1323:29
boxrickArgh wrong channel...23:31

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