Guest17Anyone here? need a quick bit of info05:35
Guest17why is kubuntu iso so large?05:40
rioting_pacifistBecause that's how much space the apps that come on the disc need, if you want a smaller install, try ubuntu-server and then add the kde components you need.05:42
Guest17rioting_pacifist Thank you for the response. I checked in the install I see no other special apps apart from libreoffice and KDE neon is just under 2GB iso size. what am I missing?05:47
alkisgBecause of 1300MB nvidia drivers06:42
alkisgWe do need to complain about that to the ubuntu-desktop team, it affects all official flavours06:43
alkisgIf you file a bug report, tell me to +1 it06:43
alkisgNvidia users can just download their huge drivers via the internet; only offline installations will get affected. It was the same way in the past...06:44
alkisgOr at least they could add only the latest nvidia series to the iso (=430MB), instead of three series (=1300MB)06:45
Guest17okay so all those drivers are installed with the os by default?06:46
Guest17or will they be installed only if I have an nvidea card? bcoz I don't06:46
Guest17omg this is too much bloat06:46
rioting_pacifistGuest17: use the netinstall and install what you want06:47
alkisgIF the user selects the [v] install proprietary software checkbox upon installation, and IF he has nvidia, then ONE of the three drivers gets installed from the CD, IF the CD is new and a newer driver wasn't published online, in which case the online driver is preferred06:47
alkisgIt's a silly decision of the ubuntu-desktop, we need to fight against it06:47
Guest17alkisg yes, I think it is important for Iso to be accessible for people like me with tough internet a sub 2GB ISO is desired but kubuntu's 3+ GB is too much. I am saying this out of love as I love kubuntu but this should change I believe06:49
Guest17rioting_pacifist Where can I find net install for kubuntu?06:49
alkisgGuest17: open an issue in launchpad.net, many people will +1 it, it's been discussed by other flavours already06:49
Guest17alkisg rioting_pacifist thank you06:55
rioting_pacifistyou might need to uninstall some server stuff, but that should give you a ~1GB base06:55
rioting_pacifistfrom that you can install kubuntu-desktop06:56
BluesKajHi all14:10
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user|58help how to download roblox14:44
Maikuser|58: Roblox only works on Windows, Android and iOS/MacOS14:45
user|58okk thanks TT-TT14:46
mparilloYou could try WINE. https://roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Roblox_on_Linux15:28
Maikmparillo: they already left a few seconds after the last message :)15:31
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Benoit_KubuntHi everyone im looking to an easy way of setting up my partitions once they are done in Gparted, I think i need mount points and automount but im really just a windows guy :p19:01
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rioting_pacifist<Benoit_Kubunt> "Hi everyone im looking to an..." <- If you know what you are doing in gparted and only use actual partitions (no lvm, no encryption), then all you need is fstab19:45
rioting_pacifistIf you use lvm and encryption it's a bit more complicated, can you let the installer handle it?19:46

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