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orqcxhathis place is extremely quiet02:02
tomreynorqcxha: hopefully that's because most people have a well running system and don't see a need to point out that this place is extremly quiet.02:05
orqcxhaokay fine02:07
orqcxhafair enough02:07
JackFrostMy system is good until I try to use mpv, then it might crash.  But not a lot I can do about that, linux doesn't like my display card.02:07
Bashing-omAlternately - my system is in love with xubuntu :P02:09
tomreynhave you tried using it without hardware acceleration (VA API)?02:09
tomreynJackFrost: ^02:10
orqcxhaan update broke my broadband connection too a few days ago but i'm on the daily repos so i live dangerously02:10
JackFrostLooks like I have hwdec=vdpau set, and I don't know, VLC works.  I'll comment that line out.02:10
tomreyndid it help, though?02:17
JackFrosthwdec=no still killed it.02:21
JackFrostSometimes one can use mpv, just don't resize the window as that's sure to kill it.  --no-video will also solve the problem. :P02:23
tomreynor just not powering up the computer02:24
JackFrostWell, I can use the system fine really.  It's only certain things that seem to affect it the most, OpenGL related stuff just...is questionable.  LibreOffice *can* be a problem when you close or open it, but using it is just fine.  Telegram with opengl enabled can cause problems sometimes, but disable that and it's fine all the time.  VLC is fine, etc.02:25
orqcxhapour soil into the case and plant seedlings into the computer02:26
JackFrostMay as well try vo=xv or something, see if that'll kill it.02:45
JackFrostx11 and xv are both safe! \o/02:46
tomreynapparently mpv uses shaders on the GPU for scaling and other functionality. maybe that's what's broken with your driver.02:50
JackFrostmpv: "...You should fix your graphics drivers," Yes, I'll become a driver dev just to avoid using nv, mhmm.02:55
JackFrostWhatever, mpv now works without crashing the system.  Thanks tomreyn!02:56
tomreynthe vo idea was entirely yours ;)02:58
JackFrostSure, but I hadn't looked into fixing this.02:58
tomreynit's been a pleasure massaging you into spending time on fixing this.02:59
JackFrostThis is specifically useful because of mpv's hook for yt-dlp.03:01
tomreynnice, i still use the 'old' youtube-dl03:03
tomreynbut i don't think it can play back03:03
JackFrostmpv works with either, so that's fine.  youtube-dl has an active maintainer again though, so there's that.03:04
JackFrost!info src:yt-dlp03:06
ubottuPackage yt-dlp does not exist in impish03:06
JackFrost!info src:yt-dlp focal-backports03:07
ubottuyt-dlp (2022.02.04-1~bpo20.04.1, focal-backports): Packages yt-dlp. Maintained by Unit 193 @ https://git.unit193.net/cgit/users/unit193/yt-dlp.git03:07
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